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Price of Manufactured Homes May Surprise You

You want to build a new home, but the price is holding you back. Have you thought about cost? Cost is really the value proposition of your new home. Is the new home worth the price?

Well, what figures into price? The actual cost of course, the price of the building materials and labor. The time to build the home has to play into the cost for sure. Who want to pay for something they can’t live in for a year and will cause a lot of stress? What else figures into cost? The stress should figure in. Building a new home is stressful and time consuming and there are always hidden fees right? Wrong.

What about the price of a manufactured home or modular home? The price comes down quite a bit when you consider the entire value proposition.

The price of materials is less with modular home construction because there is no loss for weather, poor cutting, or materials stolen from the job site. The time it takes to build the home is dramatically less. A standard home takes about a year to build, a modular home take about 12 weeks! Thus reducing labor costs and the stress of the actual build time.

Building a modular home is dramatically less stressful because the costs remain constant and the time frame to build it is so much shorter. There are no hidden fees, no material cost increases.

Also the value of the home over time should figure into price of a manufactured home. Modular homes appreciate at the same rate or faster than a traditionally built home. Your resale value will be that of, or better than a traditionally built home.

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