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Modular Home Door Panel Options

25 May 2020

Modular Home Door Panel Options in Cape Cod, MA

Beautifully-crafted exterior and interior doors make a huge impact on the appeal and function of your new custom modular home construction here in Cape Cod. Rest assured that we will ensure that your main door entrance will make a statement to be proud of. We celebrate the ability to consult you regarding material, color, shape, form, and function regarding one of the most statement-making aspects of home design.

In our modular home construction building process, we pay close attention to door selection and installation. Armed with a full consultation on entry door considerations, our clients enjoy maximum flexibility in arriving the very best value for their home-buying dollar.

Once again, it’s the little things that separate the average home builder from the likes of the award-winning team here at Avalon Building Systems. Contact Avalon Building Systems to learn more.

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Modular Home Construction’s Hidden Structural Superiorities

10 May 2020

Our customers here at Avalon Building Systems all know and celebrate the full-service nature of our home building services. We will ensure that our customers never go it alone on any single aspect of the custom modular home buying experience. Take flooring for example. Some of our customers know exactly what flooring they want. But in statistically significant percentages, what they THINK they want is not what they ultimately end up choosing. The reason for this is that their personal choice often times does not reflect a VALUE choice. With our consulting, countless new custom modular home buyers ended up with higher quality, better looking, and more durable flooring than they otherwise would have acquired.

So on the subject of flooring, here are what we consider the value-producing home flooring options that deserve your consideration.

Armstrong American Scrape

Armstrong American Scrape

Armstrong Prime Harvest

Armstrong Prime Harvest



Coretec Pro

Coretec Pro

Coretec Pro Plus

Coretec Pro Plus

Shaw Carpet

Shaw Carpet



There are countless reasons as to why you should choose a custom modular home for your next living experience. Our celebrated and award-winning ability and eagerness to consult you along every step of the journey is why you should choose Avalon Building Systems as your trusted builder. Contact Us today!

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Weather-Resistant Barrier Use Within Modular Home Construction

28 April 2020

OK, so not everything about home building is highly entertaining. Take for instance weather-resistant barriers within the home construction process. Not a very sexy topic on the surface, but barrier protection is a very, very important element of the home construction process and some (if not most) builders fail to give barrier protection its proper due. We’re here to tell you that the protective measures that we use here at Avalon Building Systems is the highest quality barrier material on the market today. Again, not all builders use the quality of barrier products necessary to guarantee a moisture infiltration protection system that retards mold and mildew build up within walls and attics. Our barrier wrap also helps prevent exterior wall moisture damage.

Weather-Resistant Barrier Use Within Modular Home Construction in Boston, MA

Our modular home construction process here in Boston, MA applies a superior weather protection system that ensures air and water will not penetrate walls by using a installation system that does not compromising ventilation. The barrier wrap enables the moisture to leave (but not enter) wall cavities. Premium-grade house wrap in environmentally caustic coastal areas is essential to ensure the home successfully combats salt, sun, wind, and heat.

It’s the accumulation of many things that distances the quality of one home builder from another. We welcome the opportunity to educate you fully on the things that we continue to do to offer award-winning home building services. Contact Avalon Building Systems in Boston, MA to learn more about our modular home building system.

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Custom Modular Home Bedroom Design Options

10 April 2020

Custom Modular Home Bedroom Design Options in Boston, MA

Designing the bedroom within your new custom modular home should be a fun and uplifting experience. We take great pride in helping you see a multitude of options and to ultimately arrive a design that promotes comfort and relaxation. We are thrilled to consult our clients and help them see through the infinite decisions regarding spacing, form, color, texture, and lighting. Let’s look deeper into these things.


Comfort should be the primary consideration when laying out your bedroom interior. It does not only mean shopping the largest bed but also making sure that it won't take up all the space. Comfort also means you can move around and navigate freely inside the room. Moreover, closets can be opened without tripping over the furniture.

Fabrics and Textures

Choose fabric materials that can add character to your bedroom. When purchasing carpets, choose the one that complements the entire look of the room and makes the ambiance more welcoming. Make sure it feels good in the feet so opt for soft and fluffy carpets. When decorating the walls, consider adding varieties of patterns and textures. You may use papers with unique designs and a burlap texture. Silks, wood panels and polished concretes or plasters can make your room look extraordinary.

Furthermore, it's important to think about color since it's the key to make the bedroom relaxing. It should blend well with the hue of your bedroom walls and the elements that are in it. Also, choose a tone that works well both in the morning and at night.


Use bright lights inside closets so it will be easier to find your stuff. But dim lights are recommended when you need to sleep or relax. So, consider having a light regulator to easily regulate your lighting inside the bedroom.


The kind of paintings and furniture you choose reflects your personality. Also, how you place and arrange them in order shows your style.

Avalon Building Systems are there not only to construct your new modular home but to be there for you throughout the journey. That begins with concept design consultation to turning over the keys to your new home. That first night’s sleep in your new dream master bedroom is going to be a memorable one.

Contact Avalon Building Systems to get the dream started.

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Modular Home Closet Design Consultation – It’s the Little Things

27 March 2020

Modular Home Closet Design Consultation – It’s the Little Things in Boston, MA

Is closet design and layout important? Ask anyone who did not give this subject its due consideration and you’ll discover that closet design is VERY important to the overall quality of your home comfort. So, as it pertains to the subject of closet design for those of you considering new modular home construction here in Boston, below are just some of the things for you to consider:

1. The Shape of The Walk-in Closet

Typically, walk-in closets come in three shapes: the “L”, “U” and the straight walk-in closet. All these shapes are suitable to store clothes, dresses, bags and shoes. However, the "L" shaped closet requires two walls to maximize storage utilization while "U" requires three walls. Finally, the straight closet design or the "I" can be tailored to the desired wardrobe size. It can also be customized to separate male from female stuff on the walls of each side perfect for couples.

2. Include an Additional Storage Adequate To The Amount of Belongings

Prior to making a space for walk-around, built-in or reach-in dresser, consider first the number and types of stuff that you need to store inside. Then, you can now decide the design and layout for the hanging space, drawers, shelving and cabinets. The goal is to prevent excess stuff. It will defeat the purpose of making your closet organized if there are still more stuff that don't get a spot.

3. Select the Desired Wardrobe Style

There are countless closet styles out there. Choose the one that matches your taste and style and that which accommodates your stuff. If you want a simple style, go for contemporary styling. It will display your array of fashionable items neatly and beautifully.

4. Include Lovely Mirrors

Having number of different styles of mirrors in your walk-around wardrobe can in fact save you time.

5. Consider an Island in the Center

If you have a roomy space, an island can be a marvelous addition as they provide extra storage compartments and help when planning an outfit. When planning a closet peninsula, make sure you have 36 inch around the island on all sides. This will provide you enough space to move around.

6. Place a Dressing Chairs, Bench or Stools

Chairs or a bench will provide you a site to rest or try on your shoes. Stools are also excellent when you need to get some items on top of the rack.

7. Chandelier or Downlights

Ornamental (yet functional) lighting will enhance the look and overall enjoyment of your walk-in closet.

What we want you to take away from this blog post is not only the fact that your future modular home is fully customizable all the way down to individual closet space, but that the award winning professionals here at Boston’s Avalon Building Systems are here to consult and guide you through the customizable details of your next home.

To get started in putting your dream home in Boston on the path to reality, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Budget-Friendly Modular Home Walk-in Closet

13 March 2020

It’s not only the big things that make a difference in a quality-built Stoughton’s Avalon Building Systems. In previous blog posts we’ve depicted the amazing kitchens, bathrooms, porches, bedrooms, ceilings, and the like to demonstrate our ability to customize each and every element of your custom crafted modular home. We’re here to remind you today that not a single element of your new modular home’s construction goes without detailed planning and execution. Take closets for example.

Budget-Friendly Modular Home Walk-in Closet in Stoughton, MA

This is an example of a small walk-in closet system which is commonly delivered within our modular home designs. It features ventilated closet shelving. It employs premium quality wooden materials and comes in various finishes. You may utilize the shelf as clothes rack or use to arrange your bags and hats. The bottom part can be a perfect spot for the array of footwear. This is a simple yet functionally efficient walk-in closet.

So, why blog about closets? Again, it’s the attention to detail and the consultation that a true professional and dedicated builder like Stoughton’s Avalon Building Systems that makes a difference. How to efficiently use space like we show you here is just one of the things that drives our professional reward.

Let us help you build your fully customized dream home. Contact Avalon Building Systems to get things started.

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Coffered Ceiling Adds Dimensional Effect to Your New Modular Home

27 February 2020

Coffered Ceiling Adds Dimensional Effect to Your New Modular Home in Hingham, MA

How about a custom coffered ceiling for your planned custom modular home? Coffered ceilings are all the rage and for good reason. Coffered ceilings deliver a dramatic effect. And we can deliver them for you.

A coffered ceiling is made of recessed panels fastened to a hanging mesh to produce a ceiling with depth and architectural appeal. They come in two styles, deep or shallow. They are available in white or black finishes.

Deep coffers provide extra dimension to a living space while shallow coffers create a lighter touch.

Avalon Building Systems empowers homeowners to create custom looks for their ceilings, kitchens, bathrooms, and doors. In fact, every single element of your next modular home can be customized.

Ceilings are but one of countless avenues for customizing your new modular home. We take great pride and professional reward in consulting you on what “can be” for your next home. You take that and ultimately decide what will become a truly one-of-a-kind custom home buildout.

For more information regarding custom modular home design ideas, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Cape Code Luxury Custom Modular Home Living

10 February 2020

You don’t have to daydream about the beach this time of year. Live there! This blog post hopefully will dispel some of those winter blues by visually taking you back to the beach…if only for a moment.

You should know that vacation-style modular home construction in and around Cape Cod Beach is increasingly popular for a host of reasons. Yes, value and speed of construction are always at the top of the list when comparing modular home construction to traditional stick built construction. But down here at the beach where mother nature can pack a wallop, it’s the overwhelming strength of modular home construction as compared to stick built homes that raises eyebrows. We’d love to talk to you in person and provide you all the details, but for this short read, just know that the core structure of the stick-built home is nailed together. Modular homes are bolted together. A stark difference.

We purposely left the shades closed because we didn’t want to be too big of a tease showing off the ocean living scene that we can deliver for you today! We celebrate sharing with you all the modern trends in vacation home construction to include non-traditional lighting, sliding barn doors, the latest in flooring trends, and of course, how to arrive the kitchen of your dreams. Call us. Let’s get started!

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Modular Home Bathrooms: A Spa-Like Effect In the Comfort Of Your Home

21 January 2020

Wouldn’t you love to enjoy your home’s bathroom like those in luxurious resorts? Well you can. See the picture below. It is our genuine pleasure to deliver spa-like bathrooms within our Avalon Building System’s modular home solutions.

This picture here is just one example of the modular bathrooms we’re ready to build for you. It features huge energy-efficient windows that allows you to have a wide outdoor view. This adds up to the relaxing ambiance of this master bath. It features a marble-tiled floor in beige, leading to a freestanding designer bathtub paired with a floor-mount vintage tub filler placed. It is also accented with a vintage mirror with a black frame and a gorgeous crystal bathroom chandelier.

Avalon Building Systems

Let us help you turn your dream bathroom into reality. If you want your bathroom to resemble that of five-star resorts, we can take you there. Contact Avalon Building System. Let’s get started!

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Modular Additions and In Law Apartments

9 January 2020

Avalon Building System Modular Multi-Family Homes

As the population ages, children in their 40’s are looking at helping their parents sell homes and downsize. But where will your healthy parents, who only need less space, live? Modular additions and modular in-law apartments are the perfect solution.

Adding an addition to your home used to be a long and stressful process. Modular additions are an easier, less time consuming solution and they can be added on to your home regardless of if your original home was built with modular construction or not. Modular construction can give you that addition or modular in-law apartment in less time and often for less money. With the right plan, any home, stick built or modular can be expanded with a modular addition. Modular construction is designed with architects, so your dream in-law apartment can be customized to your parent’s needs while still keeping your home visually attractive and appealing. Modular construction will always meet all state, local and federal building codes as well as numerous quality control standards while under construction in the factory.

If your parents need to downsize, by the time your parents’ home gets put on the market and sold, you will have a completed modular addition. For less money and time and a far less stressful construction process, contact Avalon Building Systems for your modular addition or in-law apartment.

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