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Modular Home Additions are Easier and Faster than Stick-Built – Cape Cod, MA

Recently a family moved to New England, and wanted a the perfect year round house near the beach. They moved into a pretty plain modular home. The house was in a great neighborhood, a short walk to some of the most beautiful sandy beaches and had a bit of a water view.  They added a modular home addition.

The home was a modular house to begin with, but modular additions can be added to any home.  There are so many pluses to renovating a modular home. Modular homes are built in factories, are made to adhere to strict codes and are structurally very sound. In fact, they stand up better through weather and over time than traditionally built homes. The house arrives to the site on a truck and is lifted onto the foundation with a crane. This makes them very sturdy in order to make the trip.

This renovation process included adding the modular addition onto the existing house which took a total of five days.

The modular construction for home additions is the same as that of building a new modular home, they are both made in indoor factories by skilled craftsmen.

A modular home is totally assembled at the factory and shipped out in sections on flatbed trucks. Each piece is lifted by a crane and put into place.  A complete modular home can be done in a few days, including electric, plumbing and complete finish work.

A modular addition is also built at the factory and is assembled at the job site.  The benefits for modular construction are many. You can have a quality built custom home for less than the time and cost of stick built homes and it takes from 3 to 14 days to put up an entire addition.

The modular additions are built as if it they are separate houses and are then added to the existing home. all It is easier than a traditionally built addition, is highly cost effective and no major renovations take place. In New England waste not, want not.

For more information on modular additions in New England, contact Avalon Home Builders.

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