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Colonial Style Modular Homes for a Custom Design Colonial Home That Is Within Your Reach

19 June 2018

Avalon Building System - colonial style modular buildings in Hingham, MA

If you're a homebuyer who has sophisticated taste for beautiful architecture and creative interior design, Colonial style modular homes in Hingham, MA are the perfect modular home style for your taste. This traditional New England style home is becoming a more prominent option for many homeowners in Massachusetts who want to build their own home. Colonial homes have a gorgeous exterior appearance while maximizing indoor space.

Colonial style modular homes offer a spacious living area and larger bedrooms than other style homes. Homeowners can further make these homes even more luxurious through all of the customization options at their fingertips. The European-inspired decorative crown molding option around the front door and windows and interior of the home is a design element that makes these homes particularly attractive. It's a splendid home design that offers both comfort, size, and style.

Although these homes look luxurious, homebuyers can now take advantage of modular building system, which reduces construction cost and time for construction of a colonial style home, especially when compared to traditionally stick-in built homes.

If you are thinking of building a colonial style home but are hesitating due to budget constrictions, contact Avalon Building Systems. We offer custom-designed colonial style modular homes that are within your budget.

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Modular Construction for Top Quality Log Cabin Homes

12 June 2018

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings

For New Englanders, log and timber cabin style homes are a popular home style. However, the outlay for this type of house is often too high for materials and upkeep. Even though many potential homebuyers love this home design, they are often reluctant to choose it when the home costs are laid out to them.

However,the innovation of modular building systems has created a design for modular log homes. These are actually modular homes with a log siding finish. Avalon Building Systems can absolutely cater to meticulous homeowners who love the facade of log which has the rustic curb appeal. Beautiful log homes are now within reach for homebuyers in New England, thanks to modular construction.

Moreover, homeowners no longer need to worry about log siding maintenance. Modular log homes are built with the finest quality at an affordable price and in less time to completion. If you are looking for a reputable modular log home manufacturer, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Commercial Style Modular Buildings for Hotels and Motor Inns

5 June 2018

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Hingham, MA

The booming tourism market in Massachusetts demands for more lodging and hotels that can accommodate visiting tourists. New investors can benefit with commercial modular construction when building new budget hotels and motor inns.

Commercial style buildings in Hingham, MA are perfect for constructing small hostels. Through this hi-tech building system, investors can own sturdy and top-quality hotels and motels with flexible and multi-functional floor plans. Not to mention, these structures will be constructed in a shorter amount of time and with less construction costs.

Furthermore, modular floor plans can be modified to meet each investor's specific preferences. They can be custom-built to gain recognition in the tourism industry. Contact Avalon Building System to find out more modular hotels and lodging inns.

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Modular Construction can Build Unique Commercial Buildings That Can Boost Branding Awareness

29 May 2018

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Norwell, MA

Creating and enhancing your business' brand awareness is not limited to using the standard marketing materials. The building that houses your company can also help spur your brand's reputation. The building can be modified or built from the ground up according to your company's color, standards, and overall needs in building design. This is possible through modular construction.

Custom style-modular buildings in Stoughton, MA are highly customizable allowing theme to style their structure to make it unique to their business. Modular construction uses advanced computer software for customizing modular floor plans. Both the interior and exterior design of your building can be tailored based on your company's branding style. The modules are created in factories so precision, consistency, and quality of the products are guaranteed.

Commercial buildings can now be recognized by their one-of-a-kind structure and interior design. If you are planning of constructing a new building, for your business contact Avalon Building System. We can help you formulate a design that simply fits your branding and your budget.

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Modular Construction is Perfect for Building Beach Front Homes

22 May 2018

Avalon Commercial style modular buildings in Boston, MA

The beachfront communities continue to grow as more and more families become interested in building vacation homes on the water. However, as new federal flood maps have homeowners building houses with more comprehensive building codes, beach bungalow dreams need to meet or exceed federal and state laws. Modular construction is the perfect solution to meeting these needs and safety standards.

Modular beach front homes are now becoming a more popular solution for construction in beach communities. With the faster construction process, replacing older beach homes can be accomplished more efficiently and with higher quality. Moreover, many homeowners prefer this option since the construction costs are lower than the traditional construction method while exceeding the quality of the stick built craftsmanship. Modular homes are manufactured in factories where quality control is strictly implemented and closely monitored.

Modular homes in waterfront areas are often built on stilts and are securely glued, screwed and fastened upon assembly to withstand strong water and wind. Contact Avalon Building System to learn more about modular beach front homes.

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Modular Construction is Perfect for Remote Areas and Environmentally Challenging Sites

15 May 2018

Avalon Building System - Modular Construction in Cohasset, MA

More often than not construction in remote areas can include challenges or costs that make the make the project not feasible. If new homebuyers decide to move forward, these sites can mean higher project cost and more downtime during the building process. Modular construction can address these hurdles because modules are pre-fabricated in a factory-setting and transported to the actual site once completed. At the same time, site work is being done with building codes that meet or exceed state and local building codes. With the modular method, it is easier to build a home anywhere, even on a site that is near water or marshland.

Construction residential or commercial-style modular buildings in Cohasset, MA make it possible to make use of confined or restricted sites. In locations with high wind speeds and high water tables, buildings and homes can be constructed in these areas with quality material and construction processes that are engineered to withstand even winds up to 180mph.

In addition, modular building system construct homes and commercial spaces that adhere to strict quality guidelines and can be designed and produced according to specific needs. Projects that demand a strict timeline can be completed faster as well. Modular building offer far more predictable schedules because labor or materials shortages never interruption the fabrication of the modules.

Modular construction open up opportunities for more remote areas to rapidly develop businesses ventures or residential developments and uplift the economic status of an area. Contact Avalon Building System to learn more about modular construction in difficult locations.

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Choose Modular Construction for Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Buildings

8 May 2018

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Bostonl, MA

Traditional construction consumes roughly 39% energy, 12% water and 68% electricity for one building, not to mention the large amount of carbon dioxide it emits during the construction process. Looking at these figures, it is apparent that traditional structures are far from being green buildings.

Modular construction in Boston, MA give rise to eco-friendly and energy-efficient buildings. Since construction time is scaled down in modular building systems, this leads to the practical use of energy and resources along with minimal construction waste. Moreover, more and more modular builders are using sustainable materials for a smaller carbon footprint in their building procedures. Furthermore, modular buildings are more easily adapted or expanded after construction.

Essentially, modular buildings are greener buildings that create less subsequent construction waste. For environmentally construction process and greener buildings, consider modular building systems. To find out more about modular construction, contact Avalon Building System.

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Modular Construction for Conducive Classrooms and Auditoriums

1 May 2018

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Cohasset, MA

Modular construction has indeed revolutionized commercial building construction with the many applications it can be used in and the benefits it offers. The quick construction process makes expanding commercial space a more viable possibility. Consumers can utilized modular additions faster than traditional construction which is ideal for businesses and commercial operations.

Schools and colleges are one of the main beneficiaries of commercial-style modular buildings. The demand for additional buildings that can serve as classrooms increases each year. With modular construction faster construction can address overcrowding of students without delay and with a smaller budget. Although these buildings are built faster than traditional structures, their overall foundation meets or exceeds local and state building codes using high quality materials. This process can also be highly customized and can blend with existing school buildings.

Non-profit educational foundations that have limited budget for expansion can now build conducive classrooms and auditoriums with modular floor plans. These floor designs are highly flexible and multi-functional which makes expansion easier. Contact Avalon Building System to find out more about modular construction for classrooms and school facilities.

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Modular Construction for Corporate Office Spaces

24 April 2018

Avalon Commercial style modular buildings in Norwell, MA

If there’s any commercial project that can really benefit from commercial style modular buildings in Boston, MA, it’s the versatility of corporate interiors and office space. The need for immediate expansion of office spaces has inspired the increasing popularity of modular construction in order to develop a smart and multi-functional space for corporate offices in a timely manner.

Smart and flexible modular floor plans make it ideal for ever expanding companies. With modular construction, it is easy to add more workstations for a growing number of employees. Modular construction makes it possible for office construction or renovations to be completed in as little as 6-8 weeks. Faster utilization of the new space entails faster ROI and quicker attainment of company goals.

Moreover, with smart computer technology, corporate spaces can be designed according to the branding and leadership style of each particular company. A modern office look is possible without costing your company a fortune. Faster completion and quality craftsmanship with less expense. Contact Avalon Building Systems to learn more about modular construction for corporate spaces and offices.

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Modular Construction for Stand-Alone Public Restrooms

17 April 2018

Avalon Building System - Commercial style modular buildings in Hingham, MA

Outdoor weather is fast approaching and more and more people will be spending time in parts, at lakes and on beaches. There is a growing need to for additional sanitation facilities, and modular construction lends itself to faster completion of these structures.

Commercial style modular buildings in Hingham, MA is an ideal solution for faster construction of modular pubic restrooms. Modular construction allows for the deliver of projects 2-3 times quicker than traditional construction. Since construction is done in an enclosed facility with strict quality control practices, completion of projects are guaranteed to be on schedule.

With the modular construction process, our modular builders can help you determine the particulars you need for your public space. We will then configure the project and integrate the specifics into one precise site design. Clients can check out the manufacturing facility to monitor the progress of the fabrication of modules. With clients updated regularly about the workflow, they can be at ease their public restrooms can be constructed on a timely manner.

To find out more about modular construction for public restrooms, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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