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Often it is Easier to Build a New Home than Buy an Existing Home

Sometimes it’s not that easy to buy a new home. Paying rent in New England and New York is equal to, or in some cases higher than, a monthly mortgage would be. But looking for a reasonably priced home, in a town where you want to put down roots sometimes can be disheartening. Often times, homes in the affordable price range means there is a lot of fixing up to do. Really it is often more than just fixing up, it’s tearing down, remodeling or adding on. Once you figure in all of that, it may be easier to buy property and build your own new home.

This may seem daunting to many. Paying rent while paying a construction loan for a year or more! Not when you build a modular home. Modular homes provide to you better quality than a stick built home, with competitive and budget friendly costs, in a fraction of the time. Additionally, you can design your new home to meet your family’s needs.  Modular homes are customizable, with no construction delays. Approximately 4-6 weeks after your home is set on its foundation, you are ready to move in.

Modular homes are built to the toughest construction codes required by the state, and are built out of the same type of building materials and name brands you would find in site-built homes. If you qualify for a home mortgage, you will almost certainly qualify for a construction loan to build a modular home. And modular homes are built in a fraction of the time. Contact Avalon Building Systems for more information on the modular building process.

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