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Modular Homes: Enhanced Value-Based Living and Comfort

24 January 2024

Avalon Building Systems

With a vast array of design and floorplans, our custom modular homes are designed for style, quality, ease of living, speed of delivery, and maximum home buying value for your home-building dollar!

The modular home building process produces the highest quality of home on the market today. Custom modular homes are becoming the standard for dream home production. Modular home construction offers the home builder to dream and customize their next home at will. Modular homes are fast, energy efficient, sustainable, and affordable. But the best part of buying a modular home is making it your own. It is tailored to the customer’s needs and exceeds industry standards.

With modular homes, the focus is on affordability, sustainability, and quality design. Bridging modern and functionality is the smartest way to build and plan your new modular home. It is bringing modular homes to another level. Comfort meets luxury!

To learn more about the tremendous value and enjoyment of modular home living, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Season's Greetings from Avalon Building Systems

19 December 2023

Season's Greetings

As the holiday season unfolds, we find ourselves reflecting on the joy and warmth that comes with this special time of year. At Avalon Building Systems, we want to take a moment to extend our heartfelt gratitude to every one of you who has been a part of our journey.

From the entire Avalon Building Systems team, we send our warmest holiday greetings to you and your loved ones. Your support has been the cornerstone of our success, and for that, we are truly thankful.

May this festive season bring you moments of joy, laughter, and togetherness with those who matter most. Whether you're gathered around the dinner table, sharing stories by the fireplace, or simply taking a quiet moment of reflection, we hope your holidays are filled with warmth and comfort.

As we approach the dawn of a new year, we look forward to continuing this journey together. Your trust and patronage inspire us to reach new heights, and we are excited about the possibilities that the coming year holds.

Until we connect again, whether in person, over the phone, or through the written word, we wish you peace, prosperity, and all the happiness this holiday season has to offer. Thank you for being a cherished part of the Avalon Building Systems community. May your holidays be merry and bright, and may the new year usher in a wealth of opportunities and success.

Wishing you a joyful holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

Warmest regards,

Avalon Building Systems

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Modular Homes: Live Bigger with Value-Based Home Construction

15 December 2023

Avalon Building Systems - Modular Home

Modular home construction is often described as a dream come true. It is a supremely high-quality and affordable home-building option. The more you learn about modular home construction, the more excited you will become about your future home.

The modular home manufacturing process produces high quality homes, quicker, and more affordable than the traditional stick-build home options. In many ways, custom modular homes are becoming the future of dream home production. Do not let space be an issue. There are genius designs that are just what you need to save space in your home and make it look more spacious. All of this with 10 years of warranty and amazing color and finish options. These factory-built homes are fully finished and fulfilled a long-held dream for the owners. It is living a simple life with very little to clean and very little to worry about. Remote, sustainable, durable and full design capabilities are the benefits of building and customizing your modular home. Days are just better when you wake up in the beautiful and cozy home which you call your own. It is beautiful from every angle.

Opening doors to a better life is what modular homes bring to. It will take style and relaxation to a new level. Modular home construction is built with a lot of love. With energy saving installations and cozy floor plans, you will be a fan of life. Nothing beats the feeling of heading back home for the holidays!

For more tips on Modular Homes, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Happy Thanksgiving From Avalon Building Systems

20 November 2023

Avalon Building Systems - Happy Thanksgiving From Avalon Building Systems

Greetings all from the blog team here at Avalon Building Systems. Thanksgiving, 2023 is just around the corner. We thought it would be appreciated to craft a Thanksgiving-focused blog a bit earlier than usual to give all our readers time to reflect and hopefully act upon the important things before we become too “holiday busy” to do so.

The Thanksgiving holiday conjures an assortment of emotions within all of us. For some, this is a time to reflect upon blessings, current and past. Thanksgiving is an invitation to pause and give thanks for the simple things we might take for granted. Things like the love of family, food on the table, and even for life itself.

Here at Avalon Building Systems, we never take you, our clients, service providers, employees, family, and friends for granted. Today’s blog post is dedicated to you with hope and trust that this note finds you happy, healthy, thankful, and surrounded by those you hold dear.

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Things to Consider When Building Your Dream Modular Home

15 November 2023

Avalon Building Systems - Modular Construction

Constructing your dream home is both exciting and stressful. We understand this. Since you are embarking on an exciting, challenging, and ultimately life-long rewarding journey, there exists an abundance of considerations that we consider our professional obligation to both identify and guide you through the modular home selection and building process. The most important thing to remember is that at the end of the day, you are going to fully realize your vision for your future home.

It all starts with you understanding the various types of homes available to you and to dial into which type is perfect for you and your family. Choosing the perfect type of modular construction is the most important decision that you will make in the home building process. As an award-winning modular home builder, we are proven able to serve as your guiding light throughout the process. We’ll empower you to realize the quality of life that maybe now only SEEMS like a dream!

For more tips on Modular Homes, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Homes and Neighborhoods: A Growing Trend

30 October 2023

Avalon Building Systems - Modular Home

In recent years, the housing landscape has witnessed a significant shift towards sustainable and efficient living solutions. Among these changes, the rise of modular homes and modular neighborhoods is gaining traction as a forward-thinking trend in the housing industry. In this Avalon Building Systems blog post, let's explore why modular homes and neighborhoods are becoming increasingly popular and how they are shaping the way we live.

1. Sustainable Living

Modular homes are often hailed as eco-friendly housing solutions. These homes are constructed in controlled factory environments, which minimizes waste and reduces the environmental impact compared to traditional site-built homes. Additionally, many modular homes are designed with energy-efficient features, such as better insulation and HVAC systems, which can lead to lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

2. Speed and Efficiency

One of the most compelling advantages of modular homes is the speed of construction. Because the components are manufactured in a factory, weather-related delays are minimized, and construction can proceed smoothly and efficiently. This results in shorter build times, allowing homeowners to move in quicker compared to traditional construction methods.

3. Customization Options

Contrary to the misconception that modular homes lack diversity, they offer a wide range of customization options. Homebuyers can choose from various floor plans, finishes, and design elements to create a home that suits their unique tastes and needs. This flexibility allows for a high degree of personalization while still benefiting from the efficiency of modular construction.

4. Cost-Effective Solutions

Modular homes are often more cost-effective than traditional homes. The controlled factory environment reduces the likelihood of cost overruns due to unforeseen site conditions. Additionally, the shorter construction timeline means less money spent on labor and fewer carrying costs for homeowners, such as rent or mortgage payments on their old homes.

5. Community Living

Modular homes are not limited to standalone properties; they are also making an impact on neighborhood development. Modular home communities are on the rise, offering a sense of community and shared amenities. These neighborhoods can feature homes of various sizes and styles, catering to a diverse range of homeowners.

6. Quality Assurance

Modular homes undergo rigorous quality control inspections at every stage of production. This means that they are often built to higher standards than traditional homes, resulting in fewer structural issues and maintenance costs in the long run.

7. Future-proofing

As technology continues to advance, modular home construction is poised to adapt and integrate new innovations. Smart home technology, energy-efficient systems, and sustainable building materials will likely become even more prevalent in modular homes, making them a future-proof housing choice.

In conclusion, modular homes and neighborhoods are a growing trend in the housing industry for several compelling reasons. They offer sustainable, efficient, customizable, and cost-effective housing solutions while fostering a sense of community and embracing technological advancements. As more people recognize these benefits, modular homes are likely to continue their ascent in the housing market, shaping the way we live in the future.

If you would like to build a home in Boston through modular construction, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Homes: A Smart Move and Smart Looking

15 October 2023

The latest trend in home technology that focuses on affordability, sustainability and quality design are bringing modular homes to another level. It goes well with your off grid living dream. With modular homes – it is a smart move and smart looking!

Modular homes are simple, elegant, and cleverly compact homes. It delivers prefabricated dwellings that work as rural retreats, backyard rooms, holiday rentals, a home office or suburban studio. There are many additions and personalization options with modular homes. Avalon Building Systems design beautiful modular homes that are prefabricated to build hassle-free and affordable homes. These homes are architecturally designed, carefully engineered homes that are brought to life with only the highest quality materials. We are proud of creating homes that respect and reflect both the land they are part of and the human beings who wish to call this land home. Further, focusing on the use of carbon-neutral materials, we ensure the designs center on healthy families now, and leave a positive legacy for generations to come.

Modular homes are award winning designs that redefine the way they are built. It ensures the building of architectural, innovative, and sustainable modular homes. We will help you turn your dreams into reality. We will show you that modular homes will make beautiful houses!

If you are interested in building a home through a modular building system, contact Avalon Building Systems. We will help you turn your dreams into reality. We will show you that modular homes will make beautiful houses!

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What To Expect When Building a New Modular Home

30 September 2023

Avalon Building Systems - Modular Construction

Building a new modular home is a process that offers several advantages, such as faster construction timelines, cost savings, and customization options. Avalon Building Systems would like to know what to expect when building a new modular home:

Design and Planning:

  • Site Selection: Choose a suitable piece of land for your modular home. Consider factors like location, accessibility, utilities, zoning regulations, and any environmental considerations.
  • Design Selection: Work with an architect or modular home manufacturer to design your home. Modular homes can be highly customizable, so you'll have options to choose layouts, materials, finishes, and other design elements.
  • Budgeting: Establish a budget for your project, including the cost of the modular home itself, site preparation, foundation, utilities, permits, and any additional features or upgrades.

Selecting a Modular Home Manufacturer:

Site Preparation:

  • Clear the chosen site, including any trees, debris, or existing structures.
  • Prepare the foundation, which can be a full basement, crawl space, or slab foundation, depending on your preferences and local building codes.

Ordering the Modular Home:

  • Once your design is finalized, the modular home manufacturer will begin construction of the individual modules in their factory. The modules are typically constructed with the same quality materials and standards as traditional stick-built homes.
  • Factory construction often occurs simultaneously with site preparation, reducing the overall construction timeline.

Transportation and Installation:

  • Once the modules are completed, they are transported to your site. This may involve multiple trips if the home is particularly large.
  • On-site, a crane or specialized equipment will lift and place the modules onto the foundation. The modules are then sealed and secured together, and any necessary finishing work is completed.

Utilities and Finishing:

  • Connect utilities such as water, electricity, plumbing, and HVAC systems to the modular home. This may require coordination with local service providers.
  • Interior and exterior finishing work is completed, including roofing, siding, painting, flooring, cabinetry, and fixtures.

Inspections and Approvals:

  • Modular homes, like traditional homes, must undergo inspections to ensure they meet local building codes and safety standards.


  • Once all inspections and approvals are obtained, you can move into your new modular home.

Warranty and Maintenance:

  • Modular homes typically come with warranties on various components. Familiarize yourself with the warranty terms and perform regular maintenance to keep your home in good condition.

Building a modular home can be a quicker and more efficient process compared to traditional construction methods. However, it's essential to work with experienced professionals like Avalon Building Systems and follow local building codes and regulations throughout the process to ensure a successful and safe outcome.

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Why is Modular Home Construction Your Best Choice for Your Next Home

28 September 2023

Avalon Building Systems - Modular Home Construction

Off-site, stick-built home construction, often referred to as modular construction, offers several advantages over traditional on-site construction methods. However, whether it is "better" depends on various factors and specific project goals. In this blog, Avalon Building Systems would like to emphasize the reasons why off-site construction can be considered advantageous:

Speed of Construction: Off-site construction is typically faster because various components of the home are manufactured simultaneously while site preparation work is underway. Once delivered to the site, assembly is quicker than traditional on-site construction.

Quality Control: In a factory setting, builders can maintain strict quality control measures, resulting in consistent workmanship and fewer defects. The controlled environment minimizes exposure to adverse weather conditions and other on-site variables that can affect quality.

Cost Predictability: With off-site construction, costs are more predictable due to reduced labor, material waste, and construction delays. This predictability can be especially beneficial for budget-conscious homeowners and developers.

Energy Efficiency: Many off-site construction techniques incorporate energy-efficient features, such as better insulation and tighter sealing, leading to potentially lower utility bills and a more sustainable home. Environmental

Benefits: Off-site construction often produces less waste compared to on-site construction because materials can be efficiently reused and recycled in a factory setting. This can contribute to a smaller environmental footprint. Design

Flexibility: Prefabricated homes are not limited in terms of design. They can be customized to meet various architectural styles and personal preferences, allowing for a wide range of designs and finishes.

Reduced Disruption: On-site construction can disrupt the surrounding neighborhood and environment for an extended period. In contrast, off-site construction minimizes on-site disruption since most of the work is done in a controlled factory setting.

Weather Independence: Weather-related delays are a common issue in on-site construction. Off-site construction is less susceptible to weather-related interruptions since the majority of the work occurs indoors.

Consistency: Off-site construction allows for greater consistency in materials and construction techniques since they are performed in a controlled environment with standardized processes.

Enhanced Safety: Factory settings often have stricter safety protocols in place, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries compared to on-site construction.

If you are thinking of building your new home in Boston through modular construction, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Maintaining Your Modular Homes - Easier Than Traditional Home Maintenance

31 August 2023

Avalon Building Systems

Modular home construction is more precise and structurally sound than traditional stick-built home construction. This makes the routine care and maintenance of modular home construction easier in many ways. With that said, much of the advisable care practices for the traditional home translate directly to modular home construction as well. In today’s Avalon Building System's blog post, we will walk you through essential tips and insights for effectively maintaining and preserving your modular home.

Regular Inspections: The Foundation of Maintenance

Routine inspections are the cornerstone of maintaining your modular home. Check both the interior and exterior for any signs of wear, damage, or issues. This includes examining the roof, siding, windows, doors, plumbing, electrical systems, and foundation. Detecting problems early can prevent them from escalating into costly repairs.

Keep Up with Cleaning

Regular cleaning not only keeps your modular home looking great but also prevents dirt and debris from causing damage. Clean the exterior siding, windows, and gutters to prevent water accumulation and potential leaks. Inside, dust and clean surfaces, vents, and appliances to ensure optimal functionality.

Roof Care

Inspect the roof for loose or missing shingles and address any issues promptly. Properly functioning gutters and downspouts are vital to prevent water damage, so make sure they're clear of debris and properly attached.

Maintain HVAC Systems

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems need regular maintenance. Change air filters as recommended, clean vents, and schedule professional HVAC inspections to ensure efficient operation.

Plumbing Checks

Inspect for leaks, especially around sinks, faucets, toilets, and water heaters. Address leaks immediately to prevent water damage and mold growth. Periodically flush your water heater to remove sediment and ensure it's working effectively.

Electrical System Safety

Check outlets, switches, and wiring for signs of wear or damage. If you encounter any issues, consult a professional electrician. Safety should always be a priority when dealing with electrical systems.

Pest Prevention

Modular homes are not immune to pests. Regularly inspect for signs of infestations such as droppings, nests, or gnaw marks. Implement pest prevention measures and consider professional pest control if needed.

Exterior Upkeep

Keep landscaping in check to prevent overgrowth around your modular home. Trim trees and bushes away from the structure to avoid potential damage during storms.

Sealing and Insulation

Check the seals around windows, doors, and any openings to prevent drafts and energy loss. Proper insulation and sealing contribute to energy efficiency and comfort.

Professional Help

While some maintenance tasks can be tackled on your own, don't hesitate to enlist the help of professionals for more complex issues. Regular visits from professionals for inspections, pest control, and HVAC maintenance are essential for long-term home health.

By investing time and effort into proper maintenance and upkeep, you can prolong the life of your modular home and avoid costly repairs down the line. Regular inspections, cleaning, addressing repairs promptly, and seeking professional assistance when needed are all crucial steps in ensuring your modular home remains a comfortable and durable living space for years to come.

For more modular home tips, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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