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So What About Avalon Building Systems “A+” Better Business Bureau Rating?

With quality of product and service being of paramount importance to us, we thought we’d take a moment to discuss the Better Business Bureau (BBB), what they do, and what it means to earn their respect.  Most if not everyone is familiar with the BBB, but relatively few are familiar about the details of their evaluator process.  You’ve seen the BBB logo on our home page, by reading below you’ll learn about how we earn the right to proudly display that logo.

The BBB deals with a wide assortment of industries with home building being just one of many. They pride themselves on being an unbiased ethical agency and their long history truly trusted business practices has empowered that pride.   All of us at Avalon Building systems carry that same pride in our quality of product and service in part due to our uninterrupted qualification for the BBB seal of approval.   We are contractually obligated to uphold the BB’s “Standards for Trust” and we also agree to prioritize and resolve complaints that are filed against them with the BBB. This sets us apart from other businesses.  Non-BBB business is not required to be ethical or resolve complaints. Care to guess how many BBB complaints have been filed against Avalon throughout our entire history?  You guessed it…NONE!  Only compliments. Who would not be humbly proud of such a record.
When evaluating a business, BBB looks at many different factors.  Being accredited doesn't guarantee that a business earns the top grade of “A+”. In fact, there are many non-accredited businesses out there that treat customers well but do not rate near the perfect grade. Good business often get “C” ratings and below.  You need to realize that “A+” earners like us have demonstrated to the BBB that they are “over the top” in quality and service.  There are close to half-a-million Accredited Businesses in North America with a fraction of those rated A+.  
 When you ask us about a custom home or speak with us about one of our floor plans you will see the service reflected from the BBB. If you’d like to see the exact factors we were judged against by the BBB, navigate to and review the BBB review ratings page.  
When you team with Avalon Building Systems, you team with true and PROVEN professionals.  Let us go to work for you today!

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