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Modular Retirement Homes are Perfect For Relaxing

30 August 2021

Modular Retirement Homes are Perfect For Relaxing - Medfield, MA

The generation of baby boomers is the fastest growing sector of our population. We are seeing more and more homeowners downsizing their homes upon entering their retirement years. They want to do this without compromising style and quality of home. Modular retirement-style homes will not only add style, but significantly improve the overall quality of retiree’s future living versus their aging stick-built home. Modular construction is the perfect solution to building a home in Medfield where you want to retire. Avalon Building Systems specializes in designing custom modular homes, at remarkably affordable prices, fast, and on any lot you desire in and around Medfield!

As exclusive modular home building craftsmen, Avalon Building Systems is ready, willing, and highly capable to answer all of your questions about the construction process. You can choose from the multitude of modular home floor plans, each customizable to your specific desires. You can choose an existing floor plan and make custom design changes to that, or have a modular home floor plan custom designed.

Custom modular homes are perfect for a couple who has put in the time working and now is looking forward to relaxing and enjoying retirement. For more information on building a new modular retirement home, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Combating Misinformation from Traditional Home Builders about the Modular Construction Option

15 August 2021

Combating Misinformation from Traditional Home Builders about the Modular Construction Option - Boston, MA

As Americans increasingly turn to custom modular homes vs traditional stick-built home construction, the stick-built home industry continues to further false narratives about modular home construction. To the traditional home builder fighting for your business, the less you know about the benefits of modular home construction, and sadly, the more you are purposely misinformed, increases the chance that you will make the costly decision to forgo a deep dive into modular home research. That, my friend, could be one of the costliest decisions of your life.

The custom modular homes that we build throughout the greater Boston area are a modern alternative to traditional on-site construction. The initial construction work is done in an off-site, environment-controlled factory. They offer a more cost-effective and time-convenient approach to building your dream house.

Although main components are manufactured in precise computer-controlled warehouses, they have absolutely nothing in common with the mobile home industry. Custom modular homes are in fact stronger and more efficient than the traditional stick-built home. After the custom-designed modules are crafted in the factory, the individual modules are transported to the building site. They are then bolted together with a precision fit. We need you to understand this. Bolts are stronger than nails. There simply is no comparison between the strength and rigidity of the custom modular home versus a traditional stick-built home. Our on-site craftsmen apply their traditional trade skills to finish the home, protected by a rock-solid frame.

We offer custom-designed floor plans that you can modify to match your preferences and requirements. Thus, every house constructed this way has features that are unique with the rest. Your imagination is your limit for your dream house. Once they are done, these custom-built modular houses are stronger and more efficient than any traditionally constructed house. Modular home construction is more affordable as well. All things considered, custom modular home construction is a win/win in every home building decision avenue.

Explore our gallery of floor plans then contact Avalon Building Systems to learn how it can be customized to meet your every want and need.

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Modular Home Construction Value Soars During This Period of High Lumber Cost

30 July 2021

Modular Home Construction Value Soars During This Period of High Lumber Cost - Boston, MA

Never before have the advantages of modular home construction over traditional stick-built homes been more clear. The cost of new home construction is high due to unusually high lumber prices, largely associated with the pandemic. So, straight to the point. The computer-controlled modular home construction largely eliminates the costly waste associated within the hand-crafted “stick built” building process. Less waste of high-cost material equals big savings to the home buyer!

If you are in the market for a new home, you owe it to yourself to get educated on the modular home option. We can’t stress enough the impact that time and material cost will have on how satisfied you will be both with your new home and the process to build it. Allow us the opportunity to show you in detail how you can get more square footage for you home building dollar. We’ll show you how you will get a significantly stronger structure in your custom modular home than you will with a stick-built home. And let’s talk about customization options of each and every floor plan offered.

Our custom modular homes are just that, custom designed to your exact specifications. Choose from hundreds of modular floor plan designs as your starting point, then together, we go from there. It’s a beautifully rewarding process for both you and us. Our greatest professional reward is handing you the keys to a design that is largely based on your personal specifications.

Once again, you owe it to yourself to understand and appreciate the value for your home building dollar that can only be achieved via the custom modular home building process. Contact Avalon Building Systems for more information.

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Vacation Style Modular Homes – Live the Dream in Cape Cod, MA

15 July 2021

Vacation Style Modular Homes – Live the Dream in Cape Cod, MA

Making everyday living feel like an everyday vacation is a dream you can actually live with modular vacation home construction. Modular homes are the perfect option for those who value time, value, and money. Modular home construction offers them all.

Compared to stick-built homes, modular vacation style homes are built faster at a more affordable cost. Because they are built indoors, delays caused by weather and theft are avoided. All homes are built in a climate controlled environment so building materials are never exposed to external elements. The factory setting also means more consistent building techniques resulting in exceptional design and aesthetic appeal.

The Vacation style modular floor plans in Cape Cod, MA offer a variety of home styles and designs that will give future homeowners their own paradise. They are easily customized based on the wants and needs of the homeowner. Unlike traditionally built homes, prospective owners can still customize their home yet move in faster.

One of the top-listed vacation style modular homes is the Oak Bluffs vacation style modular home. It is a striking two bedroom, one bath vacation home that offers a total of 1,100 square feet of living space. The Oak Bluffs is a single story plan which offers a large kitchen area with a central island, as well as a dining area and attached living room. The plan layout is perfect for a site with a view.

Contact Avalon Building Systems to learn more about our vacation-style modular homes.

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Ranch Style Modular Homes – Perfect Choices for Seniors and the Physically Challenged

30 June 2021

Ranch Style Modular Homes – Perfect Choices for Seniors
and the Physically Challenged - Weston, MA

Ranch style modular homes are increasingly popular in and around Weston, MA for a wide range of reasons. We’ve covered the benefits of modular home construction quite extensively prior blog posts. Today, we’re going to focus on the ranch-style home in particular and why they are so popular within the senior and the physically challenged communities.

The unmatched convenience of Ranch style floor plans makes them an ideal residential space even for the elderly and disabled. Since the floor plans are almost always only single story, there is no more need for them to climb up or go down the stairs. Everything is in proximity. Usually, the living room is situated at the center, giving full access to the available bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and dining area, as well as other parts of the house.

With modular home construction, you can custom-design a ranch style home or any modular floor plan to make it spacious and stylish. You can be confident that you will have a home that not only meets the state’s building codes but also is tailor-fitted to the specific needs of your family. If you are an on-the-go father or a super hands-on mother who has playful kids, or even if you are a family who wants to live with and take good care of a senior citizen, a Ranch style modular home is indeed a great choice.

To find out more about the floor plans offered for modular home construction, contact the Avalon Building Systems.

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Why Choose A Ranch Style Floor Plan Even If You May Need More Space in the Future

15 June 2021

Why Choose A Ranch Style Floor Plan Even If You May Need More Space in the Future - Lexington, MA

With the abundance of home styles out there, each with their own pros and cons, it can be challenging to decide which style of home to build. Are we best served by a single-story ranch-style floor plan, a traditional two-story modular home plan, a cape cod modular home, or something else. All styles have their own benefits to offer. We are here to help you decide on why to choose the former though. Today, let’s discuss the benefits of the ranch style home.

Ranch style modular homes like those we build throughout Lexington includes a shared space on the ground floor with several bedrooms and bathrooms. These private areas are usually separated by the kitchen and dining space or the living room. Because of such set-up, it becomes easier to heat the entire house so you will achieve increased energy efficiency. Heated and cooled air naturally flows through the ranch-style floor plan in contrast to the multi-story house plans that require more complex and often more costly HVAC systems.

If you have not decided yet about how many floors to have in your home, it is best to choose to custom-build a ranch first. This single-story floor plan has a living space that can be easily expanded come that time when you want to add more floors. Assuming you have a large enough lot, you can actually expand your ranch with the help of the wide array of options for customization that modular home construction provides. You can then add a deck, patio, or sunroom to your single-story floor plan. If you have more than one floor, it will not be easy to have these home additions because it will require you and your home builder to first conduct a structural analysis and careful planning for expansion.

To find out more about ranch-style modular homes, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Cape Cod Modular Home Construction – Custom Functionality on Display

31 May 2021

Cape Cod Modular Home Construction – Custom Functionality on Display - Concord, MA

By now we hope all of your realize that Avalon Building Systems here in Concord, MA will custom-build a home based on your exact specifications. The floorplans that you see on our website are starting points for your next custom modular home. The reward really begins when you sit down with us and customize those plans to your exact specifications.

The custom modular Cape style homes you see in nearly every part of Concord (and across the entire New England area) display just how flexible modular floor plans can be. This home style lends itself to having a wide array of options for customization especially on its exterior. You can usually see a Cape home being accented with dormers on its steeply pitched roof but there are yet a lot of things you can add to it to make it look great on the outside and stand out from the rest. You can even have a stunning front porch like what you can see in The Greenwich style of Cape Cod. You also have the option to add a chimney linked to every room thereby adding more charm and convenience to your home.

In case you want more than just a symmetrical appearance and simplistic ornamentation, you always have the freedom to add more features to the standard specification of Cape Style modular homes. You can also check our design gallery to have more ideas of what else you can add if you choose to build and live in a modular home.

To find out more about the modular home style floor plans you can choose from, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Custom Modular Vacation Home Construction Services

15 May 2021

Avalon Building Systems - Vacation-Style Modular Home

Vacation-style modular home construction is now the vacation home buyer’s technology of choice. Why? Well, for countless reasons. So today let’s discuss just two.

First, they are more sturdy than stick-built construction. When vacation homes are most likely to be built in challenging weather regions, it only makes sense to build a home that is bolted together versus nailed together.

Second, they are built and delivered much faster than traditional stick-built homes. This means that your home can be enjoyed much faster. In the event that you are building your vacation home as an investment property, this means it will start producing revenue for you much sooner than our competition. Modular homes can be constructed in as little as four to eight weeks once the design process is completed. A strong reason to choose modular construction for your vacation home.

There are so many other reasons that make modular construction the logical choice for your vacation home buildout. Let us discuss them with you personally. Contact Avalon Building Systems.

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How to Choose the Right Modular Home Builder

30 April 2021

How to Choose the Right Modular Home Builder - Sherborn, MA

Modular home construction is gaining in popularity for a host of reasons. The number one reason is simple. Modular home construction is a value-based buying decision. The number one question arising from smart home buying consumers who have figured this out is, “Where do we begin”? The answer to that question begins with the builder in your area that is proven, can demonstrate their products, has references, and has won awards. Avalon Building Systems can deliver on all of that.

Whether you have decided upon new modular home construction or are investigating options, you owe it to yourself to sit down with a modular home professional and get educated on the overall home buying process. Whether you ultimately choose us as your builder, as your neighbors we feel an obligation to invest in our community and educate any and all of you regarding the lengthy list of considerations that each of you need to make. Of course, we’re confident that custom modular home construction will emerge as the runaway winner when the list of considerations unquestionably favors custom modular home technology over the traditional stick-built home construction option.

At Avalon Building Systems, we invest in you first! We feel we owe this to all of you, our friends and neighbors. Not all real estate agents and home builders will be honest with you. We stake our reputation on full disclosure and our ability to factually defend our entire consultation to you. Start with a quick tour through the long list of custom modular home floor plans and then Contact Us. It will be our privilege to serve you!

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Build Your Dream Home - Stress Free

15 April 2021

Build Your Dream Home - Stress Free - Lexington, MA

If you have ever custom built a new home, chances are it was one of the most stressful experiences of your life. Chances are, also, that it was not a custom modular home that you built. Let us state something severe very simple facts regarding custom modular home construction versus traditional stick-built home construction: Modular homes are more precisely built, stronger, efficient, and more economical than their stick-built counterparts.

Rather than enter a most stressful period of your life by building a home, may we suggest that you can enter one of the more fun and rewarding periods of your life when trusting Avalon’s most celebrated custom modular home building team! We’ll guide you through the entire process starting with helping you translate what is in your mind into a customizable floor plan. Yes, we have countless floor plans to review and choose from, but we want everyone to know that they are merely starting points. We take great pride and professional reward in translating your dreams into actionable buildable works. We’ll help you create the home you want, with the floor plan you dream about, and achievable on a budget that you never thought possible. The only surprise you will get when you build a modular home with Avalon Building Systems is how fast, simple, affordable, and enjoyable the entire process turned out to be.

We’ve built lasting relationships earned via every measure of customer satisfaction. Contact us today.

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