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Choose Modular Construction for Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Buildings

8 May 2018

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Bostonl, MA

Traditional construction consumes roughly 39% energy, 12% water and 68% electricity for one building, not to mention the large amount of carbon dioxide it emits during the construction process. Looking at these figures, it is apparent that traditional structures are far from being green buildings.

Modular construction in Boston, MA give rise to eco-friendly and energy-efficient buildings. Since construction time is scaled down in modular building systems, this leads to the practical use of energy and resources along with minimal construction waste. Moreover, more and more modular builders are using sustainable materials for a smaller carbon footprint in their building procedures. Furthermore, modular buildings are more easily adapted or expanded after construction.

Essentially, modular buildings are greener buildings that create less subsequent construction waste. For environmentally construction process and greener buildings, consider modular building systems. To find out more about modular construction, contact Avalon Building System.

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Modular Construction for Conducive Classrooms and Auditoriums

1 May 2018

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Cohasset, MA

Modular construction has indeed revolutionized commercial building construction with the many applications it can be used in and the benefits it offers. The quick construction process makes expanding commercial space a more viable possibility. Consumers can utilized modular additions faster than traditional construction which is ideal for businesses and commercial operations.

Schools and colleges are one of the main beneficiaries of commercial-style modular buildings. The demand for additional buildings that can serve as classrooms increases each year. With modular construction faster construction can address overcrowding of students without delay and with a smaller budget. Although these buildings are built faster than traditional structures, their overall foundation meets or exceeds local and state building codes using high quality materials. This process can also be highly customized and can blend with existing school buildings.

Non-profit educational foundations that have limited budget for expansion can now build conducive classrooms and auditoriums with modular floor plans. These floor designs are highly flexible and multi-functional which makes expansion easier. Contact Avalon Building System to find out more about modular construction for classrooms and school facilities.

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Modular Construction for Corporate Office Spaces

24 April 2018

Avalon Commercial style modular buildings in Norwell, MA

If there’s any commercial project that can really benefit from commercial style modular buildings in Boston, MA, it’s the versatility of corporate interiors and office space. The need for immediate expansion of office spaces has inspired the increasing popularity of modular construction in order to develop a smart and multi-functional space for corporate offices in a timely manner.

Smart and flexible modular floor plans make it ideal for ever expanding companies. With modular construction, it is easy to add more workstations for a growing number of employees. Modular construction makes it possible for office construction or renovations to be completed in as little as 6-8 weeks. Faster utilization of the new space entails faster ROI and quicker attainment of company goals.

Moreover, with smart computer technology, corporate spaces can be designed according to the branding and leadership style of each particular company. A modern office look is possible without costing your company a fortune. Faster completion and quality craftsmanship with less expense. Contact Avalon Building Systems to learn more about modular construction for corporate spaces and offices.

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Modular Construction for Stand-Alone Public Restrooms

17 April 2018

Avalon Building System - Commercial style modular buildings in Hingham, MA

Outdoor weather is fast approaching and more and more people will be spending time in parts, at lakes and on beaches. There is a growing need to for additional sanitation facilities, and modular construction lends itself to faster completion of these structures.

Commercial style modular buildings in Hingham, MA is an ideal solution for faster construction of modular pubic restrooms. Modular construction allows for the deliver of projects 2-3 times quicker than traditional construction. Since construction is done in an enclosed facility with strict quality control practices, completion of projects are guaranteed to be on schedule.

With the modular construction process, our modular builders can help you determine the particulars you need for your public space. We will then configure the project and integrate the specifics into one precise site design. Clients can check out the manufacturing facility to monitor the progress of the fabrication of modules. With clients updated regularly about the workflow, they can be at ease their public restrooms can be constructed on a timely manner.

To find out more about modular construction for public restrooms, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Construction for Multi-functional Halls and Conference Rooms

10 April 2018

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Norwell, MA

Function halls and conference rooms are in demand especially for hosting corporate events. With modular construction, it is easier to design meeting space to better meet the needs of the company's specific objectives and purpose. Modern meeting space setup should promote interactivity, participation, and comfort.

Commercial-style modular buildings are perfect for building function and meeting rooms. This type of construction is highly customizable and expansion is convenient. You can further modify traditional function rooms to create a dynamic space that promotes a vigorous environment and engaging experience. Since modular buildings are completely flexible, you can create a conference room that can be highly adaptable to different audiences, events, and participants.

Multi-functional modular floor plans make it possible to accommodate various concepts and styles. To find out more about modular conference rooms and function halls, contact Avalon Building System.

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Modular Construction for Faster Occupancy of Apartment Complexes

3 April 2018

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Hingham, MA

As the demand for apartment complexes continues to rise across Massachusetts, more and more investors are appreciating the advantages of modular construction. Here are the prime advantages that investors have seen by building modular apartments:

Quick Occupancy - Since modular buildings can be completed in less time, investors can occupy the building faster by having the units rented out sooner.

Energy Efficient - Modular buildings are Energy Star certified and can be constructed following LEED standards per customer’s option. This adds an advantage to renters who are interested in energy savings and lower utility bills.

Cost-effective - Modular home builders can build apartments in a more timely manner without weather, materials, or labor delays because of the factory-build setting. This means that projects are completed faster without additional and unexpected costs.

During the construction process commercial style modular buildings in Hingham, MA undergo multiple strict quality checks which allows investors to be confident that these quality and sturdy building meet or exceed local and state building codes. They also have the additional benefit of higher tenant safety. Contact Avalon Building System for more information on modular apartment construction.

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Modular Construction for Affordable and Fast Office Space - Hingham, MA

27 March 2018

Avalon Commercial style modular buildings in Norwell, MA

Commercial-style modular buildings can be easily modified anytime. This fully-functional feature of modular office spaces are gaining popularity with businesses. Modular office construction answers a variety of office requirements and needs. Here are the top reasons why investing in modular construction is more sensible when building commercial space than conventional construction.

Fast Office Setup - When circumstances arise that require you to setup an office quickly, modular office construction can easily be built to provide you with a functioning work space that is completely equipped with the designated areas you need to conduct business efficiently.

Fixed Budget - Businesses will always prefer the option to save more and their can be an immediate ROI. Building offices the traditional way can cost investors up to $200 per square foot. Modular offices can often cost them as lows as $40 per square foot with same finish and quality output. If a business is on a tight budget, this distinct reduction in building costs makes modular building systems a sensible option.

Top Quality Office Setup - Modular offices offers fully-furnished modern office space using top quality materials and office equipment. You can have a typical office but with a state of the art amenities for a great price and in less time.

The benefits of modular office construction is pretty clear and straightforward. With the quick and quality solution that modular construction has to offer, businesses can grow rapidly. Contact Avalon Building System for more details about modular construction for offices and workspace.

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Commercial-Style Modular Construction for Faster Expansion of Hotels and Resorts

20 March 2018

Avalon Building System Commercial Style Modular Buildings in Duxbury, MA

More and more commercial establishments such as hotels and resorts are embracing modular construction for the leeway it provides on hotel improvements and new projects. The smart design of module units has continued to improve to better produce flexible and sturdy structures where future expansion and renovation are possible and can easily be carried out.

Hotels and resorts that require additional rooms to accommodate more guests can have that need accomplished in a timely manner with modular construction. Modules for pre-fabricated guest rooms can be fully-furnished while pre-manufactured bathrooms are designed as self-contained units that are fully equipped with plumbing fixtures. These modules are designed to fit standard shipping containers and lifted for easy transport to hotel and resort sites.

Commercial style-modular construction in Duxbury, MA truly leads the way for faster and less expensive commercial building expansion. When businesses can quickly utilize new structures, the ROI can be achieved instantly. Faster turnaround time means rapid growth of business. For more details on custom building hotels and resorts using modular construction, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Construction for Highly-Secure Bank Buildings

13 March 2018

Avalon Building System - Commercial Style Modular Buildings

Bank buildings require a more complex design than any other business buildings because of security reasons. Modular construction offers a more advanced approach to bank buildings to make them more secure and functional.

Modular building systems offer innovative modular bank building designs with cutting-edge security features such as bullet-proof teller walls and windows, an advanced security system, and state of the art vaults with safety deposit boxes to secure all assets under the bank's care. More secured structures and modular floor plans are available which can be further customized to meet the trademark design of a specific bank company. Meanwhile, these structures can be temporary or permanently built depending on the business plans. Regardless, modular financial buildings are guaranteed to be built from high-quality and premium-grade materials.

In addition to banks, commercial-style modular buildings in Cohasset, MA can also be customized to serve as payment centers, credit unions, disaster recovery centers and other financial offices. To learn more about modular financial buildings, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Construction for Storm-Proof Homes

6 March 2018

Avalon Building System - Modular Construction in Boston, MA

We've had quite an end to winter here in Massachusetts, and we are known for our unpredictable weather. Those who want to build a new home here can’t and shouldn't settle for less than the sturdiest of homes that can withstand strong winds and storms. The Modular Building System has answered this significant demand. Home buyers can now have built strong and resilient homes at an affordable price.

Modular homes are manufactured from premium-grade materials and are designed with state of the art technology. Modular homes can withstand winds up to 180 mph. These homes are built in the form of modules in a factory setting using premium materials. The entire process involves numerous QA tests. The modules are then transported to the permanent building site. Because they are going to be transported, during construction the modules are both glued and screwed, making them sturdier. All homes are built to meet or exceed local and state building codes. There is a set of large steel anchors which are used to stabilize the house during intense weather. Homes in flood prone areas have modular pilings that are wrapped by masonry with smart vents built in. In the event of flood, water can flow in and out of the vents. This prevents the foundation from being swept away by strong water currents.

Modular homes are pre-fabricated in warehouses where they are subject to rigorous quality control measures so consumers can be assured of their quality. But, because of the factory build process, modular construction is completed faster and for less money. Less construction time means less expense. For more information on storm-proof homes, contact Avalon Building System.

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