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Modular Home Construction in Any Season - Sharon, Avon, MA

Many homeowners don’t want to move, they like their town, neighborhood and schools. The problem is their home is no longer meeting their needs. Instead of moving, build a new home with modular construction.

Maybe you think now is not the right time to start building a home. But, that is the beauty of modular construction.  Modular homes can be built at any time of year.  The home is built in a factory setting where there are no issues with weather delays or weather related materials damage.
In our protected factory environment, your hone modules are constructed according to the floor plan you have chosen, either a custom designed floor plan or one of the hundreds of our modular floor plans. And, of course, all of modular homes are built in a factory to exact specifications that meet or exceed all of local and state building codes.

While your modular home is being constructed, the site work is being done including: foundation, sewage and plumbing tie-ins and electric. Once the home is delivered, it can be buttoned up and sided in just a couple days. Rain and snow will not hurt your home because the home is already built.
Building a new modular home can begin any time of year. At Avalon Building Systems, we are accustomed to building custom modular homes in the fall and winter. In fact, if you start the design process now, you could be moved into your new home in time for the holidays.

If you have been dreaming of a larger, more accommodating beautiful home, take advantage of the still reasonably low mortgage rates.  If you want to build a new home but do not want to be concerned about your new home being subject to the elements, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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