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The Home Appraisal Process for Modular Homes

In order to buy a new home, the home must be appraised so you can begin the process of getting a mortgage or loan. An appraisal of a modular home is the estimated amount a home buyer can expect to pay for their new home. When buying any piece of property, including modular homes you need a licensed professional appraiser. However, if the home is not yet built, how is it actually appraised?

The appraiser will inspect the modular home plans to have an idea of how much your new home should cost. Generally, they use information on labor rates, building costs, and depreciation and appreciation in the area where the property is being built. Also during the appraisal process, they will use sales comparisons, prices and values of compatible homes sold in the area, to determine the current modular home value.
Once a thorough analysis of the property has been completed, a report is created which is used to initiate the mortgage or loan process. Included in the report would be the property specifications, the replacement cost analysis and the comparative sales analysis.

The replacement cost analysis is total amount spent on the construction and the materials of the modular home, and the lot value. The comparative sales analysis, as mentioned, is the comparison of the actual property to other similar properties that have been sold in the same town or county.

These factors will determine the current total value of the property. The modular home appraisal will then be finalized so that the loan transaction can take place. The calculated total value of the modular home will help you determine future expenses such as utilities and real estate taxes.

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