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Building a New Home vs Buying a Home - Sharon, Norwood, Westwood, MA

The housing marketing is picking up. That is good news for many. But single home inventory is low, which means housing prices are rising. As a result too many people are paying too much for homes they don’t love or have to spend time and money renovating in order to achieve the home they want.

So, many are wondering if they should build instead. If you are contemplating building, consider modular construction. Why? Modular construction takes far less time than traditional construction. This means that you could be in your new modular home even before an existing home sale could be complete.

There are many pros and cons for both buying and building. Consider each when making your decision. Building your dream home may seem difficult, but with modular construction it isn’t. Once you have chosen a modular home floor plan, the build time can take as little as 6-8 weeks. Not only that, there will be no budget surprises with modular construction. The price you get is the price you will pay.

Pros for Building a new modular home:

  • Modular homes can be custom designed.
  • Modular homes last better through time and weather.
  • You home will meet or exceed state and local building codes therefore may be more resalable.
  • Modular homes are more energy efficient than traditional construction and more energy efficient than any existing home, saving you money over time.
  • In an environment where the buying process is taking longer and longer, with modular construction, you could be in your new home in a couple months.

When you buy a home today, the buying process takes longer. Most likely you could be settling for a home that you need to renovate. You could be stuck with someone else' headache, and no house today is as energy efficient as a newly built home, and modular homes are even more energy efficient than traditional construction.

If you are interested in building a new modular home rather than buying, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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