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Reasons Modular Homes are Superior to Traditionally Built Homes - Massachusetts

If you are considering building a new home, consider modular construction. There are plenty of reasons why industry leaders and homeowners believe that modular homes are superior to traditionally built homes. Here are some of the reasons why:

State-of-the-art home construction

Modular homes manufacturers can build custom designed homes faster and greener that are more efficient than traditionally build homes. With traditionally built homes, building materials are subject to weather and contractor error. Modular homes are built indoors in factory-like settings and then transported to the building site. During the construction process, modules are subjected to rigorous and constant QA inspections. This number of inspections is not economically feasible on a traditional construction site.

Manufacturing in every industry has evolved to a factory-type process.

Drive by a construction site during the snow or rain. Construction materials and half built homes are subjected to all types of weather conditions. The construction process itself on a traditional job site is also subject contractor and delivery delays. Modular construction is a systems built process where the cuts are precise and work is constantly monitored and inspected. On-site construction has little oversight.

Shorter construction time

While your modular home is being constructed in the factory, on-site work like foundation and water and sewer line tie ins are being completed at the same time. As a result modular home construction takes considerably less time than traditional construction. In fact, modular homes can be completed in 6-8 weeks once the design process is complete.

Built stronger

Modular homes are built to be transported and lifted onto the foundation with a crane. Therefore, all joints are glued and screwed. In fact, modular homes use up to 30% more materials than traditionally built homes. This means modular homes last better and longer through weather and time.

Quality Control

Modular homes are built to exacting standards because modular manufacturers have strong QC systems in place from third party inspectors. Traditionally built homes are subject to inspections only from the onsite supervisor.

No budget surprises

The price you get at the time your purchase a modular home is the price you will pay when the home is complete unless you make changes yourself along the way. Modular construction is easy to budget, so there will be no unexpected surprises.

Greener Homes and Greener Construction

Compared to stick-built homes, modular construction creates less trash, lest waste, less energy and are more efficient after they are built.

ENERGY STAR rated homes, and not just the appliances

For a home to be an ENERGY STAR  it must pass a series of inspections to prove that it meets new energy specs. This means that a modular home will use 15% less energy than a home built with traditional construction. Additionally, insulation, windows and appliances are all more energy efficient.

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