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Modular Apartment Building Construction are a Great Choice for Investors - Massachusetts

A big part of the resurrection of the real estate market is a result of investors buying property to rent out for income. As far as investments, traditionally buying real estate has been a good idea. If you are interested in real estate as an investment, consider modular multi-family home or modular apartment construction.

Recently in the news, there was a story about an architect, construction company and modular homes manufacturer who are together using modular construction to build an apartment complex in just 13 days.

Modular construction consists of building the apartment in a climate-controlled factory and transporting them to the construction site. The modules are stacked, using a crane. After modules are stacked and secured, the on-site crew works to add the final touches.

Because they are built in a controlled environment, and are subject to regular QA checks, modular construction yields better-quality homes and commercial buildings that are greener, more cost-effective and more time sensitive.

Modular multi-family homes and apartments are fully inspected, in compliance with state and local building codes for commercial apartments. Inspectors monitor the module construction and the building site.

Many in the construction industry believe that modular construction will be a significant piece of the future of construction. There are plenty of advantages, but arguably the most important are construction time reduction and superior building quality. A common misperception is that modular homes are cheaply-made. But, in actuality, modular apartment buildings are made with quality materials, including walls that reduce sound disturbance.

According to the Modular Building Institute, all modular buildings have to abide by the same building codes and standards as site-built structures.

For more information on building modular apartments, contact Avalon Building Systems.


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