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Modular Buildings for Commercial Use – Sharon, Avon, Quincy

Modular commercial buildings are a much broader industry in the US than in years past.  In the U.S. alone, there are an estimated 600,000-plus modular commercial buildings used for everything from daycare centers, apartments, and healthcare centers.

Commercial modular buildings can accommodate all kinds of businesses who are interested in expanding, relocating or owning their own building.  Commercial modular buildings are non-residential and factory-built, and are used for permanent modular construction.

Modular buildings generally serve a few key industries: education, banks, general office space, healthcare and modular apartment buildings. However, modular office space can fulfill other industries’ needs as well. Modular construction can be used for government facilities, daycares, high-tech fields, disaster relief, in-plant structures and more.

Modular commercial buildings are both durable and flexible, and can be transported easily to react to changing needs, even in remote locations. Commercial modular construction can be custom designed and built to suit the needs of any business.

In recent years, the most significant trends for modular commercial construction have been shifts toward office space and modular-complex units.

The flexibility of commercial modular construction has been especially helpful in be able to offer price-effective flexibility.  However, it is also becoming popular for larger-sized projects. <<>

In cities far and wide, these modular commercial buildings are looking more and more attractive. A 49-unit apartment building (expected to take seven months to erect) will become downtown Seattle’s first modular construction project. New York City currently has more than 17 modular projects in development.

Modular building has become an increasingly attractive over recent years. As the economy continues to improve and commercial construction continues to rebound, consider modular commercial construction, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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