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Modular Home Myths Disproven

12 March 2019

Avalon Building Systems, Boston, MA

We don’t know where false information emerges about modular home construction, so all of us here at Avalon Building Systems in Boston, MA would like to straighten some things out for you.

Myth 1: Unstable and Unsafe – The truth is that they are MORE safe and stable.

As far as safety is concern, modular buildings not only pass and exceed state, local, and federal safety codes, but the strength of modular home construction exceeds that of their traditional “stick built” counterparts. It’s much more involved and complicated than this, but at the core, major components of modular homes are bolted as compared to components being nailed within traditional come construction. Just think of the difference between something that is nailed together and something that is bolted together. Modular units undergo series of stringent quality inspection during fabrication up to final assembly. The rigorous process ensure modular homes and commercial-style modular buildings are safe to occupy.

Myth 2: Poor Quality Raw Materials and Craftsmanship – The truth is that they are better crafted materials.

Another false indictment. Only premium grade materials are used by modular method. Faulty materials within the modular home factory processing center never see the floor. Compare that to traditional construction projects where the site foreman must weigh the negatives of returning bad material that include going off schedule, transportation and labor cost associated with returning the faulty products, and the simple temptation to incorporate bad material as they will never be discovered by the buyer. That is, they won’t INITIALLY be discovered by the home buyer. The bottom line here is that modular construction utilizes advanced technology to achieve precision cuts and formation of modules. Poor material production out of the modular home manufacturing process is extremely rare, and when they do occur, they never make it onto the production floor. Nothing could be farther from the truth as it pertains to traditional home manufacturing.

Myth 3: Expensive – The truth is modular home factories climate control and computerized manufacturing wins out.

All things considered, you get more value out of modular home construction as compared to traditional home construction. This is primarily due to efficiencies associated with producing within climate and computer controlled factory settings vice the non-climate controlled and poor craftsmanship that exists out on the traditional job site. Modular construction within the factory shortens the construction time and cuts labor costs. The construction savings is then transferred to the consumer's end so that modular buildings can come affordable.

Myth 4: Dull and Boring – The truth is you can’t tell the difference between a modular home and a traditional home by looking at it from the street.

On the contrary, modular designs are certainly not boring. It actually has marvelous home designs which can be further customized to make it more unique and stylish. As a matter of fact, you can't even tell the difference between modular buildings and conventional-built structures unless you inspect the assembly. Take a tour of a modular home’s attic to see how beams and joists are tied then compare that to traditional construction. You can see the difference at first glance.

Myth 5: Non-Sustainable and Not Earth Friendly – Nope, actually more earth friendly.

Modular structures are green and energy efficient buildings. There is less construction waste in modular construction because computers don’t make mistakes. People do, though. Less waste lowers not only the impact on the surrounding environment, it lowers construction cost. Lower costs are passed on to the consumer.

For more information about modular buildings, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Why Modular Homes Take So Much Less Time to Build

27 February 2019

With the construction industry booming once again in the United States, you probably have dreams about building something unique for your own family. On your own property. And you probably want to save time and money getting it built. Right?

Now more than ever, with modular architectural design and modular construction taking its rightful place in the home building world, we want you to know why we are so passionate about this building method.

Take a look at the chart below. It explains how much faster it is to build with Modular Construction and because your home is built safely in a factory, out of the elements and by construction experts, you will save not only time but money.

Graphic courtesy of Vanguard Modular Building Systems

The reasons for saving money are too numerous to spell out in this blog, but here is a teaser… factories build many houses and because they do, they can buy quality materials at a much lower bulk cost. Labor is another savings place because all the professionals work for the factory, there are no delays for contractors as they juggle jobs. Everything and everybody is in the right place at the right time.

What’s more, all of this is happening at the factory, while the site is being prepped for installation. From there, once all the pieces are stacked, site restoration can begin immediately. It’s a no brainer why it takes so much less time to build a modular home!

Please check out our portfolio of beautiful homes. From beach homes to large luxury models, every plan is ready to be customized for you. Or, let’s start from scratch for a totally unique home exactly the way you dreamed.

We really look forward to hearing about your dream home at your free consultation.


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Modular Building System For A Less Noisy Construction

26 February 2019

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Hingham, MA

One of the less appreciated advantages of opting for modular construction is its less disruptive and noisy construction process. If you’re building within an established neighborhood, you arrive and tell your new neighbors (before even meeting them) that you care.

Modular home modules are constructed in significant measure away from the actual build site. Modular home frames are built within enclosed factory-setting where noise is controlled and isolated inside. As compared to traditional stick-built home construction, modular homes require a significantly reduced need for loud and disrupting on-site power tool utilization.

The comparative quiet nature of modular building construction is one reason modular construction is seeing increasing utilization within various public and private enterprises. Healthcare facilities, collegiate construction, hotels, and established residential neighborhoods are just several examples where construction site noise is an important factor in the construction build out decision making. Many have already adopted to modular process because of this reason.

Contact Avalon Building Systems to find out more great advantages of modular construction.

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Modular Construction for Boarding School Expansions

19 February 2019

Avalon Building Systems Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Cohasset, MA

College faculties here in Hingham are increasingly turning to modular building construction for a variety of reasons. Expansion for school dorms must be done in a fast-track pace to accommodate this growing industry. Avalon's Modular building system in Hingham, MA can provide quality collegiate suites with faster completion time. As it pertains to multi-person housing, modular building construction obviously is not limited to the collegiate environment. Modular building construction is rapidly growing across America for any/all types of multi-person housing applications.

Modular collegiate dormitories is just one example of where commercial-style modular buildings are employed. Many schools are turning to modular building system because it offers innumerable advantages as compared to traditional construction method which has a more tedious procedure. Also, most schools have tight finances and construction duration that should be met before another school year starts. Modular construction provides an economical solution for this urgent requirement without compromising the quality of the new structures.

Modular construction incorporates high caliber materials that are quality controlled and verified before they ever arrive a build-out site. The materials are cut and shaped using hi-tech computerized machinery. These equipment and machines shorten the overall construction process as a modular product can be finished up to 10 times faster than their traditional stick-build equivalents.

Modular floor plans as well are fully-functional and offers limitless customization options in a budget-friendly price.

Contact Avalon Building Systems to find out more about modular school dormitories.

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Modular Building System for A Less Disruptive Healthcare Building Extension Projects

12 February 2019

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Cohasset, MA

he healthcare sector is one of the fastest growing industries in America. To improve health care service and to accommodate more patients, providers are constantly expanding existing facilities and building new facilities. A unique challenge for building expansion within the health care industry is the fact that new construction must be conducted near the existing in-patient care facilities. Building contractor noise and disruption must be considered. The speed and comparatively quiet nature of modular building construction is just one reason the health care industry are running away from traditional stick-built construction.

Commercial Modular buildings are manufactured away from the actual site. This smart process minimizes operational downtime and disruption of those who are settled in the existing building of the healthcare facility. Patients must be provided with a conducive place to rest in the duration of their admission. Thus, as much as possible, construction noise must be minimized. In modular construction, operational interruptions only take place in the final assembly of the modules. And this often only takes days to complete.

When you choose Avalon modular building systems here in Cohasset, MA, you eliminate much of the noise associated with traditional building construction. While modular building construction requires less equipment and contractor traffic as compared to traditional build outs, the real benefit is the significant reduction in cost and time.

As it pertains to saving noise, cost, and time for your next building construction, contact Avalon Building Systems. You’ll be glad you did.

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Commercial Modular Building Systems Offer Strength and Value

5 February 2019

Avalon Building System - Commercial style modular buildings in Boston, MA

Although online sales have become the trend in various businesses, still there's a need to have a physical store or showroom where clients can go and check products first before final purchase. Commercial spaces are still indispensable in attracting business and the appropriate place to make critical business transactions. So if you are planning to build a brick and mortar store front for your business, strongly consider commercial-style modular buildings because they offer the best value for your construction dollar.

Our commercial modular construction products in Boston, MA empowers brick and mortar store owners with building space that is both budget-friendly and stronger than stick-built alternatives. Modular construction is significantly more valuable to those business owners who need multiple locations with the exact same look and feel. Modular building system empowers the business owner’s new construction needs via a much faster build cycle than stick-built property.

Regarding foundational strength, building quality and design, the modular construction process incorporates quality control standards unmatched by any other construction option. Quality control of modular products are verified before they exit the factory and continually verified throughout the construction process. Modular construction uses top quality raw materials and utilizes advanced computerization in planning your store layout. So you can get the exact style and floor plan that you want while you are sure to settle your business in a sturdy edifice.

To find out more about commercial modular buildings, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Commercial Modular Building Construction

29 January 2019

Avalon Building System - Modular Construction in Boston, MA

With the ongoing economic expansion, commercial building space requirements are on the rise. Business owners are increasingly turning to modular construction solutions here in Nantucket, MA for rapid build-out of their business expansion needs. There are a host of reasons why your business’ building expansion is better served by modular construction versus traditional stick-built solutions. Two of the most obvious reasons to choose modular construction over stick built are overall building strength and speed of construction. If you are planning for commercial space extension, modular building systems should get strong consideration for these reasons and more.

More and more entrepreneurs and business operators are turning to modular building system due to its fast-track and less disruptive process. Businesses can resume their regular operations while renovations are ongoing. This is because construction works for the extensions are done in an indoor setting far from the actual site. Modules are produced in an enclosed environment where rigid quality control is implemented. Elements that are common cause of delays are addressed and eliminated in this construction system. This makes expansion projects possible to complete in just a short time frame.

If you want a swift way to expand your business space without compromising quality, consider modular construction process. Contact Avalon Building Systems and start your modular expansion projects right away.

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Expand Your Living Space with Modular Home Addition

22 January 2019

Planning for a home expansion or renovation this spring? Modular home additions offer a practical to adding living space to your home. Instead of choosing the longer more convoluted process of traditional stick-built construction, modular construction can cut the construction time in half. Also, regardless of the construction method of the original home, modular additions can make renovations possible, faster, and far less stressful.

Many homeowners get dismayed with the process and length of time it will take for a home addition project to be completed. But modular home additions in Cape Cod, MA provide a faster solution for additions to come together. Also, it presents a more concise cost from planning through completion. This is because common elements that can cause delays in site-built constructions are eliminated by building in an indoor setting.

Because of the planning and implementation process, modular home additions are delivered on time. If you are contemplating expanding your home, contact Avalon Building Systems. We can start planning the additions you want in your existing home right away and have it ready for spring.

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Modular Homes Are More Affordable Than Site-Built Homes

15 January 2019

Avalon Building System, Martha's Vineyard, MA

Many home buyers wonder why modular homes are more affordable than site-built homes. As you know, modular homes are prefabricated in factory settings where advanced technology and equipment is utilized to cut, mold, and build modules in a shorter time-frame. With that being said, modular homes present more savings in regards to time, money, and labor. Rather than hiring a contractor to manage workers to build your home under changing outdoor conditions, the modular approach has professionals working in a factory setting where the space is pristine, climate is controlled, and materials are stored and readily available.

Moreover, because the materials are precision cut, there is less waste, which means less cost to you. Modular construction in Martha's Vineyard can actually save up to 30% with factory-built homes. The savings are manifested in the actual home price so they can be offered more affordably to buyers. In terms of quality, modular homes are built with top quality materials and strictly follows and regularly exceed state and local building codes. Ultimately, the appearance of modular homes look exactly like site-built homes but you'll see that the craftsmanship is more superb and precise. Aside from that, the home project can be completed in much less time because the site work is being done as the home is being built rather than before.

If you are interested in building a home on Martha's Vineyard, contact Avalon Building Systems. We will provide you with more detailed information about the process of building a modular home.

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Make Your New Home Construction Project Stress-Free With Modular Home Construction

8 January 2019

Avalon Building Systems, Nantucket, MA

Many things can take place while your home is sunder construction. Not many who are having a new home built will say it is a stress-free project. However, if you opt for modular construction, constructing a new home is quite a bit less stressful for many reason, two if which are that the process is precise and fast.

Constructing your dream home should be fun and exciting. But as a result of budget overruns, disruptions, delays, and unfamiliar details involved in traditional construction, it can be a truly exhausting experience for buyers. But modular home construction in Nantucket, MA has eliminated these common construction obstacles. With the advanced technology in modular home building, designing and implementation of the construction plans are easy, efficient, and they never stray from the final budget.

With the use of computerization, designing and customization possibilities are countless. Completion of the projects are delivered on time. Construction is done in an indoor setting so that weather, contractor, and material delays are eliminated. Precision is what makes modular homes different from traditional construction. This means that once the design process is complete, construction of the modules is consistent, high-quality, and precise from start to finish.

Knowing your home will be built just the way you want it, while meeting all deadlines and within budget makes for a more laid-back construction experience of your dream home. If you are considering building a dream home on Nantucket, contact Avalon Building Systems for more information about the process.

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