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Modular Home Construction Provides Ease in Building a Rental Investment Home in Hingham, MA

22 April 2015


As proof that modular home construction is not only intended for residential use by the homeowner, a variety of designs for the construction of modular buildings can create homes for multiple families. The options available give you many choices and solutions for building rental homes as investment properties in Hingham.

One modular home floor plan that is perfect for rental purposes are the modular multi-family style homes in Hingham, MA. These modular homes address the concern for space when the home is built on a space with limitations in land and with smaller budgets. Additionally, with the convenience of modular construction, landlords and property managers can add onto modular homes easily later on down the line. Modular construction has made it possible to make changes after construction less costly.

The modular home industry uses advanced building systems to custom-build multi-family homes from pre-designed floor plans that take less time and money. The Cheesapeake modular home floor plan is a common choice among multi-family home floor plans because it features three bedrooms per unit. This two-story modular home also has the option to add additional units when necessary. This is good news for those who plan to invest in rental apartments as a means of income. You can test the waters by starting with fewer units, adding more units based on budget, income and demand.

To find out how you can turn multi-family modular homes into a business, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Construction Lets You Build Commercial Space with Ease – Scituate, MA

16 April 2015


Commercial style modular buildings in Scituate, MA can be very useful to your business regardless of the size and niche. This is the perfect solution for those who are restricted by budget, and for those who would prefer to buy rather than rent.

Modular construction is not limited to building dream homes alone. It also allows for customizing modular buildings for commercial purposes such as office space, retail stores, student housing, apartment and condominiums and more. Because modular construction uses a CAD technology, it is advantageous when constructing buildings as well as for renovating.

Off-site construction now includes modular floor plans that have been inspired for certain commercial concepts. When you own your own space, you can do business with ease. These flexible modular floor plans have been strategically developed to provide cost-effective alternatives for commercial spaces. Part of your freedom in customizing and optimizing your particular floor plan is selecting from a wide array of finish options and other architectural details to make a commercial modular building that stands out from the crowd.

If you want to explore how modular construction can help you meet your building timeline and budget requirements that are specific to your business, contact the experts at Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Construction – Building the Best Commercial Space for Your Business - Norwell, MA

8 April 2015


In addition to offering better homes, modular construction has also been providing great commercial spaces for companies throughout Massachusetts. With advanced building systems that continue to improve, modular construction is able to meet a diverse set of commercial building requirements for a general office settings or for large complexes.

Modular construction in Norwell, MA has everything necessary to provide either temporary or permanent modular buildings, whenever and wherever you need it. A comprehensive analysis of your specific commercial space needs will be conducted. This will be the basis in designing a floor plan that exceeds your expectations. For this reason, it is best that you consult with an experienced team whose core competence is constructing modular commercial spaces for any business venture.

A commercial style modular building can be custom-built to meet your business needs. With a wide range of flexible floor plans available, you can construct a single or multi-story structure for commercial purposes. The processes involved are accomplished within your budget and timeline, making commercial modular construction an ideal alternative for those who do not have the luxury of time or endless budgets.

To find out more about the options for commercial modular buildings, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Home Construction Makes Cape Cod Style Homes Renovation-Friendly - Duxbury, MA

26 March 2015


Cape Cod style modular homes are known for their symmetrical features dominated by steep roofs. These high-sloping roofs not only add aesthetic value to the exterior but also have some bonus benefits inside, specifically for space and storage.

Cape modular home styles are generally considered one to one-and-a-half story, dormered homes. The available designs usually come with symmetrical shingles on the roof and decorative dormers that allow natural light to get inside. With the size and traditional layout of these modular homes, they have found favor across Duxbury, MA because of the cost and speed of construction. Cape style homes are also a popular architectural style near the water and across Massachusetts. Additionally, they are also a great choice of starter home for young couples or first time buyers.

Modular home construction in Duxbury, MA makes your dream Cape Cod home more friendly to future renovations as well. With the high sloping roof, you can add one or two bonus rooms upstairs. If you are still undecided as to how you want to use the additional upstairs space at the time of initial construction, you can build a modular home that has an unfinished second floor. This space is easily modified in the future to make room for extra space.

To find out more about how you can custom-build a Cape Cod modular home, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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Vacation Style Modular Homes are Versatile Enough to Accommodate Personal Preferences - Hingham, MA

17 March 2015


With the fast and continuous advancements in modular home construction in Hingham, MA, you can build a home based on your personal preferences which is fully compliant with local and state building codes. Modular construction involves a building system where the modules are manufactured inside a factory-like environment. The modules are regularly inspected to ensure that they are free of flaws and, when they are combined and installed, will make a durable, weather-proof home on a permanent foundation.

Whether you want to build a starter home, a second home, or your retirement home, the Vacation style modular homes are a perfect floor plan to begin with. These modular home floor plans have a multitude of options for finishing, fixtures, and other features which can be added or modified in order to enhance the aesthetics and the functionality of your vacation home.

While a Vacation home is a popular and practical investment for retirees, modular construction technology allows you to own a vacation home comparably earlier. Apart from making you feel like you are always on vacation, modular floor plans are comprised of various styles that can be versatile and customized to entail your personal preference and your needs as a homeowner.

Vacation style modular home floorplans give you an idea of the type of vacation home that modular home construction can give you. To find out more modular floor plans and modular construction, contact the Avalon Building Systems.

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Modular Construction Could Address Region’s Housing Shortage - Stoughton, MA

12 March 2015


Contractors are convinced modular construction may be a future key to building enough affordable housing – particularly multifamily housing – to satisfy the growing demand for all types of residential units in the Boston market.

The trick, though, is overcoming a public stigma of modular housing and fears by some unions that modular construction could eliminate many trade jobs, contractors and construction executives say.

The issue of modular housing, especially multifamily projects, recently came to the forefront after the Grossman Cos. Inc. of Quincy and the Wayside Cos. of Boston announced that they purchased nearly an acre of Allston property permitted for an 80-unit, $26-million apartment complex.

In a release, the companies boasted that the 61-89 Braintree St. project would be the “largest modular construction project in the city of Boston” and designed to “ensure quality control, to fast-track the construction schedule, to provide tighter construction for greater energy efficiency and to reduce excess materials waste.” Executives declined further comment about the Allston project, saying the designs are preliminary. But the size of the proposed development is viewed as an encouraging sign by many industry officials who say modular construction could be an important piece of the puzzle in solving the region’s chronic problem of low supply and high demand for housing.

Usually associated with single-family homes and others projects, such as temporary school-building additions, modular construction has already been used in the Boston area for multifamily developments.

In 2013, Tocci Building Cos. of Woburn finished building a 56-unit apartment complex for Federal Realty Trust in Chelsea, using modular sections built in a Maine factory. In 2010, Tocci built a 54-unit residential complex in West Cambridge for AbodeZ, also using modular design and construction.

Bud LaRosa, chief business performance officer at Tocci, said his company is currently pricing a couple of other multifamily modular projects for unspecified developers in the area.

To find out more about modular home construction, contact the professionals at Avalon Building Systems.


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Colonial Style Modular Home Floor Plans Optimize the Lot Area to Custom-Build a Spacious Home - Stoughton, MA

10 March 2015


Colonial style modular home floor plans have designs with symmetrical facades and identifiable New England style exterior features. They are known for their side-gable roofs with narrow eaves as well as for their multi-plane, double hung windows. How great they look on the outside is as great as they feel on the inside.

The reason for the continued popularity of Colonial style modular homes in Stoughton, MAis their timeless design both inside and out. Their optional white columns make them easily recognizable as a New England style home. The classical detailing in Colonial homes oftentimes includes a sunroom and front porch to help dress up the exterior and optimize the available space outside. These parts of the house also serve as the perfect place to spend the afternoon.

Colonial style modular homes are a good choice for a more spacious and accommodating home, especially if you are planning to build on a sizeable lot. Aside from the classic detailing on the outside, a fireplace can also be added to the interior which both enhances your home’s functionality and aesthetic value. The existing modular home floor plans can be further modified to your unique needs to create a home that is custom-built to match your personal preferences while complying to local and state building codes and regulations.

To find out more about Colonial style modular home floor plans, contact the Avalon Building Systems.

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Ranch-Style Modular Home Plans are Convenient to Customize in Order to Enhance Living Space - Cohasset, MA

3 March 2015


The standard specifications of ranch style modular home plans are perfect for hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters in Cohasset, MA. These single story modular homes are easy to build with your personal preferences in mind. These modular floor plans are very flexible so you can conveniently enhance your living experience and your living space in your new modular home.

The Cohasset ranch style modular home offers a large master bedroom along with two smaller bedrooms that are adjacent to each other. It has a total living area of 1,750 square feet which houses a fully furnished kitchen nook that opens to a large dining area. Aside from the two bathrooms, one near the master bedroom and the other next to the family room, there is also enough space for the laundry and closet. In its 2,220 total square footage, you also have the option of a two-car garage.

While these homes are intended for single story living, down-the-line you can have a second level added if you find you need additional space for a growing family. The unfinished walk-up attic space and dormers on the ranch style modular home in Cohasset, MA can be turned into living space where more bedrooms can be added upstairs.

To inquire about The Cohasset ranch-style modular home plan, contact the Avalon Building Systems.

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New York City's first 'micro apartments' are coming this spring — here's what they'll look like

24 February 2015


In 2013, a project called My Micro NY won a design competition for the New York's first "micro apartments" sponsored by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

Intended to create affordable housing for singles in New York City, those promised prefabricated affordable units are finally being assembled in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and will be unveiled this spring in Manhattan's Kips Bay, according to The New York Times.

The city's first "micro" building will have 55 rental apartments, all ranging from 260- to 360-square-feet with big windows, ample storage space, and Juliet balconies.

Because the architects believed amenities are important to micro-unit dwellers, the building will also have a public meeting space, café, and common rooftop garden for residents, as well as a laundry room, residential storage space, a bike room, and fitness space.

The building will begin rising up in 335 East 27th Street, in Kips Bay with apartments renting for $2,000 to $3,000 a month.

Residents are expected to begin moving in by September 2015, according to earlier estimates from the architects. The building will be rent stabilized, environmentally friendly, and — with the exception of the size — will follow all local, state, and federal housing regulations.

Under current zoning laws enacted in 1987, all NYC apartments must be at least 400 square feet, but then-mayor Michael Bloomberg said in 2013 that the new micro-units would be an exception.

My Micro NY will also be the first multi-family building in Manhattan to use modular construction, with the modules prefabricated locally by Monadnock Development as well as the Lower East Side People’s Mutual Housing Association at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Modular construction is said to be safer and more efficient since the plumbing, electrical, and building development is done in a controlled, indoor environment.

The city is expecting a wait list for the apartments, which have already received "dozens of calls from interested parties of all ages," according to The Times. 22 of the 55 units will be reserved for low-income families.

The contest was developed to address the growing need in New York City for affordable studios, one person- and two person-households. It was originally a part of Mayor Bloomberg's New Housing Marketplace Plan, a multi-billion dollar initiative to finance 165,000 units of affordable housing for an expected 500,000 New Yorkers.

"New York’s ability to adapt with changing times is what made us the world’s greatest city," Bloomberg said in a 2013 press conference. "And it’s going to be what keeps us strong in the 21st Century."

To find out more about modular home construction, contact the professionals at Avalon Building Systems.


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Cape Cod Style Modular Homes Provide Versatile Living Space for Various Types of Households - Stoughton, MA

19 February 2015

People used to think modular homes in Stoughton, MA were not as practical an option. However, today modular homes have become increasingly more popular because of the added convenience they provide in terms of time and money. More and more homeowners are choosing to build their dream home through modular construction.

Even floor plans conventionally designed for traditionally built homes can be used in developing modular floorplans. A popular choice for modular construction is the Cape Cod style modular home. In fact, there are many home amenities that can be added to improve this flexible floorplan. Fully-furnished on the first floor with an open living space upstairs, the Cape Cod home is ideal for families who are starting up or for those that will be growing and will need more living space in the future.

If you have a tight budget or are not sure what type of living space you will need down the line, the proposed second floor you see on the cape cod modular floorplan can be built later on. With the technological advancements in quality controls and building systems, the modular homes can be built quickly. Additionally, modifications to the floor plan can be made with ease even once the house is already built on its permanent site.

To find out more about existing modular floor plans that can be customized into a unique dream home, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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