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Prefab Modular Homes: Built to Go Beyond Aesthetics and Functionality – Stoughton, MA

30 May 2014

Avalon Building Systems modular homes have taken the place of stick-built houses. These custom-built modular houses are computer engineered using modern technology to build a house that can go beyond aesthetics and functionality.

Beyond aesthetics

Prefab modular home floor plans and styles are designed to create a range of visual elements that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and style-savvy. Since building a modular home means building your dream house, you have all the options to make your own gourmet kitchen, luxury bath, beautiful windows, French doors, or whatever you have in mind. You can personalize existing plans with the alternate finishes, layouts, and materials all your own. Modular homes have been reaching their homeowners through custom designs that can go beyond aesthetics.

Beyond functionality

Custom-built modular homes in Stoughton, MA are the future of the construction market. However, modular homes are less expensive than traditionally built homes and built faster. However, once a modular home is built, it is impossible for the lay person to tell the difference between it and a stick built home. Once prefab modular homes are installed, they assume the role of a traditionally built houses, and even go beyond them in functionality.

Aesthetics and functionality will not be an issue when planning, building, and owning a custom-built modular home. For more information on modular construction, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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What Does it Require to Build Your Dream Modular Home in Stoughton, MA?

23 May 2014

There are many benefits to living in modular homes. There is no wonder that there are more and more options in custom built modular home construction companies for homeowners to choose from. When deciding to build one, not only do you need to know what you want, what you can afford, but you also need to choose which company you want to build it for you.

Modular homes are built with separate sections called modules which comprise the floor plan. There are model modular homes available so that interested individuals may be given ideas on what floor plan is appropriate for them, considering their current lifestyle. However, all modular home floor plans can be modified or customized the way you want in order to meet the needs of your family and your lifestyle. If your family happens to grow after your home is built, no problem. Modular homes are easily modified and remodeled after construction.

Custom-built modular homes provide you enough with the flexibility to ensure that will get the home you need once it is built. They are a more affordable alternative, in time if not money, to making your dream home into reality. Modular home builders will give you the estimate for construction, and unless you make changes, your bottom line price will not change during construction.

When choosing a modular home construction company, choose one that has the reputation to build your house with quality and security. The modular home company should be able to consider your budget, and create a beautiful custom-built modular home.

For more information on modular houses, check out Avalon Building Systems.

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Take a Moment to Know More about Your Modular Home – Boston

17 May 2014

Building a home is always a formidable undertaking, regardless of if you are building a new home for the first time or thinking about remodeling your existing home. An advantage of modular construction is that it has many benefits as new home construction or in modular additions.

Many more people are choosing custom-built modular homes over other alternatives. This is because they are more cost-effective, because they have higher quality building standards, and because they are built more efficiently.

Green living with modular homes

Apart from the superior quality building materials used in modular home construction in Boston, modular construction wastes less raw materials because modular homes are constructed with factory precision, making them more environmentally friendly. Every home undergoes air-tight construction and quality inspections. Modular homes are built in well-insulated sections which cuts down on your home’s overall energy consumption. This means modular homes are greener homes!

Less is more with modular homes

Modular home builders do bulk purchasing of premium-branded building materials which reduces the overall cost for materials. This means that modular homes cost less than traditionally built homes.

Get your modular home faster

The time it takes to finish modular home construction depends on the shape, style, and size of your modular home. But the overall time will be less, often more than half that of traditional construction. Modular home builders do all of the planning and manufacturing ahead of time while the site work is being done.  This means that the homes are completed faster. There are weather or labor delays either, since the homes are built indoors in a controlled environment.

Take a few moments to visit Avalon Building Systems and get to know more about modular homes inside and out.

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Before Living in a Modular Home in Boston

12 May 2014

Custom-built modular homes are becoming more and more popular. While the building process is far easier than building a home with traditional construction, there are still certain parts of the process that a buyer needs to take care of.

Permits and Papers

Any new residential construction needs a building permit for construction. So take the time to find out what the necessary requirements are in the area where you plan to build a modular home. Pertinent documents are needed for construction of your home and the building lot. Because modular home builders are experts at new construction, and modular homes are built to meet or exceed all local and state building codes, they can help with this and can in fact, walk you through the process.

Inspections and Adjustments

Interior and exterior inspections are done by the modular home builders during the construction process. In fact, there is an extensive QA process built into the modular construction process. Custom-built modular houses are energy efficient, with its roof, windows, doors, floors and all its other parts  being properly installed, sealed, and checked. Cabinets and drawers will fit properly and will run smoothly when opened or closed back, and everything will be free of debris from construction and installation.

With Avalon Building Systems, there is no need for buyers or homeowners to do paper works and quality checks all by themselves. Buying and building a modular home is very, fast and cost-effective and convenient. These are just a few of the many benefits you can take advantage of in choosing a modular home in Boston. Contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Appraising Modular Homes – Boston

25 April 2014

Now that it is spring, more and more homeowners are reviewing their new home options. For many this includes considering building a new home. There are two options when it comes to new construction: traditional site-built construction or modular construction. When considering modular construction, the question often arises about how modular homes appraise compared to traditionally-built home. The answer is simple; the modular home appraisal process is the same as that of traditionally built homes.

In order to qualify for a home loan, the home you want to buy, or build, needs to be appraised. The appraisal is the estimated amount you can expect to pay for your new home. When building a new home, you need a licensed professional appraiser. But how is the home appraised if it is not yet built?

The modular home plans are reviewed by the appraiser to determine how much it should cost you to build your new home. Labor rates, materials costs, and local depreciation and appreciation are all figured into the appraisal. Also, sales comparisons, prices and values of local similar homes are also used to determine the current value.

Once this analysis has been completed, a report is put together and sent to the mortgage company in order to initiate the mortgage process.

All of the above will determine the current total value of the new property. Many modular home builders have relationships with mortgage companies who are familiar with the process. So if you are considering modular construction, your modular home builder can help you along with your mortgage initiation process as well as the appraisal process. For more information, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Advantages of Modular Construction is Making it a More Popular Building Option - New York

11 April 2014

Modular homes are becoming more popular in New York and on Long Island.

Prefabricated homes that are assembled on-site but manufactured elsewhere have come a long way; these days, they’re often stronger and more energy efficient than traditionally constructed homes. Among their many time-saving advantages are electric, heating and plumbing systems already built in when the modules arrive at the assembly site.

Costs are lower too and there is a reason for it. For example, plumbers are only needed to connect modular homes to main water and sewer lines.

For a regular 3,000-square foot-home, with traditional construction it could be a $10,000 plumbing job. With modular construction it can be cut down to about $2,000 because only 20% of the plumbing job will be done on-site. This is an example of how the cost of modular construction is lessened.

The number of annual manufactured-home shipments has been rebounding nicely since it bottomed out in 2009 as a result of the housing crisis. The number of annual prefab shipments increased steadily from 2009 to 2011, and by 2012 represented roughly 10% of all housing starts nationally.

The number of people choosing prefab options is definitely increasing. They are clearly becoming greater in popularity. Some of that relates to Sandy issues and some of that relates to cost issues.

Modular homes, on average, don’t cost much less than traditionally constructed homes. The prices vary depending on the particular options each homeowner chooses to include and where the final construction takes place. But the time to build a home when using modular construction is significantly decreased.

Instead of price, many cite speed as the biggest factor behind the increased popularity of modular construction. Modular homes are especially appealing to displaced Sandy victims, who can have a roof over their heads again much quicker if it’s pre-fabricated.

The typical modular-home construction process takes about seven weeks – considerably faster than the 10 months to a year it takes to build a traditional house.

Traditional home-building is also subject to weather-related construction delays and other setbacks, while modular homes are watertight from the start. And while traditionally built homes run the standard storm-related risks, prefab houses have additional strength and stability that allow them to hold up much better in hurricane force winds of 130-mph.

For more information on modular construction, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Multi-Family Homes Make Good Business Sense for Investors – Massachusetts, New York

21 March 2014

It’s not quite like putting together Legos, but piece-by-piece, a new condominium development can be constructed.

Modular condominium projects, constructed off site, can be pieced together to form a multi-unit, multi-story community.

For many reasons including construction time and cost, modular apartment buildings are becoming more and more popular among developers. A number of modular apartment buildings were recently constructed in communities around Massachusetts and New York.

The range of benefits of modular construction run the gamut from cost to environmental.

Modular construction has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than the traditional footprint of traditional stick built framing of homes or apartments. Factory built home construction uses a lot less energy and is far more efficient than a typical construction site where everything is built on site.

Another benefit to modular multi-unit home construction; the labor costs and efficiencies are far better doing a project of that size in a timeframe that it can be done efficiently and where you are not going over budget.

Once the individual sections are constructed in the modular home factory, they are trucked to the building sire and lifted into place by a crane. Once that begins to happen, in just a matter of days, the majority the building can be put in place.

Once the sections are lifted into position they are locked together so that much of the inside work can then begin including the mechanical work inside the building, the heating systems, connecting the electrical; all of the HVAC and siding is also done once the modules are fully blocked together. Once this is complete, the roof trusses go up and the roof is completed.

The units can be sold as condos for individual buyers or owned and rented as an investment property.

Once completed, multi-family modular homes are high quality buildings that are much more economical. They makes good business sense for any investor.

For more information on multi-unit modular construction, contact Avalon Building Systems.


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Modular Home Construction is Now a Better Choice in New Home Construction – Boston, Hartford

14 March 2014

If you want to build a new home, you no longer need to wait for six months in order to move in. You no longer have to deal with changes to the budget, or have your project put on hold for materials, weather, or contractor delays. Why? Because now modular home construction is better than ever. You now have a choice.

Modular construction is now a viable and often better alternative method of construction. The modular construction process involves making prefabricated modules in a factory which are then transported to your building site where your home is then put together.

Traditional construction is done almost entirely on site, where weather and other issues can interrupt construction.  Traditional construction is weather and contractor reliant, which means that bad weather and no-shows can affect the construction schedule which can cause regular delays in the building process.

Modular homes are becoming more popular. Because the modules are built in a factory, the construction process can actually be up to 50% faster. Additionally, the modular process is intensely quality controlled, keeping construction above and beyond the standards of traditional construction. Modular homes meet and exceed all state and local building codes.

While your home is being built in the factory, your site work – foundation, water and sewage – is all being addressed on your building site, at the same time. This means that once the home is built and the modules are transported, it is only a few days away from being completed.

Modular construction means you can move into your custom designed home in just 6-8 weeks. Not possible with traditional construction. If you are in the market to build a new home, get the facts on modular construction and make an educated decision. For more information, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Home Construction for Those in the Market for a New Home – Massachusetts, Rhode Island

7 March 2014

'The housing market is rebounding', that is what they say right. If you have a home to sell, that is great, but if you are in the market to buy, this housing ‘recovery’ may not be working for you. With the number of potential buyers far outmatching inventory, any realtor will tell you there is a shortage of new homes. The result – those in the market are paying far too much for a ‘less than perfect house’.

Do you love your neighborhood, love your town, love your school system, but you need a new home? Or maybe you are relocating, and you can’t find the right home where you need it. Consider modular home construction. The modular construction process allows you to build a new home that is custom designed to meet all of the needs of your growing family.

Best of all, with modular construction you can start the process now because you don’t have to wait for the snow to melt or for the ground to thaw. Modular construction takes place indoors in a factory setting and is then transported to your building site and set on the foundation.

The demand for new homes is high, but you have an alternative to the lackluster home inventory: modular homes. There are time, quality and structural benefits to modular construction that are not available with traditional construction. Your new home can be ready to move into in 4-8 weeks. And modular home construction meets or exceeds all state, local and federal building codes.

As the public becomes more educated in modular and factory built homes, perception towards the industry has changed and modular construction has become more and more popular.

For more information on modular homes, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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See the Advantages of Modular Homes at the New England Home Show – Foxboro, MA

27 February 2014

If you are thinking about building a new home then you need to attend the 2014 New England Home Show at the Dana Farber Field House at Patriot Place in Foxboro, March 21-23.

Avalon Building Systems, a modular homes construction company, will be there to show you all the benefits and advantages of modular home construction. Our modular homes are superior in construction and quality when compared to traditionally built homes. Our modular homes meet or exceed national, state, and local building codes. This means that you get an exceptionally built quality home with significant savings in both time and cost.

Show Features

Mark your calendar for the 2014 New England Home Show, where you’ll be delighted at the wide range of home improvement ideas on display. From lighting to flooring to siding for your home, from techniques to tools, over 500 experts are on hand to answer your burning DIY questions. Bring the kids and enjoy live cooking demonstrations, furniture building zone and a craft and specialty food area.


The Dana Farber Field House at Patriot Place Foxboro, MA
Dates & Hours:

Friday, March 21, 2PM - 9PM
Saturday, March 22, 10AM - 9PM
Sunday, March 23, 10AM - 6PM


Adults: $10
17 and under: Free

For more information, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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