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Modular Building System for Uninterrupted Building Progress

22 February 2018

Avalon Building System, Boston, MA -

In the past, home builders would delay construction plans to a date when the weather conditions were accommodating. But as we expect faster and more immediate results, and as we require speedy expansion of commercial buildings, businesses cannot afford any delay in construction. Thanks to themodular building system, commercial buildings can be constructed anytime, regardless of harsh weather conditions.

Modular construction in Boston, MAoffers outstanding performance and contributes to the fast-paced movement of the commercial industry. The factory-setting for construction means that there are no weather delays to impede the building progress and this ensures timely-delivery of the modules to the actual job site. Since every component of the commercial building are manufactured in modules, they doesn't take much time to assemble at the permanent site. This building technique guarantees that completion time is on schedule and that he building can be utilized in less time. This means quick turnaround of investment for business owners and entrepreneurs.

The fully-functional design ofcommercial-style modular construction can be suitable for any type of business project. From small retail stores to tertiary hospitals, the computer-aided design offers limitless possibilities. Contact Avalon Building System for your next commercial building project.

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Modular Construction for School Dormitories

13 February 2018

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Cohasset, MA

Overcrowding in residence halls can be a major concern for many boarding schools, college and university administrators. Yearly increases in students who wish to reside in the dormitories can result in scrambling for accommodations. Often, schools need a plan for immediate expansion of residence halls. The faster building timeline of modular construction as well as some of the other practical feature this system offers can often be the perfect solution for this.

Modular school dormitories can be built with commercial-style modular building and this option is gaining popularity for colleges, universities, and boarding schools because of the countless advantages over the time-consuming conventional construction process. Like any other businesses, school administrators also must consider budget and construction duration when planning additional buildings for expanding accommodations. Modular building systems address the urgent need for lower cost dorm extensions with the same or higher caliber finished product as traditional construction.

Moreover, students benefit from the less invasive procedure of modular construction. Since the modules are built in the manufacturing plant and then assembled on-site, there is less intrusion and less noise on the permanent job site. This means less disturbance to students and faculty.

Modular floor plans for school dormitories are fully-functional with limitless possibilities in design and meet the special requirements for conducive living and learning. To find out more about modular dorms, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Construction For Fast Track Expansion of Healthcare Facilities

6 February 2018

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Norwell, MA

A growing community calls for more healthcare facilities that can cater the growing population. For this reason, expansion of hospitals and medical/dental clinics and urgent care is fast-paced and requires a building process that can be accomplished in a shorter time-frame without compromising the quality of work. This explains why more and more healthcare administrators are turning to modular construction. Faster building completion time means immediate project utilization.

Modular Floor Plans offer a wide-array of designs that can be customized for hospitals and other health facilities such as urgent care, clinics, and nursing homes which plan to upgrade to a more advanced setup or larger space. Expansions can be done in no-time making room for modern medical equipment and additional hospital beds for accommodating more patients. Additionally, the additional space is manufactured in quality controlled warehouses and not at the actual site, which means construction noise is minimized and the existing facility is not compromised. Thus, patients are not disturbed and there is minimal disruption of medical staff and procedures.

Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Norwell, MA are highly flexible for most kinds of spending plan. Small healthcare facilities can start with smaller clinics. Later, they can expand with repetitive modules that enable quick addition of new spaces to the main building. For more information about the advantages of modular construction in a healthcare setting, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Building System for Faster Construction Work for Both Residential and Commercial Buildings

30 January 2018

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Hingham, MA

Wether for commercial or residential buildings, modular construction is now rapidly becoming the method of choice across Massachusetts. With this advanced building system, modular construction offers boundless advantages to homeowners and entrepreneurs. Aside from speedier completion times, there are other reasons why more and more people opt for prefab buildings over conventional construction:

Off-Site Work. Construction of modules for your building takes place elsewhere from the actual location of your business. This prevents temporary cessation or delays to your current business activities so you can continue to operate smoothly while the construction is ongoing. When modules are completed, flat-packed panels are delivered and assembled to the site.

Durable, Quality and Eco-friendly. Sturdy, premium quality and environment friendly materials are use in modular buildings to ensure durability, sustainability and less waste. Energy-efficiency and safety is guaranteed with its improved insulation and fire-proof walls.

Customized but Cost-Effective. Residential or Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Hingham, MA are aesthetically custom-made to suit your specific needs even on a tight budget. Flexible payment options are also offered with modular floor plans and layout services often included in the package.

Indeed, modular building technology presents faster and less costly building process. Looking for modular construction builder, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Commercial-Style Modular Building Construction Offers a Competitive Edge and Better Predictability

23 January 2018

Avalon Commercial style modular buildings in Cohasset, MA

Time related advantages are salient trademarks of modular construction. More and more businesses are becoming convinced that investments in modular buildings means more profit because the efficient building methods translate to a reduction in labor, logistics, and energy costs. There is also another advantage that is often less considered: Predictability.

When competitors are down the street, retailers need to get ahead. Efficiency of construction of commercial style modular buildings in Cohasset, MA enables retailers a definite completion date, which means more accurate forecasting and strategizing. Good planning means less errors and reworking which results in a smoother schedule. A realistic schedule can provide leeway for manpower pooling and supplier selection. Since manpower, raw materials, and equipment are critical points in business, careful preparation of these points define a stronger business position.

Standardized modules are the key to the quick construction process. Repetition of modules not only saves money but also maintains quality and continuity in construction. For multiple site ventures, repetition of modular floor plans give more businesses a greater advantage. Contact Avalon Building Systems for more details on commercial style modular buildings.

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Commercial Modular Construction Means No More Time-Constrained Commercial Projects

16 January 2018

Avalon Building System - Commercial style modular buildings in Hingham, MA

Time requirements can sometimes be very demanding in the fast-paced world of commercial business. From stores and shops that need to operate for the holiday sales, to normal rotation of seasonal industries, to catching up with a competitor nearby, retailers need to fast track construction even when time constraints are inevitable. Construction schedules in some cases are very precise; there is no leeway for delays, errors and reworking. Beating the clock for the much-anticipated opening or launching of a commercial style modular buildings in Hingham, MA is no ordinary task.

Thanks to modular construction, commercial projects can now be completed on time. What makes modular construction meet almost any deadline is the assembly line-like process. Modules are pre-fabricated in highly controlled environments in an off-site factory. The modules are then transported to the actual site for final assembly. The factory conditions ensure quality and on-time delivery.

Furthermore, weather factors, which are a common cause of delay in traditional construction, are almost negligible with the modular approach because pre-fabrication processes is done indoors. The factory setting allows possible mechanization, automation, jigs and tool application for similar and repetitive modules. All these are readily available to support workers and allow them to achieve their daily building tasks.

The efficient processes of commercial style modular construction has attracted commercial operators in their time-restricted ventures. Indeed, modular construction gives businesses bigger savings in terms of time by way of faster and on time output. Saving time eventually translates to greater savings in costs and capital. For more details about commercial style modular buildings, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Construction Cuts Hotel Pre-Opening Labor Costs

9 January 2018

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Duxbury, MA

Modular construction is gaining ground due to advantages in reducing construction labor costs. The highly efficient methods of design and construction cut unnecessary on-site rework and installation resulting in faster completion times. Moreover, traditional construction of hotel buildings usually take time to complete with the final launching stalled as pre-opening works kicks in. Pre-opening works includes clean-up of rooms and hallways from dust, debris, and other construction material resulting from the construction process before hotel opening and launch.

Hotel operators sometimes outsource considerable manpower for this finish work adding up to the total labor costs. But with commercial style modular construction in Duxbury, MA, the standardized and quality control processes involved in the fabrication of modules eliminates the dirt and foreign material onsite. Guest room sections are constructed in the form of modules in an offsite factory where dirt and dust is controlled. Upon the installation of these modules at the permanent hotel site, the guest room-modules are already pre-cleaned with minimum final cleaning processes required.

From here, we see that modular construction only helps businesses save time and money, it assures the quality of buildings being constructed. Indeed, maintenance of pre-opening quality of the hotel structure translates to reduction of labor costs and faster turnaround time. For more details on custom building hotels, motels and inns using modular construction, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Commercial Construction Makes Less Noise

2 January 2018

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Norwell, MA

Modular construction is making waves in the construction industry because it is highly efficient and flexible. However, the loud construction noise that accompany traditional construction are attenuated with modular construction. Many neighborhoods often prefer quieter and faster methods of commercial modular construction as more people in these areas wish not to be disturbed by commercial construction.

Modular floor plans are highly customizable. They can be designed to fit the requirements of any retailer. Modules are pre-built with high grade materials in a factory setting. Each module meets or exceeds the local and state building codes and standards that apply for traditional construction. The indoor construction of the modules makes modular building construction faster and quieter because fewer machines and tools are involved during on-site assembly. Furthermore, on-site error and rework is also minimized.

Because of its low impact on the community’s lifestyle, commercial style modular buildings in Hingham, MA have attracted many small and medium-sized enterprises as means of expanding their operations. For more details of commercial style building construction, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Happy New Year from Avalon Building Systems

27 December 2017

Happy New Year from Avalon Building Systems

Happy New Year from Avalon Building Systems. We would like to thank our customers, friends, family, and community for allowing our business to be part of your lives in 2017. We wish all of you a wonderful and prosperous 2018!

If we have had the pleasure of being your choice in providers, we hope that we provided the highest level of customer service and met all of your needs. In the coming months if you find yourself in need of the services we offer, we hope you choose us again in 2018.

It is our sincere wish that in the New Year you are surrounded by warmth, family, and friendship and that 2018 brings you good health and prosperity. From all of us here at Avalon Building Systems we hope you have a safe and exciting New Year.

“We all come home, or ought to come home, for a short holiday – the longer, the better…” ~ Charles Dickens

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Give A Free Holiday Gift in 30-Seconds or Less

20 December 2017

Avalon Building System - Give A Free Holiday Gift in 30-Seconds or Less

If a friend, relative, or valued service provider has a website, give them the gift of a business Facebook “like” this Holiday season. This act is free and will literally take you 30 seconds or less. By doing so, you help your friend or relative further establish business credibility and trust from an online standpoint.

Why do this? The reason is simple. Facebook “likes” is something that business owners can refer to promote their business popularity and interaction with their clients. It is also a widely accepted conclusion that Facebook “likes” play some role in how a website converts visitors into customers.

So if you know anyone with a website and wish them well in business, take 30-seconds and “like” their business Facebook page. Look for the Facebook logo usually located at the top or bottom of the website’s home page. Then shoot them a quick note saying, “Happy Holidays. I recently “liked” your business Facebook page and wish you continued business success in 2018 and beyond”. It would be a kind gesture and one that cost you nothing other than 30 seconds of your time.

To all our regular readers of this blog, we wish you all Happy Holidays and only the best for 2018 and beyond.

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