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7 Reasons You Should Choose Modular Home Dealers Over Stick-Built Custom Home Builders

30 July 2022

Combating Misinformation from Traditional Home Builders about the Modular Construction Option - Boston, MA

For many people, building their dream house is a big milestone and one of the most exciting events in their life. From planning the structure of the house to detailing its aesthetics, you will have to make many decisions. However, one of the earliest and most important decisions that you will have to make is to choose the building method for your custom home.

You have two main choices in this regard. You can opt for the traditional stick-built home option that entails on-site construction of the house, or you can go with a reliable modular home dealer. They offer prefabricated or modular construction, meaning the house or structure is constructed and preassembled off-site, usually in a factory.

While most houses in the US are still built using the stick-built method, modular housing is getting increasingly popular because this method offers many advantages that were previously unimaginable. Scroll down to take a look at why you should consider hiring a modular home dealer instead of working with a stick-built custom home builder.

1. Modular Home Dealers Offer Faster Construction

How long does it take to build a new house?

Many people ask this question, but there is no straightforward answer to this when you choose a stick-built custom home builder to build your new house. This is because on-site construction depends on various factors. Some of these variables, like weather and the availability of construction workers, may be out of your control. Therefore, the construction of a stick-built home can be delayed.

However, that's rarely the case with modular homes. Modular homes are built in factories in a controlled environment, which means that the construction cannot be hampered due to external factors like weather. Moreover, most parts of a modular home are pre-made so the modular home dealer only has to put them together when they reach the home site. This takes considerably less time than building an on-site stick-built home.

2. Modular Housing Means Affordable & Stress-free Construction

Building your dream house should be exciting and memorable - not stressful. However, building an on-site house can be stressful for many people. Prefab homes take out the stress from the process. But that's not all - modular housing also provides various pricing levels so you can adjust the overall cost of the house according to your needs and budget. Though there are different levels of customization that can affect the cost of a prefab house, modular construction is generally the less expensive option.

It is also easier to keep track of the finances when building a modular house as compared to a stick-built house. Most people end up spending way more than they intend to when they go for a stick-built home. Luckily, that's not the case with modular homes.

3. Prefab Homes Offer Higher Energy Efficiency

Thanks to tight fit seams and windows, prefab homes are generally more energy-efficient than their stick-built counterparts. It is mainly because these houses are constructed using state of the art technology, which ensures that everything fits together perfectly!

High energy efficiency is a major plus, especially for people living in areas like West Virginia where summers are warm and winters are very cold. Prefab homes can reduce energy bills throughout the year. In other words, opting for a prefab home can save you a lot of money in the long term.

4. Modular Houses Come in All Shapes, Styles & Sizes

A common misconception about modular houses is that they offer limited style and design features. However, this is far from reality. A modular home dealer can offer you plenty of design options to choose from, and you can customize your house in any way you see fit. Whether you want a traditional or a more contemporary style - modular housing has got you covered.

While customization options are also available for stick-built houses, creating the house of your dreams is much easier when you choose to hire a modular home dealer to build your home.

5. One-Stop-Shop for All Modular Housing Needs

Modular housing is not just limited to building houses. In other words, a modular home dealer may also provide you other options like mobile homes and double-wide homes or trailers.

However, keep in mind that a modular home is not the same as a mobile home, or manufactured home. While both of them are built in off-site factories and then relocated to some other destination, modular homes are built as a permanent residence and cannot be moved around like mobile homes or manufactured homes. Regardless, a modular home dealer can help you find the perfect residence that you want!

6. Modular Housing is a Zero Waste Option

On-site construction can generate a lot of waste that must be discarded properly. Tons of construction and demolition debris is generated every year in the US alone. Fortunately, opting for a prefab house is an easy way to cut back on this debris and play your part in keeping the environment clean.

7. Prefab Homes are Safe and Highly Durable

Prefab homes are not a new concept. They have been around for decades and over the years, this type of construction has proven to be extremely safe and durable. They are just as sturdy as stick-built homes. So, whether you live in hurricane-prone areas like Florida or areas that receive a lot of rain like West Virginia, prefab homes are the ideal choice for you!

The Bottom Line

There are many reasons why choosing a modular home builder is a better option than hiring stick-built custom home builders. However, it is important to mention that not all modular home dealers are the same. Therefore, make sure you take the time to find only the best modular home dealers for your house.

If you are looking for an experienced and reliable modular home dealer, then contact Avalon Building Systems to chat with one of our experts. We have a variety of model homes at our sales center that you can tour, all with different options, floorplans, square footage, and styles. You can walk through our models and discuss what features are important to you, where you'd like to build, and what your home will cost. We'll customize a floor plan just for you, and walk you through every step of the home buying process.

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Structural Safety Dominance of Modular Home Construction

15 July 2022

Avalon Building Systems - Modular Home Construction

As we all know, hurricanes are the most expensive natural disasters in the US. Past disasters should give us pause about whether our homes are ready to stand up to these weather tests. With modular home construction you can be assured that your home is significantly more sturdy than your traditional “stick-built” neighbors. They are built to the same codes and regulations as site-built homes, but one of the big differences is modular home frames are bolted together as opposed to stick-built homes being nailed together. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), modular homes stand up as well or better than traditionally built homes.

People sometimes confuse mobile homes with modular homes. There is simply no meaningful relationship between the two. Once educated on the difference, they come to realize that modular homes are the preferred option for those living in areas that are prone to flooding, high winds and other elements of storms. Modular homes receive praise for their superior workmanship.

Very simply put, modular homes have weathered the storms best for decades. There is tangible evidence that modular homes are the best option when it comes to preventing damage from hurricanes. When hurricane Andrew accounted for more than billions in damages, the modular housing developments, in general, had minimal structural damage.

Safety is a major advantage of modular homes, but there are others as well. They offer plenty of design flexibility, and they can be built in about a third of the time needed to construct a site-built home. Other advantages include increased energy efficiency and lower air infiltration, which helps manage heat loss in the home.

In order to ensure the quality and workmanship, modular homes are inspected during every step of the manufacturing process in addition to the usual state and local inspections. As compared to a site-built home, there is only one inspection once the home is completed. It was concluded that the inherently rigid system of modular homes lead to much safer structures.

The sturdiness of modular homes helps them hold up against the rain, wind and hail that can come with super storms such as a hurricane. Often overlooked benefit of modular homes is their ability to stand up to flooding, which will occur no matter where in the country you live. Flooding is one of those things many people do not think about until it is too late. Living in a modular home will give you peace of mind, in that, should a flooding situation occur, your damage will be minimal compared to many site-built homes.

For more tips on modular homes, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Tips for Custom Designing Your Modular Home

6 July 2022

Avalon Building Systems - Modular Construction, Newton, MA

When you decide to build your new modular home here in Boston, MA the fun just begins. The key word here is “custom” and you should have fun designing your next home with the exact personal touches that you’ve always dreamed of. Yes, while there are numerous things to consider, that is the very reason you will be excited. You are about to build your dream home exactly as you imagine it!

Whether you plan to stay in your new home for the rest of your life or even if it’s just for a couple of years, make sure every layout and details of your new home meets your needs and suits your lifestyle. While everyone has distinct taste of style and living requirements, there are typical elements which homebuyers search for which can make the home stay comfy and enjoyable to reside in at different life stages.

Whether it’s a large house for a family, a starter home for new couples, or a humble abode for solitary living, here are a few tips to help you find your ideal modular home:

Living Alone - A small floor area equipped with basic features but not necessarily cramped will suffice a person living alone. A design with at least 9 ft. ceiling and sufficient number of windows can provide extra lighting and make the area looking spacious. You might as well consider adding a deck as a receiving area for guests.

Living with A Partner - Look for a single-story floor plan that is right for you and your partner. A modular home that features three to four bedrooms sounds adequate. Otherwise, opt for two bedrooms or consider modular floor plans with unfinished attics that can be renovated in the future to create additional rooms. Through modular upgrades home additions are made easy and you'll be surprised with the infinite design options possible for your home.

Living with A Family - It has to be spacious to accommodate all the household members but it doesn't always entail a huge house. You just need to seek a floor plan that presents a smart use of space with flexible living options. Also, don't scrimp on the fittings and finishes for they need to be tough and durable considering the multiple users. Good thing with modular homes, we only utilize premium quality products for home fixtures so as much as possible, you don't have to tackle worn out home essentials for a considerable number of years. Moreover, a large kitchen with a pantry with a spacious dining area is perfect for dining together. A second bathroom also delivers convenience on busy mornings.

Empty Nesters - Usually empty nesters decide to downsize their home for a smaller living space that requires lesser housework and upkeep. Select a floor plan that displays convenient living for two but can accommodate occasional visitors. Carefully choose home fittings and products that are easy to clean and maintain to minimize workload at home.

At Avalon Building Systems, we know the typical needs of every household format. Thus, during layout planning, we carefully guide homebuyers in choosing the right home design that meets their preferences. For this reason, we cater custom-designs to fulfill exact and unique specifics they want for their home. Contact Avalon Building Systems to learn more.

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Method of Choice

15 June 2022

Avalon Building Systems - Combating Misinformation from Traditional Home Builders about the Modular Construction Option - Boston, MA

Here at Avalon Building Systems, we are big fans of you young and first-time homebuyers. We are big fans because you people are, by and large, discriminating consumers. You tend to contact us having conducted extensive research into Boston home building options. You ask smart questions and challenge traditional stick-built home construction myths that simply don’t add up. This is music to our ears because the more you know about custom modular home construction vs traditional stick-built home constructions, the more likely you are to choose custom modular home construction.

Many young professionals want to buy a home once they have established their career. Now they have the choice to custom-build a modular home in Boston, MA. Because precisely cut and premium-grade materials are used in building each module, interested home buyers are guaranteed a home that is aesthetically pleasing, fully functional, and energy efficient.

Investing in a modular home is a practical investment to consider for home construction. For one, modular construction allows people to make building their dream home a reality with significantly less time and money. These benefits in particular are a big advantage to young adults who are preparing for their future. Every modular floor plan is transformed with the homeowner’s unique requirements in mind using streamlined processes for a faster completion time without jeopardizing quality.

To get started on your custom-built modular home, contact Avalon Building Systems anytime.

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Reinvest Real Estate Capital Gains Tax Free Into Profitable Modular Home Construction

30 May 2022

Avalon Building Systems - Reinvest Real Estate Capital Gains

Just so you know, we build modular homes from New Jersey, to New York, and all the way up through Maine. Today, let’s talk about beating the tax man.

Now, we are not tax attorneys (nor do we play one on TV), but we’ve come across a few people who have sold rental property elsewhere in the country and are now looking to us here at Avalon Building Systems to reinvest the profit into rental property here in Boston, MA. What all these people are finding out is that, with modular home construction, they can build more rental homes for less money than traditional home building. They’ll get a better, stronger, more energy efficient structure, but more importantly, they’ll get more rent money.

The process by which to do this is called a “Section 1031 Like Kind Exchange”. Again, you must talk to a tax expert for the details, but simply put, you work the process through an intermediary who handles all the sale of your current and purchase of your future rental property. Because you never actually take receipt of the profit on the sale of your old property (because this profit is directly transferred by the intermediary during the purchase of your new property), federal tax law concludes you have not actually received a cash gain, YET that is. Sometime in the future when you (or your heirs) sell this new rental property, then the federal government will come calling you to pay tax on the gains.

So rather than write a check to Uncle Sam this year, you can reinvest your hard-earned home equity into a new modular home perfectly suited to rent. Small low-cost ranch style such as "The Deerfield" or the “Plymouth" Modular Home can immediately put you into positive cash flow on your new custom modular rental home.

We can help you every step of the way. Contact us here at Avalon Building Systems anytime!

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Modular Home Construction and the Systems Engineering Benefit

15 May 2022

Avalon Building Systems - Modular Home Construction

Modular homes are constructed with the support of precision computer-assisted systems engineering precision. In short, this means that your future home fits better together vs traditional home construction. This makes your future home stronger from foundation to roof…a better overall product.

The core structure of modular home construction is accomplished within an indoor automated-controlled setting using computer precision assembly processes. Every module produced within the fabrication center is subject to continuous quality checks. This is fundamentally different from traditional home construction where a team of laborers of varying skill sets work unsupervised for swaths of time. Now don’t misunderstand us here. We’re not condemning traditional home builders and their staff, we’re simply saying the degree of quality control mechanisms in place within the modular home construction industry simply do not exist within the traditional home building industry.

However, systems-built homes do not mean that they are cookie cutter style homes. Modular homes can be custom designed. There are also 100’s of modular floor plans from which you can choose, or you can modify one of those existing plans. Whatever floor plan design you choose, Avalon Building Systems can build that home faster with modular construction.

Speed of construction is one reason that homebuyers turn to custom modular home construction. Modular home modules are built in a climate controlled factory. While construction is taking place, the site crew is building the foundation and tying in water and sewer. When the modules are delivered the modules are secured, the roof and siding is added, and the finish work is completed.

While interest in modular homes is peaking because of the faster construction process, home buyers soon find that modular homes meet and often exceed the standards of traditionally built homes. Modular construction uses more materials than traditionally built homes and those materials are never subjected to bad weather. As a result, modular homes last longer through time and weather.

Modular construction offers you the ability to build a high quality, custom designed home, faster. For more information on modular home construction, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Know your Rights as a Home Buying Consumer

30 April 2022

Avalon Building Systems - Home Buyer

Custom modular home construction is more popular than ever here in the greater Boston, MA area. What makes us different is our prioritization on getting you fully informed regarding your rights, responsibilities, and considerations as a home buyer. “Buyer Beware” is a term that is often associated with auto sales, but the statement is true for home buyers as well. The more you know, the better decisions you will make and the happier you will be in your new home. There are great home building companies throughout the greater Boston area, but few prioritize educating home buyers to the level that we do.

So, we invite you to research us thoroughly because the more that you do, the better we will look vs others who might only claim to having your best interests as the top priority. Visit us here at Avalon Building Systems and position yourself to make the best home building decisions possible!

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Modular Home Construction Maximizes Energy Efficiency of Cape Cod Style Homes

15 April 2022

Avalon Building Systems - Modular Home Construction

Cape Cod Style homes are a popular choice due to their compact design. The design of these homes offers maximum living space, storage space, dormers, and pitched roofs on the second floor. However, oftentimes, with stick built Cape homes the second floor framing is usually less insulated due to its proximity to the roof which can often cause air leaks. A well-insulated Cape style floor plan is often a challenge.

Modular home construction in Boston, MA offers numerous options and a wide variety of customization for homeowners. This option enables homebuyers to choose the right material for insulation and ventilation as effective solutions to heating and cooling problems. The modular floor plan also allows for changes in insulation down the line. Modules are prefabricated using standardized and quality controlled processes in an offsite factory. These modules are assembled at the permanent site and are glued and screwed, making the entire home more efficient as well.

The sectional approach to modular construction provides effective solutions to modern issues that have arisen in home designs. Saving energy costs in areas with extreme weather patterns is one of the issues that modular construction has addressed. Cape style modular homes are energy-efficient whereas traditional methods are having difficulty implementing the same energy efficiency. Insulating a Cape Style home has never been this fast and easy. To find more about Cape style modular floor plans, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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FAQ’s Regarding the Modular Home Appraisal Process

30 March 2022

Avalon Building Systems - Modular Home Appraisal Process

The question often arises: Do modular homes appraise for the same value as a traditionally built home? Simply put, yes, and often times higher!

In order to buy a home, it must be appraised so you can begin the process of getting a mortgage or loan. An appraisal is the estimated amount a home buyer can expect to pay for their new home. When buying any piece of property, including modular homes, you need a licensed professional appraiser. The question then becomes, if the home is not yet built, how is it actually appraised?

The appraiser will inspect the modular home plans to have an idea of how much your new home should cost. Generally, they use information on labor rates, building costs, and depreciation and appreciation locally where the property is being built. The appraiser will use sales comparisons, prices and values of compatible homes sold in the area, to determine the current value of the modular home.

Once a thorough analysis of the property has been completed, a report is created which is used to initiate the mortgage or loan process. Included in the report would be the property specifications, the replacement cost analysis and the above mentioned comparative sales analysis.

The replacement cost analysis is the total amount spent on the construction and materials of the modular home, and the lot value.

All this will determine the current total value of the property. The modular home appraisal will then be finalized so that the loan transaction can take place. The calculated total value of the modular home will help you determine future expenses such as utilities and real estate taxes.

Contact Avalon Building Systems for more elaborate information about modular home appraisal.

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Guidelines for Financing and Insuring New Modular Home Construction

15 March 2022

Avalon Building Systems -  Financing and Insuring New Modular Home

We field the typical questions regarding financing and insuring modular home construction that our fellow stick builders get. The questions, issues, and processes are exactly the same. Rest assured that we’ll ensure and guide you every step along the way.

Many banks (and we have great relationships with lenders across Boston) value working with modular home buyers. Why? The building process is so much shorter, and the system is so defined that there is little to no risk to the banks.

As far as assessing the value of modular homes; modular homes are assessed in the same way as traditionally built homes. Here is the good news: modular homes cost about 10-15% less to build, but they sell at the same price as a stick built home. Why? Custom modular homes are appraised with the same standards of a traditionally built home; therefore, both types of homes are assessed at the same amount.

Banks and insurance agencies both say there is no difference between stick-built homes and custom modular homes in terms of approval ratings, and cost.

Banks and insurers are well aware that modular home construction strength and building standards exceed that of traditional stick built homes. There may even come a time where insurance companies take into consideration the higher structural integrity of a modular home and insure them at a lower rate.

However, until then, you can rest assured, modular home construction financing will not be a problem; modular homes hold their value in the same way as traditionally built homes; and ensuring your modular home will be no different either. Now that those questions have been put to rest, contact Avalon Building Systems for more information.

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