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Custom-built Modular Homes Offer Multiple Options to Maximize Space and Materialize Style - Stoughton, MA

15 September 2014

A closer look at modular homes in Stoughton, MA reveals delightful architectural detailing that is a result of thorough outlining of their floor plans. Each plan is customizable with components like accessories, cabinets, decks, detailed doors, and decorative windows. Indeed, the emergence of modular homes has made customization and convenience more accessible and adaptable in terms of design options.

Custom-built modular homes beautifully combines form and function, showcasing some features that may not be available in some site-built homes. The innovative designs are carried throughout the entire modular home from floor to ceiling, inside and out. These homes are also constructed with energy efficiency and green living in mind. That is why air flow and natural lighting are of top priority.

Modular homes are fabricated and constructed to meet your exact, unique needs. Whether you are a minimalist or not, there is always a modular floor plan that can be customized according to your preferences. With many options to maximize space and materialize style, it is certainly hard to refute how modular homes have turned out to be exceptional and innovative. For these reasons, custom-built modular homes have become increasingly popular in Stoughton.

Expect to see even more options when you contact the expert home builders of Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Homes are Custom-Built and Offer More Options - Stoughton, MA

10 September 2014

Modular homes in Stoughton, MA are designed and fabricated so that homeowners have more options when it comes to sustainable living and home modification. In modular home construction, you are given an array of options in building your dream home that are unique in form and functionality.

Each modular home is composed of modules that are painstakingly crafted and combined based on your chosen modular home floor plan. Modular floor plans can be custom designed, or you can choose from hundreds of standard floor plans; another options is to slightly modify an existing floor plan to better meet your needs. The floor plans are so flexible they can be customized to meet all kinds of specifications and standards. Plus, modular homes accommodate and facilitate additional modules down the road for home additions.

Modular homes are an affordable alternative especially to those who have a tighter time frame. Modular construction takes far less time than traditionally built homes while still offering functional, stylish space. With all styles of design options, your dream home is closer to becoming a reality. It is now possible to build a home that has quality features, that costs less and takes less time to build than a site-built home.

More and more interested homeowners are turning to modular homes. Contact Avalon Building Systems as they build beyond the limits of traditional home construction.

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Modular Homes are Custom-Built to Maximize Energy Efficiency - Stoughton, MA

3 September 2014

Modular homes are an attractive housing alternative in Stoughton, MA because they are guaranteed to be highly energy-efficient. Because of the use of modern and economical building techniques, they have developed into houses that will have a significant savings on your energy bills.

Avalon Building Systems meets and exceeds certain benchmarks set by the industry governing agencies for residential home energy efficiency. Modular homes that are built with this strategic system contain high-grade custom insulation to keep cool air inside the house during a hot weather and keep in the hot air during the cold weather.

Pre-designed and custom designed modular floor plans are painstakingly planned in order to build homes with the aim of maximizing their energy efficiency while maintaining style and comfort. With this in mind, the modules are arranged and built together with strategically located windows and doors that help prevent air leaks. The floor plans are also flexible so that homeowners can have a more custom designed feel with additional energy-saving features and fixtures.

Modular homes in Stoughton, MA are custom-built for better energy efficiency as compared to most traditionally built standard homes. Using high quality building materials, home builders take extra care from delivery and setup to completion. This is all done at a faster pace and at a lower cost than their respective counterparts.

For more information, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Multi-Family Modular Homes are Best-Built by Avalon Building Systems - Stoughton, MA

25 August 2014


Avalon Building Systems uses state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality materials for their modular homes. They abide by a building benchmark that is extremely high for apartment buildings, condominiums, mixed-use developments and other custom-built multi-family dwellings.

Modular homes can now be custom-built in multi-family style homes . This floor plan not only can include more than one bedroom per unit but also a well-designed living room, eat-in kitchen, and multiple bathrooms. This and other modular floor plans are flexible making them open for home modifications and additions down the road. This means renovation can be done conveniently, particularly in the case when building additional units is necessary.

Modular homes are a perfect choice for those who plan to build a multi-family dwelling on a tight lot. With the multi-family style floor plan , the units are stacked strategically to maximize both indoor and outdoor living space.

Modular home construction , you will not be restricted in size or space with regards to your floor plan. Modular homes offer flexible and affordable options in customizing and constructing homes to meet your needs. And, Avalon Building Systems never fails to amaze people with unparalleled modular home construction.

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Custom-Built Modular Homes are The Best Homes for Life - Stoughton, MA

15 August 2014

Modular Homes in Stoughton, MA are constructed, delivered, and assembled in sections called modules. These modules are then shipped to the homeowner's site where a team of expert builders put all the modules together on a permanent foundation to give the modular home its final shape.

The modules are custom-designed and constructed by Avalon Building Systems. This means that although our modular homes are assembled like jigsaw puzzle pieces, they are built using state-of-the-art equipment with only high quality materials for building and construction.

Our custom-built modular homes are the future of the new home construction market. Our customers have come to realize the many advantages of owning and building a modular home in order to keep their families safe and comfortable in style.

Modular Homes come in various sizes and styles, all with distinct home designs. Through the years, modular floor plans have become more flexible in order to cater to the unique requirements and preferences of interested homebuyers. In fact, modular home additions can and will meet the changing lifestyle and demands of growing families. Modular homes are flexible because of the astonishing technical advantages of this construction process.

Every modular home is guaranteed to be built in adherence to local and state building standards and regulations. Additionally, modular homes from Avalon Building Systems go through more extensive quality control procedures than do traditionally built homes. If you want to live in a home which is considered the best in the industry, choose the modular homes by Avalon Building Systems.

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Custom-Built Modular Homes: from Factory-Made Modules to Modern Homes - Stoughton, MA

13 August 2014

The people behind Avalon Building Systems have been building quality modular homes in Stoughton, MA for over 10 years. Each home is designed and built using the finest materials and modern technology for structural construction. The experienced home builders of Avalon have unparalleled craftsmanship and customer relations. They will be with you from planning and designing your new modular home to installing it at its designated permanent location.

Custom-built modular homes are ideal for your main residence, lake cabin, retirement home, or other project. With modular construction, you will have better and more control of your building costs. You will also have more options available for customization. At the end of the construction process, you are sure to have a new modular home that is uniquely yours and fits your lifestyle and preference.

Modular homes in Stoughton, MA are built in a controlled environment so they are not exposed to the harmful elements of the changing weather. This way, the workforce can stay on schedule, finishing the modules on time. Because there are no weather, contractor, labor or materials delays, modular homes are built much faster than traditionally built homes.

Modular homes have increasingly become more popular because of the up-to-date technologies. The modular construction techniques and technology at Avalon Building Systems create 100% completely customizable modular floor plans. So make the right choice starting building your new home as soon as possible. Contact us.

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Custom-Built Modular Home, a Safe and Sound Investment - Stoughton, MA

6 August 2014

Avalon Building Systems has an advantage in the custom-built housing industry with our supreme quality of services. We are capable of building an array of custom-built homes.

Modular homes in Stoughton, MA makes an attractive housing construction alternative because our homes are strategically built using economical construction techniques. Owning a modular home gives you a home that is unique to you because it is built according to your prerequisites, plus they can have an added array of amenities to enhance your lifestyle.

One of the advantages of custom-built modular homes is the reduced construction time from start to finish. Construction is never delayed by unexpected weather, contractor delays, budget issues, or a missing materials. The modules are constructed and assembled in a climate-controlled environment. They are then transported to the site to be permanently set on its foundation with all of its various additional components such as a garage or deck.

Modular homes are built with an eye for detail which is why you can rest assured that there is consistency in quality. Apart from regular quality inspections throughout each phase of the construction process, high-quality materials are used to match the modern home construction technology.

If you want to ensure a safe and sound investment, make sure your modular home is built by Avalon Building Systems.

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Custom-Built Modular Homes Save in Construction Costs - Stoughton, MA

31 July 2014

Modular homes in Stoughton, MA are manufactured inside a factory to achieve the level of design and degree of customization in a home that you need.

The advances in computer-aided designs and the skills of expert architects have made it possible to create a wider variety of modular home floor plans. With this flexibility of floor plans, Avalon Building Systems can offer a higher standard of customization and save significantly in the cost of construction. Modular homes are flexible as well, allowing homeowners to have affordable home addition options. It is now a lot easier to add or expand by eventually adding an office space or an entertainment area.

Avalon Building Systems offers a whole new breed of cost-effective and energy-efficient modular homes. These homes can be considered an alternative solution to your housing options. Avalon is committed to building the best modular homes while making them sustainable and affordable. We build a home that is a lower-cost to buy and own.

A custom-built modular home can significantly reduce your construction and living expenses. Contact Avalon Building Systems for more information.

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Avalon Building Systems Drive Down Costs in Constructing and Owning Modular Homes – Stoughton, MA

12 July 2014

Efforts have been made to cut down related costs on modular homes. Avalon Building Systems has been able to build modular homes that are cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Modular homes in Stoughton, MA are constructed such that they lower energy cost consumed primarily in heating or cooling the living space. Modular home construction has reduced the power required to keep a house comfortable throughout the year. With Avalon Building Systems, the fabrication and construction are precise to prevent leaks and gaps of the modules and to make sure that there is proper air flow in your home.

Custom-built modular homes are certainly less expensive to build compared to on-site built homes. With the flexible modular floor plans, even making home additions and renovations are less expensive. Despite such functionality, modular homes are easy to maintain. Therefore, they provide convenience plus practicality.

Modular homes in Stoughton MA are fabricated indoors a factory where weather condition cannot affect construction. Doing so cuts back on the expenses because the quality materials needed are bought in bulk from trusted suppliers. Because materials are stored in a controlled environment, they will be free from damage and theft. Thus giving you the best value for your money.

For more information on how custom-built modular homes drive down related costs, take a few moments to visit Avalon Building Systems.

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Prefab Modular Homes Make Living Happy and Stress-free - Stoughton, MA

3 July 2014

A lot of things can happen while designing and constructing a new home. Building a new home and waiting for it’s completion can be stressful. However, with prefab modular homes in Stoughton MA, families do not anymore have to go through high stress during the process of construction.

Avalon Building System provides options and solutions to keep modular home buyers and owners from stress. Getting stressed ruins the excitement of having a new home; no one wants to experience that when the process should be fun and exciting.

We understand how choosing and changing design details can often be exhausting. But with our modular floor plans, this is no longer a problem. Our modular floor plans are flexible and can be customized to match your preferences and your needs. Because custom-built modular home construction takes less time than traditional home construction, the probability of stress, experiencing undesirable situations, or an increasing budget can be prevented.

Knowing that your new home will be manufactured inside a controlled factory environment using quality materials and high-end equipment, you keep you stress-free until your home is completed, in far less time. Plus, you will be living in a modular home that is built to last, looking and functioning at its best through the years. You and your family will have a wonderful living experience in your new home which is custom-built uniquely for you.

Custom-built modular home construction can significantly reduce and prevent stress. Contact Avalon Building System.

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