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How Modular Building System Gives You The Competitive Edge

23 August 2019

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Hingham, MA

The world of commercial building construction is changing, and commercial modular building solutions are leading the way offering innovative solutions to future work place needs. Smart building technology is changing the way we do business. This is innovation, right before your very eyes. As a business, you want to send all the right signals to customers and trade partners. You want people to look at your business and see an impressive physical presence. Modular construction gives you and your business a cutting-edge impression:

  1. Right Property, Right Place, Right Impression. It take seconds to make an impression on someone. This applies when meeting someone in person, as well as the moment they first see your business premises. If your modular building looks stunning inside and out, you will see how you will easily create the right impression.
  2. Decrease Overheads. We all love to save money. Lower building overheads means a chunkier bottom line, the very thing you strive for every day in business. Modular buildings are crammed with features. For instance, there are some of the most super-insulated structures you will come across. Using sustainable insulation materials, you will be spending less on heating the building. And with other tech installed, like LED lighting, you will notice your operating costs drop like a stone.
  3. Smart Tech. We have seen how smart tech in the home will make day to day living easier and simpler, as well as more organized. And the true can be said of modular buildings for business. Fill it with what you need, from wireless boosters and other gadgets, to super-hi-tech gizmos and gadgets specific to your industry.
  4. An Investment. Modular buildings in Boston, MA are affordable, far less costly to build and run a traditional brick or concrete structure. And this makes them a wise investment. How about constructing more buildings and letting them out to start-ups and small businesses who would not only appreciate a physical presence but also the cutting-edge design and dashing good looks.

Modular buildings have taken less time to put together without compromising quality. They are tough and robust, warm and environmentally sustainable, with little waste and far less consumption of precious resources to create a stunning workplace. There are no limits to what you can do with it whether you want it an ordinary air conditioned office, or an air-tight, super-hygienic laboratory.

Modular buildings will be made to look like traditional buildings, if that is what you want, or they will look as modern and as cutting-edge as you like. It is a solution for your modern, forward-thinking business.

To learn more about Modular Building System, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Commercial Modular Building for Franchise Development

13 August 2019

Avalon Commercial style modular buildings in Stoughton, MA

There are countless ways to promote your company or brand. Handing out flyers and brochures are typical method to spread brand awareness. But new entrepreneurs entering franchised industries quickly realize the importance of brand recognition as it directly related to building form, color, and function. Modular construction is perfectly suited to rapidly build and open any new franchised business as the method aligns naturally to duplicating franchise building designs.

Modular construction in Hingham, MA lets you build unique and extraordinary buildings that people will surely recognize. It has the capability to layout and create branded structures. Pre-designed modular floor plans can be modified to precisely nail the essence of the business. Operators have all the discretion to decide what layout, color scheme and outlook will be applied to their modular commercial building so people will easily grasp the nature and culture of their business.

When you have a physical store, shop or office space that people can come into frequently, your brand recognition will likely spread fast to the community and to another. To find out more about your options on commercial-style modular buildings, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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The Financial Savings Of Commercial Modular Building

6 August 2019

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Norwell, MA

Many entrepreneurs now turn to the modular construction method for new capital construction projects. Companies that require multiple section additions to existing structures acquire superior quality edifices without the need to overspend. Retail malls, apartment homes, hospitals and school dormitories to name few industries that dominate new modular construction demand.

Modular building construction deliver monetary savings, increased building strength, faster development, with all paving the way toward expedited revenue generation. With commercial-style modular buildings, investors can save 30-50 percent in the total construction cost vs traditional stick-built construction. We can’t emphasize enough the speed of modular home construction and the direct length to fast revenue generation.

With combined financial savings, there's an optimized opportunity for your business to flourish and expand via commercial modular building systems.

To learn more about commercial modular buildings, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Commercial-Style Modular Construction Increasingly Selected for Medical Complex Construction

30 July 2019

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Norwell, MA

Commercial modular construction is now a leading construction decision within the healthcare industry. Modular construction provides a quick solution for fast expansion of medical complexes and to empower expanded medical services to commence in the shortest time possible.

Commercial-style modular buildings are engineered and customized with strategic layouts specific to medical facility needs. There are wide array of modular floor plans that perfectly support and enhance medical practice. Traditional construction can take twice as long as modular construction to build. In any industry, but especially in the medical industry, clearly time is money. Avalon will get your new practice operational quicker than you ever thought possible.

Facility expansions can be accomplished without disrupting normal operations of the health facility. This capability exists because the additional spaces are constructed away from the actual site. So noise and construction mess are significantly reduced.

For more information about modular healthcare centers, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Construction For Customized Home or Business Space

23 July 2019

Avalon Building System, Nantucket, MA

Whether you need a home or commercial space, modular construction is the perfect building option for you. We offer a vast array of floor plan layouts that can be fully customized to fit your needs. Our layouts range from traditional to modern style homes and office buildings.

Although our standard modular floor plans can simplify the construction process since the design, engineering, and pricing are already set, we celebrate the ability to customize both the form and the function of your buildout to best suit your needs. If you have other concepts in mind, we will materialize your unique requirements and deliver upon your dream.

For affordability, for strength of product, for speed of delivery, turn to modular construction on your next building project. Contact Avalon Building Systems today. We are happy to consult you on the many ways modular construction will improve your life.

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Modular Construction – The Best Building Option for Beach Communities

16 July 2019

Avalon Commercial style modular buildings in Martha's Vineyard, MA

Growing number are building homes near the beach. The rewards of beach-front living are obvious but of course living by the beach brings risk, specifically windstorm and flooding. When it comes to standing tall against windstorms, no form of building construction matches the strength modular home construction. The explanation for this is simple. If you were to assess two pieces of lumber, one nailed together and one bolted together, you’ll conclude that the bolted piece is immensely stronger. This is one very critical difference between modular home construction and traditional stick built construction. Modular homes are bolted together.

Moreover, federal and state laws have more comprehensive building code requirements for beach homes. This is to ensure that homes situated in this areas are sturdy enough to defy strong winds and flooding. Modular homes exceed these safety standards. Beachfront home builders increasingly turn to modular construction because they acquire property that is more economical to build and will stand-up against mother nature in a way that traditional construction simply can’t.

To learn more about waterfront modular homes, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Quality Commercial-Style Modular Buildings For Small Businesses

9 July 2019

Avalon Commercial style modular buildings in Boston, MA

Modular construction is increasingly the top choice for small to mid-size enterprises expanding their commercial space. The reasons for this are many but the two most common reasons are rapid project completion and the least expensive construction cost. The modular construction process provides proprietors with retail stores or mini outlets in a matter of few weeks. Traditional stick-built projects have no chance to meet this timeline. Modular construction puts you on a path to faster revenue generation and thus directly positively effects the return on investment for your construction dollar.

Modular construction ensures precise engineering with a wide range of customizable options. Commercial-style modular buildings is tailored according to the nature of the business and specifics of the client. Layouts are smart and deliver optimal functionality. Bottom line, new or expanding entrepreneurs secure new commercial space at a much lower cost.

If you want to build your own commercial building but in a tight budget, consider modular construction. Contact Avalon Building Systems, we can help you build state-of-the-art commercial spaces that meets your needs and finances.

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Modular Commercial Spaces For Affordable Retail Outlets

26 June 2019

Avalon Building System - Commercial style modular buildings in Boston, MA

Brick and mortar retail is alive and will in this hot American economy. Commercial space continues to expand across the greater Plymouth area and today we want to explain why commercial-style modular construction warrants close investigation before you begin to break ground on new commercial development.

New entrepreneurs or investors who seek newly built retail space can procure their commercial structure with lower cash outlay than is required for traditional construction. Modular commercial spaces are designed and constructed using a high-end cost-saving technology which produces top grade buildings that exceed customer expectations in regards to cost, time frame, appearance, and durability. Our modular building process involves highly quality controlled materials which employ bolt and strapping. This is a structural integrity construction technique that is comparatively void within traditional stick-building construction. This ensure that our buildings exceed those of stick-built structures in terms of strength and durability. Also, their design technology enables customization of modular floor plan layouts to better suit the need of a specific business.

Moreover, modular building system can complete projects in a matter of just a few weeks which is impossible within the stick-building industry. This allows proprietors to start their business much sooner than the traditional building alternative. Contact Avalon Building System to find out more about modular commercial spaces.

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Customized Modular Buildings For Those Starting A New Business

19 June 2019

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Hingham, MA

If you are opening a new (or expanding an existing) business that requires commercial space, strongly consider modular building systems. Modular commercial construction is a smart as it offers substantial advantages over traditional buildings. Modular construction will get your doors open sooner, for less money, and deliver for you a longer lasting (and less costly to maintain) structure. You should now that modular construction offers floor plan layout options that rival its stick-built counterparts.

Since each business has its own distinct needs, you possess the option to modify pre-designed modular floor plans to further tailor it to the nature of your business. Avalon Building Systems specializes in customization of modular products to precisely meet customer demands. Many people don’t realize (but should) that modular construction offers the fewest disruptions to business owner who wish to expand existing property. We are prepared to deliver expansions, additional floor levels and extensions, and even new indoor structures within a facility.

Again, for a multitude of reasons, modular building systems are a superior business decision when compared to traditional construction. Contact Avalon Building Systems to learn more about our customized commercial modular service offerings.

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Colonial Style Modular Homes Offer Class, Space and Privacy

12 June 2019

Avalon Building System - colonial style modular buildings in Boston, MA

Do you prefer a home style with dormers and pillared front porches? Then colonial style modular home is the home style you should research. Porches that wrap around the house and massive white columns in the facade of the house are the cornerstones of this classic iconic style. Colonial homes are considered luxury homes given their two-story design and its relatively immense size.

Avalon Building Systems offers wide array of colonial style modular home plans. These home plans feature a large living room, three bedrooms with master suite, spacious kitchen with pantry, vast dining area plus 2-3 bathrooms. This makes it ideal for families with several household members. Some colonial modular floor plans showcase sizable mudrooms with side entrances, ample closet space and spacious garage. Colonial homes are what you usually envisioned as your classic dream home.

Large living space and privacy is what colonial style Avalon modular homes in Boston, MA offer to homebuyers. In addition, the home style allows merging of options that makes it an exquisite modular home. To learn more about colonial-style modular homes, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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