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Modular Homes can be Custom Designed

11 November 2011

Are you considering building a new home? If so, you should consider building a modular home. Modular homes are constructed faster with a budget that does not fluctuate. Once we tell you what your custom built modular  home will cost, there is no deviating from that cost unless you decide you want to add something else on, or change the design.
But I can’t get a custom designed home if I build modular. Yes you can! All of our modular homes are custom designed. By custom designed we mean everything from the floor plan, windows, crown molding and flooring. Dependant on only your budget, a custom designed modular home can be built for you.

You can even tell us what you want to spend. Do you want to build a new home for $200,000, $300,000 or $400,000. We can start with the number you give us and go from there.

Here at Avalon Building Systems, our goal is introduce you to the many advantages of modular home construction. By building modular, you will save time and money while constructing the beautiful, economical, and energy efficient prefabricated home of your dreams.

Contact us for more information about building a new modular home in New England or New York.  

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This is the Perfect Time of Year to Build a Modular Home

4 November 2011

This is the perfect time to build a new modular home. Why? Because there is no backlog. The wait time is much less. Spring and summer are busy building seasons, but fall and winter are also a great time to consider building a new home. And with modular construction, you can be in your home before the real winter hits.

In every season it takes much less time to build a modular home than it does to build a stick-built home.  From start to finish, a modular home can take as few as three months. But right now, our time is your time.

Your new modular home is usually delivered within 4 to 6 weeks after details are finalized and your order is placed. Compare this to conventionally built projects, which may take a year or more to complete. The uncertain nature of scheduling most "stick-built" projects can cause coordination problems and financial nightmares for buyers.

When the home is delivered, it will arrive more than 90% complete with only a small amount of finish and connection work remaining to be done. Working with Avalon Building Systems, you can be certain that your home or building will be delivered as promised without any unforeseen delays or scheduling problems. We take pride in satisfying our customers.

Contact Avalon Building Systems to start the process of building your dream home.

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Winter Modular Home Construction

28 October 2011

Winter is certainly here in New England, but did you know you can build a new modular home any time of year? At Avalon Building Systems, we are used to building homes in the winter.

So if you want to take advantage of the low mortgage rates, and you have been thinking about building yourself a new home, you can!
If there is danger of a hard frost, specially formulated cement is used to pour the foundation of your new modular home during the winter. All of our custom built homes are constructed in a factory in a protected environment, where there is no weather to impair the process or the materials. Your modular home is constructed to the floor plan that you have designed and that we have built for you. The modules are then driven out to the site and assembled via crane.

You do not need to be concerned about the materials used for your new home being subjected to the elements. Take advantage of these low mortgage rates feel free to start your new home construction. Contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Looking for a New Home? Build a Prefabricated Home

21 October 2011

Prefabricated homes, often referred to as prefab homes, are houses that are manufactured off-site, in the form of modules that can be easily shipped and assembled.

Prefabricated homes or modular homes are competitively prices against stick built homes, but they are built in much less time and are of the same or higher quality. It is time to take advantage of the economy, instead of letting it take advantage of you.

Prefabricated homes or prefabricated home additions are a cost effective way for you to build the house you need. Mortgage rates and construction loan rates are very low, If you are looking for a new home or you want to add onto your existing home, now is the time.

Prefabricated homes can be designed and completed very quickly. Take advantage and be in your new custom  modular home by the new year. Contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Price of Manufactured Homes May Surprise You

13 October 2011

You want to build a new home, but the price is holding you back. Have you thought about cost? Cost is really the value proposition of your new home. Is the new home worth the price?

Well, what figures into price? The actual cost of course, the price of the building materials and labor. The time to build the home has to play into the cost for sure. Who want to pay for something they can’t live in for a year and will cause a lot of stress? What else figures into cost? The stress should figure in. Building a new home is stressful and time consuming and there are always hidden fees right? Wrong.

What about the price of a manufactured home or modular home? The price comes down quite a bit when you consider the entire value proposition.

The price of materials is less with modular home construction because there is no loss for weather, poor cutting, or materials stolen from the job site. The time it takes to build the home is dramatically less. A standard home takes about a year to build, a modular home take about 12 weeks! Thus reducing labor costs and the stress of the actual build time.

Building a modular home is dramatically less stressful because the costs remain constant and the time frame to build it is so much shorter. There are no hidden fees, no material cost increases.

Also the value of the home over time should figure into price of a manufactured home. Modular homes appreciate at the same rate or faster than a traditionally built home. Your resale value will be that of, or better than a traditionally built home.

Contact Avalon Building Systems for more information on building a modular home for less in less time.

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Selecting a Modular Home Builder

6 October 2011

There are three stages or tasks to building a modular home: the site work, the button-up work, and building on site structures like a deck.
The Builder needs to be in charge of hiring, coordinating and overseeing all of the site workers to do these tasks. A modular home builder should meet the following criteria:

Experienced and licensed – can anticipate problems and handle tasks. An experience builder understands the building codes of the community.

Prior modular home experience-- knowing the procedures and the tasks to secure the modules is a must. There are aspects of the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work that are specific to modular construction, and there are many interior and exterior carpentry tasks that involve modular-specific skills. Also, coordinating the excavation of the site for modular home delivery is different than the excavation of a site for a stick built home.
Is also the dealer who sold the modular home - Since the dealer usually cares more about the quality of a finished home than anyone except the homeowner, a modular home dealer who is also the builder is motivated to do a first-rate job on every aspect of the home.

Contact Avalon Building Systems for more information on how a dealer-builder works best.

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Modular Office Buildings Make Running a Business Easier

30 September 2011

Modular homes are becoming very popular, but so are modular office buildings and commercial spaces. In fact, modular condominiums and town homes are also very popular. The reason for the popularity comes down to a few things really. Time, ability to customize, efficiency, and cost.
If you are looking for a commercial space, you know it can be challenging. Too big, too small, too rundown or too old. You are in business and you want what you want.

Avalon Building Systems can construct a modular office building to meet your needs in an effective and timely fashion. Modular construction  can be customized to meet your business needs. Even more importantly, it can be built far more quickly than traditional construction, also meeting your business needs.

Renting and leasing leave you victim to the whims and needs of your landlord. Buying older buildings leaves you responsible for the repairs and maintenance on older construction.

If you are interested in building a modular office building, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Homes Offer Many Customizations

23 September 2011

Modular home construction offers you more customization when building a new home than even 10 years ago. There are hundreds of options available now both in the modular home floor plans and in the design.

The number and variety of options that are available to you may come as a surprise. However, it is important to review what you want in relation to your budget. Depending on your new home construction budget, determine which options present the highest value or ROI on your modular home.

A good idea is to list what you want in regards to home amenities and then rank them in terms of your family's priorities. A great place to start is to think about what you need for rooms, do you need an office? Think about design enhancements, do you want under cabinet lighting in the kitchen?

Think about the features of your existing home and what you like and dislike. Does your home now have a deck and would you like one on your new home, how about an attached garage or working fireplace? When finalizing your priorities and your budget, think about which items add the most value and which can be delayed to a later date.

For more information regarding a custom modular home for your family, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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The New Way to Build a Home - Modular Homes

15 September 2011

The real estate market has gone through a sea change over the years. Energy efficient, low construction time and high return of investment characterize modular homes. Because of this, modular homes have generated a huge following.

When deciding to build a new home, the first thing that comes to mind for the home owner is the time. Construction of a home usually lasts a year, though it can take longer. Common issues like unavailability of building material or problems with construction crews can delay the process.
However, construction time is hugely decreased with modular homes. This allows home owners to move into their new and well-built homes more quickly. Modular homes are almost identical to the conventional stick-built homes and they allow for customizing the design. There are many floor plans and options available, thus providing ample choice to the owner.

Modular homes are built according to HUD standards and there are stringent quality control policies at the factory where the modules are made. In-house and third party quality analysts ensure that the building process complies with all state and federal laws. Modular homes are  subjected to constant inspection and supervision.

Since the construction is done entirely inside a climate-controlled factory, the process is not affected by weather conditions. Constructing homes in modules also lets the builder save money on raw material.

Considerable money and time is saved in building a modular home. Because weather is not a factor, construction can be undertaken during any time of the year. Contact Avalon Building Systems for a magnificently built modular home.

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Modular Homes are Faster to Build and Energy Efficient

8 September 2011

When building or buying a new home, energy efficiency must be on your mind. Your home’s energy efficiency, or lack thereof, can add quite a bit of expense to your yearly home maintenance costs.

Modular homes from Avalon Building Systems are made with energy efficient SIP panels, or Structural Insulated Panels. These SIP’s are prefabricated insulated structural elements for use in building walls, ceilings, floors, and roofs. They provide superior insulation compared to traditionally built homes, offering energy savings of 12%–14%. SIPs provide a more airtight dwelling, which makes a house more comfortable and quiet.

When building a homeowner will try to seek out ways to speed up the building process while lowering labor costs and energy bills. Structural insulated panels are the answer to this search. Modular homes are faster to build, and when built with SIP’s, the homes are energy star rated and LEED certified.

Contact Avalon Building Systems for more information on a custom built, energy efficient new home.

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