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SIP Panels Provide High Strength and Consistency In Modular Homes

SIPs are very strong and in most applications are structurally self-sufficient. Designers can use them in wall, roof and floor systems in place of other structural elements. While frequently used in one- or two-story buildings, they have been successfully utilized for taller structures. We know that SIPs are a powerful addition to use in any modular home construction due to their high strength and consistency.

In walls, SIPs can bear high loads and offer great strength in racking diaphragm shear capacities. These capabilities enable the panels to be used in typical exterior walls, as well as shear walls to resist earthquakes and high winds. Extensive testing on SIPs has proven them for use in high-risk earthquake areas, including seismic zones D, E and F.

In roofs, SIPs can be used without an engineered truss system and can span long distances up to 20 feet based on design parameters. As a result, they can help create open interior spaces by reducing the need for intermediate structural supports. Designers can also incorporate SIPs into floors, typically in applications such as over crawl spaces where an insulated floor system is required.

SIPs play an important role in ensuring quality finishes. Because they are made in a controlled setting and come in large sections, they allow for straighter walls than is possible with wood stick-built framing. Their smooth and even surface can also reduce finishing labor by helping eliminate the need to shim cabinets, windows and doors.

Not only do SIPs provide excellent durability in modular homes but they are environmentally friendly and a huge cost saving technique. SIPs reduce energy costs, as well as construction waste, by up to 60 percent, and play a role in improving indoor air quality and supporting recycling. Planning, designing and constructing modular buildings is more challenging than ever. To survive, and even thrive, in the home market requires new ways of thinking . SIPs are a tried and trusted construction technique that offers a way to greatly improve light modular construction.

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