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Modular Multi-Family Homes Make Good Business Sense for Investors – Massachusetts, New York

It’s not quite like putting together Legos, but piece-by-piece, a new condominium development can be constructed.

Modular condominium projects, constructed off site, can be pieced together to form a multi-unit, multi-story community.

For many reasons including construction time and cost, modular apartment buildings are becoming more and more popular among developers. A number of modular apartment buildings were recently constructed in communities around Massachusetts and New York.

The range of benefits of modular construction run the gamut from cost to environmental.

Modular construction has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than the traditional footprint of traditional stick built framing of homes or apartments. Factory built home construction uses a lot less energy and is far more efficient than a typical construction site where everything is built on site.

Another benefit to modular multi-unit home construction; the labor costs and efficiencies are far better doing a project of that size in a timeframe that it can be done efficiently and where you are not going over budget.

Once the individual sections are constructed in the modular home factory, they are trucked to the building sire and lifted into place by a crane. Once that begins to happen, in just a matter of days, the majority the building can be put in place.

Once the sections are lifted into position they are locked together so that much of the inside work can then begin including the mechanical work inside the building, the heating systems, connecting the electrical; all of the HVAC and siding is also done once the modules are fully blocked together. Once this is complete, the roof trusses go up and the roof is completed.

The units can be sold as condos for individual buyers or owned and rented as an investment property.

Once completed, multi-family modular homes are high quality buildings that are much more economical. They makes good business sense for any investor.

For more information on multi-unit modular construction, contact Avalon Building Systems.


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