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Modular Homes with SIP's Use 20-30% Less Energy

Everyone wants to go green. Even, the home builders are coming up with new home designs that are more energy efficient. The new Energy Star homes are designed in such a way that the energy consumption per house will be 20-30% less than a regular home.

A wide variety of homes can earn the Energy Star label if they are verified and confirmed that they meet the EPA’s guidelines. Energy Star homes include but are not restricted to systems-built homes such as the ICF, SIP, or modular construction homes. Energy Star qualified homes also include an array of advanced energy-efficient features in order to improve the home quality and also to lower the overall energy consumption and air pollution.

With the increasingly high demand of homebuyers for green building and energy efficient houses, there are builders, such as Avalon Building Systems, meeting the needs to build better energy efficient homes. These energy efficient homes save energy and help in the improvement of the environment by avoiding the excess usage of the non-renewable energy and the burning of fossil fuels. Of course, by choosing modular homes, you use less energy during the construction and building process.

These tightly-sealed homes not only improve comfort but also reduce the utility and maintenance expenses. Additionally, modular home factories produce less waste, 2%, than on-site construction which produces 30-40% waste.

In general, modular homes are a great option for those looking forward to buying or building a new home. These homes meet strict regulations and help you in protecting the environment by saving more energy. With so many energy efficient systems, there is no doubt that these homes really do consume 20-30 % less energy than regular homes.

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