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Modular Homes Mean Strength and Quality AND Custom Designs

17 February 2012

There is a question we always get asked, "Can you build the customized home we want"?  Well, the answer is yes. That is what we do. Modular homes are not all alike, in fact you would have a very hard time telling the difference between homes built with modular construction and a traditionally built home. In fact, we think maybe you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart at all.   

It is often believed that if you want a modular home, you have to pick from some set amount of floor plans with few options.  Completely untrue!  We have professional designers on staff who can help you create the modular home you want.  If you have an architectural plan in any stage of development, we can build it.  

With modular construction you get quality, strength, detail, AND your dream home. Contact Avalon Building Systems to get started.  

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Build a New Home and Be Moved in By Spring

11 February 2012

The spring is new home season, and this is the perfect time to build a new modular home. Why? If you start the process now, you’ll be in your new home for the spring, and there is no backlog. Spring and summer are busy building seasons, but if you start now, you can be in your new home when others are just starting to think about it. With modular construction, you can be in your home before you know it.

It takes much less time to build a modular home than it does a traditionally built home.  From the start of the planning process to the move in date, building a modular home can take as little as three months. And right now, our time is yours.

Your home modules are usually delivered to your property within 4 to 6 weeks after the floor plans are finalized. Most stick built homes take a year or more from start to finish.
Working with Avalon Building Systems, you can be certain that your home or building will be delivered as promised without any unforeseen delays or scheduling problems. Contact Avalon Building Systems to build your dream home.

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Build an Energy Efficient Home

3 February 2012

Have you heard of ModularSIPs” or Structural Insulated Panels? If so, you should know that they were first designed by Avalon Building Systems. If not, here is a little detail on what SIP’s are.

SIP’s (Structural Insulated Panels )are used in the modular homes of Avalon Building Systems. SIPs are prefabricated insulated sides that make up the walls, ceilings, and floors of the modules that make up your home.
SIP’s provide superior and consistent insulation than traditional construction and using Structural Insulated Panels results in an energy savings of 12%–14%. They also make a home quieter.

The use of SIP’s allows Avalon homes to exceed "Energy Star Standards" and are certified to meet LEEDS platinum standards for new residential construction. LEED certification is an internationally recognized certification that measures how a home performs in energy savings, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor air quality, and more.

For an energy efficient and green newly built home, that is built faster and more efficiently, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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The Faster, Smarter Way to Build a Custom Home

27 January 2012

Modular homes offer precision, cost effectiveness, and state of the art building tools; and are also subject to a more rigorous inspection process. Over time, they have become a reputable and in many cases preferred way of building homes.
There are production style Modular homes and there are also custom designed modular homes in any home style.  From ranch to cape style and colonial to estate style, you can pick your floor plan. But if you need even more options, enhance your floor plan or design one from scratch.

Do you have specific needs or home amenities you would like to incorporate into your home plan? No problem. Design a beautiful deck for outdoor living, add a sun room or put in vaulted ceilings. Build a dream home the modular way: faster, smarter, less expensive.

Avalon Building Systems' modular homes come in various floor plans for your preference, contact us.

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Build a New Home ON SCHEDULE

20 January 2012

Do you know anyone who has ever built a new home or done a major addition? If you do, they surely told you that it was a stressful, long experience.

Not when you build a modular home. Traditionally built homes fall victim to scheduling problems regularly which holds up construction of the home. The people you know who have built a new home probably told you that the project did NOT finish on schedule.

Not so with modular homes. Modular homes are built with strict standards and time lines in a factory, and are delivered to your building site essentially completed. Traditionally built home have sequencing issues, if the framer doesn’t show up then the electrician can do his work, which means the plaster is delayed so the painter can’t come. This is S.O.P with a traditionally built home.

If you want a home built to high standards, with a set budget within a specified and adhered to time line with much less stress; contact Avalon Building Systems for information on modular home construction.

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So Many Benefits of Modular Home Construction

13 January 2012

Understanding that modular construction adheres to the many national building codes as well as state and local building codes throughout New England and New York, modular construction is faster, more efficient and less expensive than traditional stick built construction. But there are many other benefits to modular home construction as well.

Modular homes built in an assembly line production process in a factory, using the highest level of quality control. Because of this, labor is used very efficiently as well, which drives down costs.

Additionally, the modules are built before the site work is done and without the constraints of weather and contractor schedules. Because of this, modular homes are built much more efficiently than a traditionally built home, again keeping the modular home costs down. Because of the way modular homes are constructed, there are no additional costs for weather and scheduling issues, material replacement or increased labor costs.

Typically, modular homes use 30% more lumber than stick built homes making them stronger than most frame houses. Because modular homes are transported, the floors and walls are screwed together and glued together.

Modular homes are the better way to build contact Avalon Building Systems for a quote.

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Modular Homes are Cost Effective Construction

6 January 2012

The cost savings of modular construction begins in the factory. With modular construction, 80% to 85% of your home is completed in the factory before it is every delivered to your building site.

The buyer avoids the risk of having their price inflated by change orders, because the modules are built in the factory under strict inspection.

On-site injuries are less common as well since most of the labor for the project is handled in the factory.

The cost of stick built homes can be driven up because the materials are exposed to unfavorable weather conditions during the construction process, especially in the winter. With modular construction, there are no weather delays, weather damage or stolen materials when the construction is performed indoors.

Modular home construction stays constant. And, with factory built homes, the construction time is greatly shortened. Therefore, homebuyers benefit from both fewer payments on construction loans and less labor pay for workers on the site. All of these savings are passed on to the home buyer.

For information on modular home construction, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Downsize or Upgrade with Modular Construction

30 December 2011

The holidays are fun, but often we are reminded during the holidays that we either need a larger house, or we want a smaller one.

If you have suddenly found that you need a larger home, either an entirely new home or an addition, modular construction may be the answer for you.

Modular additions can be added to almost any home, and can be done much more quickly than traditional construction. If it is an in-law apartment for aging parents, an extra bedroom, office, or you can enlarge your kitchen to accommodate a growing family with a modular addition.  There is better, faster way to do your home addition.

Need to downsize? Modular floor plans can be custom designed to create the home you are looking for.  A smaller home does not have to mean compromise. Build a home with the same rooms, just smaller, or build a home with only the rooms you use and need.

Avalon Building Systems builds  modular homes all winter long, so don’t let that stop you. With a faster design to construction time, winter is the best time to build a new modular home.

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Happy New Year From Avalon Building Your New England Area Modular Home Builder

23 December 2011

During this holiday season Avalon Building Systems would like to wish you and your families a happy and safe holiday and New Year. After the holiday season winds to a close, if you are in the market for a newly built home, we would be honored to speak with you about modular home floor plans.

For all of your building needs, whether your needs entail a modular office, a new modular home, or a modular addition, keep us in mind. Avalon Building Systems has some of the finest built modular homes in the New England and New York area.

Our standard of impeccable customer service means that your new home building process will be a seamless as possible from beginning to end. Contact us for information or question you may have. Enjoy the season and Happy New Year from Avalon Building Systems.

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Weather Has No Effect On Some Winter Home Construction

16 December 2011

So you have surely seen the commercials suggesting a car for the holidays; how about a home for the holidays. Ok, that is a little extreme, and it won’t be built by the holidays, but you can build a new home in New England in the winter.

The best advantage to building a new home in the winter around here is the lack of lead time. If you have wanted to build a new home, this may be the perfect time. Many people are discouraged about building in the winter because of the weather. Inevitably, snow and wind will affect the supplies and cause labor delays.

Here is the good news; weather is irrelevant in modular construction. The individual modules are constructed indoors in a factory, and are then transported to your building site. The home is assembled that day, and within a few days, the home is sided and “buttoned up”. When you build modular, your home  is protected from the elements from start to finish.

Still have questions about winter construction? Contact Avalon Building Systems for more information.

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