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Modular Homes: A Smart Move and Smart Looking

The latest trend in home technology that focuses on affordability, sustainability and quality design are bringing modular homes to another level. It goes well with your off grid living dream. With modular homes – it is a smart move and smart looking!

Modular homes are simple, elegant, and cleverly compact homes. It delivers prefabricated dwellings that work as rural retreats, backyard rooms, holiday rentals, a home office or suburban studio. There are many additions and personalization options with modular homes. Avalon Building Systems design beautiful modular homes that are prefabricated to build hassle-free and affordable homes. These homes are architecturally designed, carefully engineered homes that are brought to life with only the highest quality materials. We are proud of creating homes that respect and reflect both the land they are part of and the human beings who wish to call this land home. Further, focusing on the use of carbon-neutral materials, we ensure the designs center on healthy families now, and leave a positive legacy for generations to come.

Modular homes are award winning designs that redefine the way they are built. It ensures the building of architectural, innovative, and sustainable modular homes. We will help you turn your dreams into reality. We will show you that modular homes will make beautiful houses!

If you are interested in building a home through a modular building system, contact Avalon Building Systems. We will help you turn your dreams into reality. We will show you that modular homes will make beautiful houses!

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