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Modular Homes are Energy Efficient and Chic

Early snow was no problem for the Josifovski family, or for their new modular home. With their three children, the couple relish the extra slope time. Instead of waiting for their house to be finished, they can spend that time skiing and having fun.

After the house was delivered, it took 15 days for it to be completely done. It is an incredibly fast process.

The new four- bedroom modular house came with all the energy efficiency and chic "green" design the family desired – in a fraction of the time. Helping to keep the family warm in winter are double-thick insulated walls, or SIP panels.

"We custom-built our last home, " Josifovski said. "It was three years of hell with constant overruns and overtime. I became so convinced that modular homes are the right way to build."

Amid the slumping housing industry, the popularity of modular homes is growing. Among their selling points: Energy (and money) savings come built in.

At Avalon Building Systems, our modular homes are LEED Platinum-certified with Energy Star-rated appliances and SIP panels.

All of those options were installed at the factory. Situated on a lot, the house is then delivered in pieces and assembled in hours.

Think of the modules like big Legos, but they have to comply with all local building codes.

Because the homes are built in a factory, there's less construction waste and there's also more quality control.

Green technology tends to cost more. But by factory-installing those options, the final price tag comes down. And as more people become interested, these sustainable options become more affordable.

The largest market for modular homes may be baby boomers that are looking for a modern easy-care but sustainable home for retirement.

The speed of installation grabs many customers. Modular Homes can be completed in the factory in a few months. Meanwhile, the home site is prepared and construction permits finalized. Then, installation seems almost instantaneous.

People love the speed. You get a custom built home with all energy-efficient extras, but cut way down on the build time. The people who buy our homes want a nice house, they want it green and to work in a real economy – and they want it fast.

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