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Modular Buildings For Safe Residential Rental Properties

27 November 2018

Avalon Commercial style modular buildings in Cohasset, MA

If you want to invest in real estate or if you are thinking of constructing a multi-family home, modular construction can best solve your business interests. This method makes for a much speedier design and construction process for homes that are perfect for condominiums or multi-family home living. Many investors are now turning to modular construction because of the high quality project output and quick turnaround time.

Modular building systems allows for customization of outdoor and indoor design. This is important in designing floor plans. Since the building is designed for residential living, it must have a smart layout that meets the standards of a safe and comfortable home that meets or exceeds local and state multi occupancy building codes. Homes that are being rented to families must consider the safety of children. A childproof layout should be one of the key features of the residential complex. It is essential not just to provide your tenants with a comfortable environment in which to live but the building must be equipped with the latest safety features as well.

Modular buildings in Cohasset, MA can serve as apartment homes, townhouses, or condominiums. The fast construction time-frame for modular buildings benefits investors and tenants because the buildings are occupied faster. As a result, ROI for investors is achieved more quickly.

If you want to push through your real estate business plan, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Additions to Commercial Buildings With Less Disruption and Less Noise with Modular Building Systems

20 November 2018

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Hingham, MA

Commercial additions often translate into some disruption to normal business operations, especially when construction is done through conventional methods. Aside from that, construction noise, mess, and dust can pose challenges and inconveniences to the existing building and to business. If you are running a business this can upset your clients and your bottom line. However, if you opt for modular construction, this practically eliminates all these construction issues.

Modular building systems in Hingham, MA offer a cleaner and less disruptive construction process. In modular construction, 90% of the construction is done in an offsite factory. So sawdust, leftover materials and other clutter is not a problem. Since less work is done at the actual site, business can continue until final assembly of the addition. As a matter of fact, the final part of the process, adding the additions, can often take days.

If you are an owner or investor who wants to expand commercial space without the disruption of long term traditional construction, or dirupting current operations, choose a commercial-style modular building addition. This option offers building extensions with low impact to your regular business activity. Contact Avalon Building Systems to find out more about modular construction.

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Modular Homes Look No Different, See for Yourself

13 November 2018

Avalon Building Systems - Commercial style modular buildings in Cohasset, MA

More and more people are choosing to build a new home rather than buy and renovate an existing home. This is because when you build a new home you can get just what you want without having to filter through the lack luster existing home inventory.

As home prices rise along with mortgage interest rates, more and more people want to move in now. With modular construction, you can build your new home faster, better, stronger than you can with traditional, site-built home construction.

But what is modular construction and will your home look different than a site built home? Modular construction means systems-built. Traditional, on-site construction can take anywhere from 6 to 10 months, and sometimes longer.

At Avalon Building Systems, modular construction takes place in a controlled factory environment where delays and cost overruns are never an issue. Production cannot be slowed by weather, contractor delays, labor shortages, or missing materials. We can construct your modular home in a third of the time involved in traditional on-site construction.

Best of all, you can’t tell the difference between a modular home and a traditionally built home. In fact, you can view a model modular home, just ask.

For more information on modular home floor plans, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Construction for Themed Restaurants

6 November 2018

Avalon Building Systems - Commercial style modular buildings in Duxbury, MA

As themed cafes, diners, and restaurants are becoming popular, more and more entrepreneurs are venturing into this type of business. If you interested in investing in the food & beverage industry, consider modular construction for building the themed commercial space. Owning is always more economical than renting, especially in the restaurant business.

The themed approach is a promising marketing strategy. Today, customers are discerning and have many options for place to eat and spend their money. Thus, having a unique and welcoming commercial space will attract more customers. In fact, the actual design and setup of a food business establishment can often be the deciding factor for many consumers today. This means that entrepreneurs need a construction method where customization and precision can be fully achieved.

Only modular construction makes customization this easy. Computerized design technology is used to create unique and extraordinary layouts. On top of that, only the modular method can guarantee precision output. That means its the only construction method that can carry out the exact details laid out in the original plan. Business owners have full discretion as to how their commercial-style modular building will look and present itself to the market.

Going further, modular building systems in Duxbury, MA offers affordable and faster delivery of building projects. For new entrepreneurs, they can fully invest without hesitation because in modular building systems, ROI can be attained faster.

Contact Avalon Building Systems to find out more about themed modular commercial spaces.

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Modular Construction's Quick Process Helps Businesses Save Time and Money

6 November 2018

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Hingham, MA

Modular construction is gaining a reputation for superb building features and quality that very much benefit the commercial sector. Because of the faster construction process, owners can move into and use their new building faster, for a quicker ROI. Faster construction means faster turnaround and reduced labor cost for investors.

Businesses that to expand or add locations can have a new commercial space ready in as short as 6 weeks after the design phase is complete. This is because of the off-site factory process of commercial style modular buildings where weather can't stall the process. Advanced construction design software and cutting-edge technology are employed instead of hiring outsourced manpower which can add to the labor cost, delays, and scheduling problems. Because computerized machines and process are used in construction, precision and consistency is completely attainable.

Looking at these advantages, modular building systems can help all types of businesses flourish by allowing them to save more money and time in the construction process. Businesses can operate in their new commercial spaces by a specific targeted date since modular construction will always deliver projects on time.

If you are thinking of expanding your business or adding a new location in Massachusetts, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Construction Makes Fall and Winter Home Construction Possible

24 October 2018

Avalon Building System Modular Multi-Family Homes

If you are thinking about building a new home, but you don't want to waif for next spring, then consider modular construction for new home construction. You can pursue your home construction plans without worrying about harsh weather conditions of the winter. In the modular building system, the construction is done inside a factory-like setting so that weather can not cause delays or hamper the process.

Moreover, modular homes offer speedy construction. This means that after the design process, in a matter of weeks, homeowners can move-in and occupy their new homes. Stick build home construction project delays are always uncertain in regards to scheduling. Weather is always a constant challenge. This leads to coordination issues and financial scares to home buyers. Meanwhile, with modular homes the home is delivered to the permanent site 90% complete. Only the final touches, assembly and connection work is done.

With Avalon Building System as your modular home builder, your home will be delivered on schedule, guaranteed. We take pride in satisfying our customers. Contact Avalon Building System and get your new home started.

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Expand Your Business with Modular Construction and Open New Retail Branches

17 October 2018

Avalon Building System - Commercial Style Modular Buildings

The holidays are a peak business period for many businesses. Given that, many enterprises, particularly retail stores, want to make most of these sales. This can often mean branching out in different locations to reach more customers. However, the challenging weather that winter brings can makes construction projects and building expansion challenging, especially when done through traditional methods. However, modular construction methods can make building construction possible even in winter.

Many construction projects are postponed during the winter because the weather can affect supplies and cause inevitable delays. However, with the modular building systems weather is not a concern. Since modules are pre-fabricated in a fully controlled warehouse environment, the weather cannot affect the building process. When the modules are complete, they are then transported to the actual site for assembly. Because they are modular, completion of these projects are significantly faster than with traditional construction.

In view of this, commercial-style modular buildings are the perfect option for retailers who require immediate expansion of their marketing area. When you need to expand your commercial space this winter, contact Avalon Building Systems for timely completion of new retail branches.

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Commercial Style Modular Buildings for Exclusive Retail Store Designs

10 October 2018

Avalon Building System - Commercial style modular buildings in Boston, MA

The diverse retail industry requires more unique buildings to present the company and branding. Brick and mortar stores are more than just a place where business transactions take place, the actual building and it's design also contributes to the company's marketing success. Modular construction can provide one-of-a-kind buildings that can help boost and expand business.

Whether you need an office, showrooms, or retail space, commercial style modular buildings are highly customizable to the distinct requirements of varying commercial needs. A modular floor plan is flexible and can adapt to any setting making expansion and renovation convenient and cost effective. Exterior and Interior designs can get the exact look that an owner wants. Details and accents unique to your business can be applied to the structure for distinct identity. With modular construction in Boston, MA, the possibilities for design are limitless.

Having a distinctive building and interior can earn business recognition in the industry and community. Contact Avalon Building Systems for more information on extraordinary modular buildings.

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Modular Homes Make it Possible to Integrate Classic and Modern Home Styles

3 October 2018

Avalon Building System - Commercial style modular buildings in Duxbury, MA

Homebuyers who are building a new home are keen on details and have unique tastes in home designs. Some want to fuse the classic home feel to modern homes. This may sound like a challenge, but with modular homes homeowners can add touches of colonial features to modern home structures.

With the advanced technology used in modular construction, designing the indoor and outdoor layout is easier. Additionally, modular homes in Boston, MA are fully customizable. With modular homes, homeowners have the leverage to make their homes unique by applying specific antique accents and pairing them with modern details. This can combine classic furnishings such as colonial architecture to stylish modern designs in perfect harmony.

If you want a home that both echoes classic and contemporary designs, then consider modular homes to get the style and atmosphere you desire. Contact Avalon Building Systems to find out more about custom-designed modular homes in New England.

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Modular Construction Offers Tougher Resilient Homes

26 September 2018

Avalon Building Systems - Modular Construction, Newton, MA

The disaster caused by Hurricane Florence devastated North Carolina and has caused many people in the area to lose their homes. While hurricanes do not hit Massachusetts with such severity, homeowners are interested in building homes that are safer and sturdier. Modular homes have more capacity to withstand strong, hurricane-force winds.

Strong, robust homes that can handle 180 mph winds are constructed by modular home builders. These homes are perfect for families who live anywhere in Massachusetts, but most especially for those who live in flood prone areas. Modular construction designs and builds resilient homes that can stand tough against natural forces. Modules are glued, screwed, and strapped for safe transport during transportation to the permanent building site. Because these homes are so securely built, they meet and often exceed state and local building codes. Additionally, the series of QA tests are the protocol of modular building systems to ensure these codes are properly met.

Homebuyers today need to pay attention to the quality of their homes and the materials and processes used to build them. Looking at the aftermath of past hurricanes, homebuyers should review all of their home building options. Contact Avalon Building Systems for strong and beautiful homes.

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