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People should consider building ‘prefab’ homes. There is so much less waste, they’re faster, and they’re often less expensive.
“Prefabricated” homes are modular homes. Modular home construction streamlines the home construction process. On-Site construction usually involves multiple parties, but prefab homes are typically designed, constructed and built by one company.
Customers who choose modular construction to build a  new home know the price, and they know what they’re getting for a finished product. It is a much less stressful process.

Because of the streamlined process, architects and builders are able to control how much (or how little) waste is involved in construction. Modular homes manufacturers are offering ways to make construction less wasteful and more streamlines. Homes are constructed in factories where it’s easier to source sustainable materials and control waste, and transporting fewer workers means a smaller carbon footprint.

Not only is the modular building process more sustainable, but prefab homes have benefits for your energy bill, too. New developments in the industry allow builders to achieve a tighter envelope on the house. Spray foam insulation and structural insulated panels help to ensure that air doesn’t leak into or outside of the home.

As prefab homes become more environmentally sustainable,  modular design has evolved as well. Many people associate prefab homes with a modern style of architecture; however, prefab is a type of construction, not a certain design style. Prefab houses can be built in almost any style you can build an on-site house.

Contrary to their prior reputation of being “cookie cutter” homes, prefab homes are actually very customizable.  

Is a prefab home right for you? Prices tend to be competitive, but the cost of building prefab varies depending on the type of home, which can range from large, high-end homes to smaller, more economical models. And prefabs are not specific to certain areas; they can be built as remote getaways or into busy urban neighborhoods.

For more information on modular construction and prefab homes, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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