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Magnificently Built Modular Homes

Modular Homes Offer State-Of-The-Art Home Living

At Avalon Building Systems we take pride in our  magnificently built modular homes. Frankly, it's the state-of-the-art in home building. There have been some articles on modular homes but let Avalon fill you in on this increasing trend in home living.

For centuries, yes literally centuries, human beings have built their shelters and homes the old-fashioned way, one board at a time, one nail a time. In the past two decades, the modular industry has taken giant leaps forward in both focus and capability to the point where virtually every modular plant is able to produce modules for custom homes. But still many traditional production builders are still stuck with their old-world ways of individually framing the same structure by hand. These old time builders place the frame over and over again on different lots. So the modular industry has left their former one-design-fits-all approach and created the means to take any design and build it in pieces in a factory, to be assembled into a custom home in the field.

For years, the modular home industry had a problem.  Its Achilles heel was the inability to customize product offerings. However, due to increasing efforts and vast improvement in the industry, modular homes, including us here at Avalon, are producing fully customized dream homes.  In an age where we're all using the internet as a means of choosing a product, paying for it on the web, and receiving it in a few days, it's fitting that the modular industry can finally provide the speed and quality we all expect. And with this growing advancement, Avalon is here to fit all your custom built needs.

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