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Ranch-Style Modular Home Plans are Convenient to Customize in Order to Enhance Living Space - Cohasset, MA

3 March 2015


The standard specifications of ranch style modular home plans are perfect for hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters in Cohasset, MA. These single story modular homes are easy to build with your personal preferences in mind. These modular floor plans are very flexible so you can conveniently enhance your living experience and your living space in your new modular home.

The Cohasset ranch style modular home offers a large master bedroom along with two smaller bedrooms that are adjacent to each other. It has a total living area of 1,750 square feet which houses a fully furnished kitchen nook that opens to a large dining area. Aside from the two bathrooms, one near the master bedroom and the other next to the family room, there is also enough space for the laundry and closet. In its 2,220 total square footage, you also have the option of a two-car garage.

While these homes are intended for single story living, down-the-line you can have a second level added if you find you need additional space for a growing family. The unfinished walk-up attic space and dormers on the ranch style modular home in Cohasset, MA can be turned into living space where more bedrooms can be added upstairs.

To inquire about The Cohasset ranch-style modular home plan, contact the Avalon Building Systems.

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New York City's first 'micro apartments' are coming this spring — here's what they'll look like

24 February 2015


In 2013, a project called My Micro NY won a design competition for the New York's first "micro apartments" sponsored by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

Intended to create affordable housing for singles in New York City, those promised prefabricated affordable units are finally being assembled in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and will be unveiled this spring in Manhattan's Kips Bay, according to The New York Times.

The city's first "micro" building will have 55 rental apartments, all ranging from 260- to 360-square-feet with big windows, ample storage space, and Juliet balconies.

Because the architects believed amenities are important to micro-unit dwellers, the building will also have a public meeting space, café, and common rooftop garden for residents, as well as a laundry room, residential storage space, a bike room, and fitness space.

The building will begin rising up in 335 East 27th Street, in Kips Bay with apartments renting for $2,000 to $3,000 a month.

Residents are expected to begin moving in by September 2015, according to earlier estimates from the architects. The building will be rent stabilized, environmentally friendly, and — with the exception of the size — will follow all local, state, and federal housing regulations.

Under current zoning laws enacted in 1987, all NYC apartments must be at least 400 square feet, but then-mayor Michael Bloomberg said in 2013 that the new micro-units would be an exception.

My Micro NY will also be the first multi-family building in Manhattan to use modular construction, with the modules prefabricated locally by Monadnock Development as well as the Lower East Side People’s Mutual Housing Association at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Modular construction is said to be safer and more efficient since the plumbing, electrical, and building development is done in a controlled, indoor environment.

The city is expecting a wait list for the apartments, which have already received "dozens of calls from interested parties of all ages," according to The Times. 22 of the 55 units will be reserved for low-income families.

The contest was developed to address the growing need in New York City for affordable studios, one person- and two person-households. It was originally a part of Mayor Bloomberg's New Housing Marketplace Plan, a multi-billion dollar initiative to finance 165,000 units of affordable housing for an expected 500,000 New Yorkers.

"New York’s ability to adapt with changing times is what made us the world’s greatest city," Bloomberg said in a 2013 press conference. "And it’s going to be what keeps us strong in the 21st Century."

To find out more about modular home construction, contact the professionals at Avalon Building Systems.


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Cape Cod Style Modular Homes Provide Versatile Living Space for Various Types of Households - Stoughton, MA

19 February 2015

People used to think modular homes in Stoughton, MA were not as practical an option. However, today modular homes have become increasingly more popular because of the added convenience they provide in terms of time and money. More and more homeowners are choosing to build their dream home through modular construction.

Even floor plans conventionally designed for traditionally built homes can be used in developing modular floorplans. A popular choice for modular construction is the Cape Cod style modular home. In fact, there are many home amenities that can be added to improve this flexible floorplan. Fully-furnished on the first floor with an open living space upstairs, the Cape Cod home is ideal for families who are starting up or for those that will be growing and will need more living space in the future.

If you have a tight budget or are not sure what type of living space you will need down the line, the proposed second floor you see on the cape cod modular floorplan can be built later on. With the technological advancements in quality controls and building systems, the modular homes can be built quickly. Additionally, modifications to the floor plan can be made with ease even once the house is already built on its permanent site.

To find out more about existing modular floor plans that can be customized into a unique dream home, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Multi-Family Modular Home Floor Plans can be Used for Residential and Rental Homes - Stoughton, MA

12 February 2015


Modular home construction continues to address limitations in land availability and building costs. In fact, modular construction has even embraced the idea of two-family homes for extended families. The modular home industry can design and develop flexible floor plans for multi-family style homes.

Modular multi-family style homes in Stoughton, MA allow you to have the bedrooms, bathrooms and the space you need for your growing or extended family. With multi-family homes there is always a room for everybody. Through advanced building systems and computer aided design software, you can have several home units sharing the same walls in one residential building, all built with supreme quality and functionality.

If you want to venture into the home rental business, multi-family style modular homes are a great bet. You can now own apartments and condominiums built with modular construction so you can generate rental income while living in the comforts of your own home. Modular homes are quicker to build so the renter can occupy the units as soon as possible and you will have faster turnaround.

All Multi-family style modular homes, for either residential or rental purposes, are custom-built under the same building benchmarks and construction codes as traditionally built homes. To find out more about floor plans, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Vacation Style Modular Homes are Custom-Built to be as Functional as They are Beautiful - Stoughton, MA

5 February 2015


Through modular home construction, Vacation style homes can now be custom-built to be as functional as they are beautiful. Whether they serve as your weekend getaway home or primary residence, these prefabricated homes are perfect because they provide the comfort of being on a vacation.

Vacation style modular home floor plans feature family-friendly living spaces that are oriented towards huge windows and large porches that allow natural lighting inside while showcasing the view outside. With the use of use the latest technology such as a computer aided design software, you can design your chosen modular home style from top to bottom, inside and out. While the architectual designs are not specific, modular home floor plans can fit specific settings such as mountains and seasides.

Vacation modular homes in Stoughton, MA are usually a second home but today, many individuals are interested in these floor plans for a primnary home. Modular homes comprise various styles that can be customized to make you feel like your are on a vacation everyday. You can maximize a smaller lot and make it the permanent site for your prefabricated cozy cabin, mountain home, beach house, family cottage, or retreat.

Start the path to owning your own vacation or permanent home by customizing a modular floor plan that is perfect for you and your family. To find out more about your options in modular home construction, contact the professionals at Avalon Building Systems.

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Colonial Style Modular Homes are Perfect for People who are Searching for an Affordable, Spacious Home - Stoughton, MA

27 January 2015


Colonial style modular homes are perfect for people who are searching for a spacious home with the lowest cost of construction per square foot. These two story floor plans can be further customized to match your personal preferences and specific requirements, both inside and out.

Dormers adorning the roof and/or a porch wrapping the house are two of the most distinguishing features of a colonial style modular home floor plan. The dormers and porch allow the exterior design of the home to stand out from the neighbors while elegant interior finishes can be added on the inside.

Despite the large square footage of this style home, construction of colonial modular homes can be accomplished significantly faster than traditionally built colonial homes. This is because modular homes are prefabricated in a factory setting to expedite the construction process, making modular homes ready for occupancy in weeks rather than months.

The available floor plans for modular homes in Stoughton, MA are only suggestions. Any of our modular home floor plans can be modified to fit your needs. Feel free to add, remove, or change any of the features in the standard floor plans. They can serve as a starting point for those interested homeowners who are not yet sure of what design to use for their modular home construction.

To find out more information about maximizing your living space and land area, contact the experts of Avalon Building Systems.

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Ranch Style Modular Homes Provide a Space for Everyone - Stoughton, MA

23 January 2015


Ranch style modular homes have single story floor plans that usually contain a generous number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Everything is strategically located to maximize the floor area, with design, aesthetics and functionality in mind.

Ranch modular homes in Stoughton, MA can be customized according to your particular preferences because the available floor plans are very flexible. The selection of these types of modular home plans are very popular with large families because they offer cost-effective options to cater everyone’s needs.

As an added amenity, a deck or porch can be adjoined to the exterior of your custom modular ranch-style home for added outdoor living space. While a traditional ranch style home does not have a second floor, you can add a walk-up attic which can serve as a study area or home office. Increase the space even more by going down and adding a basement which can provide bonus space apart from your main living area.

To find out more about the options with a ranch-style modular home, contact the experts at Avalon Building Systems.

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Multi-Family Style Modular Floor Plans Allow you a New Home and a Rental Home All-in-One - Stoughton, MA

16 January 2015

Modular home construction offers flexibility in floor plans. It caters to any kind of customization in order to create a modular home that meets your needs and your lifestyle. Have as many bedrooms and bathrooms you need to cater your growing family. And with this advanced building system, modular construction also has floor plans intended for extended families or for rental home income.

The idea of co-location in extended families in Stoughton has brought the modular home construction industry to plan designs for multi-family style homes. To address limitations in land availability and building cost, these modular floor plans have been strategically designed to maximize the floor area. These residential homes ensure that there is always room for everybody and a home for your extended family.

More than one dwelling unit sharing the same walls in a single building is the defining feature of multi-family style homes in Stoughton, MA. But they are not only for residential purposes alone. They can also be used for rental home income, such as apartments and condominiums, which are growing in demand. Multi-family modular homes are custom-built under the same building codes and laws as traditionally built homes.

You can make a new home and a rental home all at once. For more details, contact the Avalon Building Systems.

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Commercial Modular Buildings are a Profitable Investment for Business Owners - Stoughton, MA

8 January 2015

Through technological advancements, commercial style modular buildings have a cutting edge over traditional construction. This has resulted in buyers and builders changing their field of interest and thinking about how they can maximize their investment with commercial modular construction.

With a state-of-the-art building system, modular construction is no longer restricted to homes. Office buildings and commercial concepts can also come to life through commercial modular construction in Stoughton, MA. Permanent non-residential commercial buildings built through commercial modular construction are building code-compliant and cost-effective. For those who have an expanding enterprises and are in need of constructing a new commercial building, modular construction makes this affordable, time-efficient, and convenient.

The advantages and benefits of modular construction are no longer exclusive to homeowners alone. The possibilities of modular construction are endless. Business owners can invest in modular construction because of the future potential of buildings that are easily modified and expanded. The available modular commercial floor plans are ideal for small to mid-size companies and can also be further customized to add more room down the line.

To find out more about commercial style modular building, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Home Construction Provides You with a High Quality, Budget Friendly Living Space - Stoughton, MA

19 December 2014

Modular homes in Stoughton, MA continue to increase in demand and popularity in the home construction industry. Because of the advanced building system, the process of custom home construction is faster and better when compared to traditionally built homes.

As the public becomes more educated in what modular home construction has to offer, many interested homeowners, home buyers, home builders, and home designers are becoming more interested. The construction and cost benefits have made modular homes a viable alternative, which provides a high quality and budget friendly living space.

Both money and time can be saved by choosing custom-built modular homes. They are built in a fraction of the time using an engineered and systematic approach resulting in modular homes that can deliver lower home costs per square foot with aesthetics and functionality that often exceed on-site built homes. You can also customize your modular home without construction delays, changing the modular floor plan to maximize space rather than making the space fit the home.

For a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the modular home building processes, contact the Avalon Building Systems.

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