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A Cost Effective Way to Build a Home - Modular Construction

23 March 2012

If you are thinking about building a home this spring, consider building a modular home. Modular homes are built faster and easier than traditionally built homes. But don’t be fooled, they are also built to higher standards and are up to date with all the local building codes.

Best of all, modular construction is also less expensive to build and to maintain than a traditionally built home when comparing apples to apples. There are many reasons for this:

1) Energy Efficiency:  Modular homes are green homes. Using SIP’s, Avalon’s modular homes easily exceed "Energy Star Standards" and are certified to be built to meet LEEDS platinum standards for new residential construction. This directly translates directly to high energy efficiency.

2) Less Material Waste:  In modular construction there is far less material waste which means lower material costs.  In stick-built construction the money spent on materials that are wasted is money lost.

3) Faster construction time:  Modular homes take just a couple of months to build. You’ll be living in your new modular home in no time.  Because of this, you will spend far less money on living expenses: paying for hotels or for two mortgages, paying for storage, and construction finance costs.  

With modular construction, you will get a better quality home faster, and for less money. Contact Avalon Building Systems for more information.

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When Building a Home Modular Homes Help you Save

16 March 2012

Consumers that wish to take advantage of the incredibly low mortgage interest rates and build a home will find they can build a larger home for less money by having their home built with modular construction.

Modular homes are quickly becoming the most desired form of newly built homes due to their many advantages. Consumers desiring to build a custom home will find that they can build a larger home at a better price when they build in this manner.

Modular homes are constructed in a factory instead of being built from scratch on the home site. This type of controlled atmosphere allows homes to be built without weather delays and in a quality controlled environment. Building materials are bought in bulk and stored at the factories, allowing for large discounts that are passed on to the consumer.

On average, modular homes costs far less than the same size and style stick built home.

Contrary to popular belief, a modular home is not a mobile home. It is secured to the ground and it cannot be moved once built. Modular homes are compliant in all respects for hurricanes, earthquakes and other naturally occurring events.

Modular homes are custom design homes that range from quaint to very large and elaborate. The largest benefit of building a Modular home is that one can customize a home from start to finish at nearly half the cost.

SB Wire

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Let Us Help You Design a New Home

9 March 2012

Avalon Building Systems designs and builds modular homes around New England and New York. We offer many different styles of floor plans from Colonials to ranch style homes to cape and vacation style homes.   Certainly we have the floor plan that will meet the needs of your family. All of our floor plans can be custom designed as well.

With our standard modular home plans, you save time, simplify the home building process, and the homes are built even more quickly.
However, we are happy and more than willing to help you custom design your home or add design details to any standard floor plans.

We enjoy being a part of our customer's dream for a magnificently built modular home.   If you're having trouble selecting a floor plan, take a look at the floor plans and dimensions on our site, or give us a call.

When looking through our selection of modular home plans, understand that you can make adjustments; make as many adjustments as you would like.

Also, our modular floor plans have many exterior looks, and each of those looks can be applied to the floor plan you choose.  Do you want a garage, a deck, dormers? Add them.

If you don't find a modular home floor plan we show on our web site, please contact us to discuss what type of plan you are looking for.   Avalon Building Systems would like to help you get into the home of your dreams.  

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Add a Modular Addition to your Home

4 March 2012

With the real estate market the way it is, many people rather stay in their home as opposed to selling it at a depressed price. So what if you need more space? Consider a modular addition. Home additions are very popular. The most popular additions are those that add a second story onto a single story home.
A modular addition is the perfect way to add more space to your home. If you have a one story home and you would like to add a second story, consider modular.

What are the benefits in building a modular second story addition?

  • Modular additions are built much faster than traditional additions. A modular addition can be setup in as few as three days!
  • Second story modular additions take from 1 to 2 months to complete. It is amazing how much time modular additions save.
  • Modular additions are higher quality than stick built additions. Modular additions are built with 20% more lumber when compared to a traditional stick-built addition.

Modular additions allow us to build your second floor addition in 30 days or less. Modular additions are more square, level, and plumb to your existing home. Modular additions are long lasting.  If you are interested in adding a high quality addition to your home is a shorter amount of time, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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A New Home that Perfectly Fits Your Budget with Modular Homes

24 February 2012

When you build a new home, you need to create a budget. What can you afford, what are your home payments now and what will they be after, will your home expenses increase with a larger home, if so, how much? What expenses do you need to consider beyond the price of the modular home? Will your tax bill go up?

The good news is: after you have designed your new modular home with Avalon Building Systems, you can count on that price. Of course many people who have built a stick built home have probably complained about the increasing budget as the project progressed. This is the beauty,(or one of them), of building a modular home. The budget for the construction of a modular home does not fluctuate.

You and Avalon Building Systems can choose a modular floor plan or design a floor plan. Add the design details such as a garage, hardwood floors, granite counters and a fireplace, and then you will have the price of your new home, no changes, no fluctuations. Add to, or take away design details to make your new home perfectly fit your budget.   Try doing this with a stick built home – Never happen!

Contact Avalon Building Systems to begin the process of designing your new home that will perfectly fit your budget.

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Modular Homes Mean Strength and Quality AND Custom Designs

17 February 2012

There is a question we always get asked, "Can you build the customized home we want"?  Well, the answer is yes. That is what we do. Modular homes are not all alike, in fact you would have a very hard time telling the difference between homes built with modular construction and a traditionally built home. In fact, we think maybe you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart at all.   

It is often believed that if you want a modular home, you have to pick from some set amount of floor plans with few options.  Completely untrue!  We have professional designers on staff who can help you create the modular home you want.  If you have an architectural plan in any stage of development, we can build it.  

With modular construction you get quality, strength, detail, AND your dream home. Contact Avalon Building Systems to get started.  

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Build a New Home and Be Moved in By Spring

11 February 2012

The spring is new home season, and this is the perfect time to build a new modular home. Why? If you start the process now, you’ll be in your new home for the spring, and there is no backlog. Spring and summer are busy building seasons, but if you start now, you can be in your new home when others are just starting to think about it. With modular construction, you can be in your home before you know it.

It takes much less time to build a modular home than it does a traditionally built home.  From the start of the planning process to the move in date, building a modular home can take as little as three months. And right now, our time is yours.

Your home modules are usually delivered to your property within 4 to 6 weeks after the floor plans are finalized. Most stick built homes take a year or more from start to finish.
Working with Avalon Building Systems, you can be certain that your home or building will be delivered as promised without any unforeseen delays or scheduling problems. Contact Avalon Building Systems to build your dream home.

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Build an Energy Efficient Home

3 February 2012

Have you heard of ModularSIPs” or Structural Insulated Panels? If so, you should know that they were first designed by Avalon Building Systems. If not, here is a little detail on what SIP’s are.

SIP’s (Structural Insulated Panels )are used in the modular homes of Avalon Building Systems. SIPs are prefabricated insulated sides that make up the walls, ceilings, and floors of the modules that make up your home.
SIP’s provide superior and consistent insulation than traditional construction and using Structural Insulated Panels results in an energy savings of 12%–14%. They also make a home quieter.

The use of SIP’s allows Avalon homes to exceed "Energy Star Standards" and are certified to meet LEEDS platinum standards for new residential construction. LEED certification is an internationally recognized certification that measures how a home performs in energy savings, CO2 emissions reduction, improved indoor air quality, and more.

For an energy efficient and green newly built home, that is built faster and more efficiently, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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The Faster, Smarter Way to Build a Custom Home

27 January 2012

Modular homes offer precision, cost effectiveness, and state of the art building tools; and are also subject to a more rigorous inspection process. Over time, they have become a reputable and in many cases preferred way of building homes.
There are production style Modular homes and there are also custom designed modular homes in any home style.  From ranch to cape style and colonial to estate style, you can pick your floor plan. But if you need even more options, enhance your floor plan or design one from scratch.

Do you have specific needs or home amenities you would like to incorporate into your home plan? No problem. Design a beautiful deck for outdoor living, add a sun room or put in vaulted ceilings. Build a dream home the modular way: faster, smarter, less expensive.

Avalon Building Systems' modular homes come in various floor plans for your preference, contact us.

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Build a New Home ON SCHEDULE

20 January 2012

Do you know anyone who has ever built a new home or done a major addition? If you do, they surely told you that it was a stressful, long experience.

Not when you build a modular home. Traditionally built homes fall victim to scheduling problems regularly which holds up construction of the home. The people you know who have built a new home probably told you that the project did NOT finish on schedule.

Not so with modular homes. Modular homes are built with strict standards and time lines in a factory, and are delivered to your building site essentially completed. Traditionally built home have sequencing issues, if the framer doesn’t show up then the electrician can do his work, which means the plaster is delayed so the painter can’t come. This is S.O.P with a traditionally built home.

If you want a home built to high standards, with a set budget within a specified and adhered to time line with much less stress; contact Avalon Building Systems for information on modular home construction.

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