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Modular Homes are More Efficient in Every Way

Spring is around the corner. It is the perfect time to begin the process of building a new home. However, if you would like to be moved into this home before summer, consider building a modular home. Modular home construction is more efficient, in every way.

The design process is more efficient. You can choose from standard modular floor plans, change a standard floor plan to more accommodate your needs, combine facets of various floor plans, or start at the beginning and have an architect create you a custom designed modular home.
The construction process is more efficient. In modular construction materials are purchased in bulk, and the home is built in an assembly line process. Because of this, there is no materials delay. The actual construction is done more quickly because the same tradesmen are working in a process. There are also no labor or weather delays. Once the home is delivered to your building site, it just takes a few days to complete the construction process.

From the completion of the design process to ‘move in’ takes only about 4-8 weeks. This means you can move in much faster than with stick built homes.

The home itself is more efficient. Because your modular home is inspected throughout the construction process, the home is more built more efficiently. Modular homes are held accountable to all local and state building codes. Our modular homes also use high efficiency windows and energy star rated appliances. At Avalon, we also use SIPs (structurally insulated panels) in our ceilings and walls. These provide superior and uniform insulation compared to "stick frame" homes, offering energy savings of 12%–14%. Because they are built to withhold transportation, they are also more sturdily built.

For more information on an efficiently built modular home, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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