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Modular Home Construction "Lessons-Learned" Eliminates The "We Wish We Would Have"

One of the many ways we serve you is to share the multitude of consumer "lessons learned" that we've compiled over the years.  This blog post is a natural follow-on to the frequently asked questions that we have featured as a dedicated web page.  At Avalon Building Systems, one of our top objectives is to NEVER hear you utter the words "We wish we would have....". 

Whether you choose to build an economical Colonial Style modular home or a sprawling Ranch Style modular home, please consider the conclusions of those who have gone before you.  They will help you to never look back:

  • Build floor joists at 12-in. on center versus the stick-built standard 16-in. The stability of the floor and feeling of structural rigidity are a simple thing and overlooked by most people. The additional cost is fairly small, but well worth it!

  • Nine foot ceiling heights. The feeling of expansiveness is great and the additional cost is value based.

  • Comfort height commodes. Size does matter and a few inches in height contributes to your comfort greatly, hence the term comfort height.

  • Upgraded door hardware and solid core doors. Again hollow core doors work just as well, but can't compare in imparting a feeling of quality.

  • Using a quiet floor system and gluing the wood flooring in place wherever possible.

  • Staggered 42-in. kitchen cabinetry.

  • Utilize 18-in. floor tile if the space allows. Again it is a small thing, and more difficult to install, but it's something you see up close each and every day. So prioritize quality here.

  • Upgrade the windows as nothing cheapens a house as skimping with cheap windows.

  • 2-in. x 6-in. exterior framing. The energy savings created by the increased insulation cavity will pay for itself in no time.

  • Ample high hat recessed lighting. Again the showcase type effect is great and additional cost is minimal at construction.

  • Energy Star, Green or LEEDS Certification... the energy savings are truly amazing.

These are just a few tips on where to prioritize your new home budget. We will spend hours together with you on these and other subject when the time comes for your to build your dream home with us at Avalon Building Systems.

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