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Why Modular--Comparatively Low Price and Long-Term Durability

It's no question that modular houses are the strongest of all frame homes built. A typical modular home contains 30 percent more lumber. Floors and walls are both glued and screwed to hold out the rigors of over-the-road transportation and crane lifting when setting the house on a foundation. Make no mistake, modular is just a better way to build! So it should come as no surprise that the modular home industry is rising and advancing month-in and month-out. This is not just happening across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and indeed across the globe as well.

There are some great benefits to going with a modular home over a site built home. Not only can the modular home direction save funds in actual construction costs, but it may also save a lot of time. Since there are many opportunities for lower costs, a lower potential for problems, energy efficiency and better quality, people in and out of the industry are beginning to be aware of the amazing value of modular homes.

Typically, modular homes are bought through a licensed manufacturer such as us at Avalon Building Systems.  After a floor-plan strategy and options have been agreed, a state-approved third party reviews the plans to verify that state building codes are adhered too. Simultaneously, a third party inspection agency licensed by the state conducts inspection at the plant while the home is being manufactured and assembled. You, the modular home consumer, are one of the most protected buyers in any American industry.

Once inside your new home, your continue to be protected at the highest level.  We are able to insulate our modular homes to a much greater degree than an on-site home. The home is caulked all at once; no delays due to poor weather will interfere with the construction of your home.

Home building industry experts on average state that home buyers can save up to 35% on new home construction by going modular. Why modular?  Better product....less cost. We don't know what more needs to be said. 

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