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Five Myths and Facts About Custom Modular Homes

A home is one of the largest purchases that someone will make in their lifetime so it’s important to know the facts – all the facts – before buying. Most people will buy a stick-built home just because it’s all they are aware of. But what they don’t know is that they will save money, time, and get a better product by  choosing custom modular homes.  

The biggest challenge facing the custom modular home industry is that it continues to fall victim to the old adage..."too good to be true".  But that sentiment is on the decline as more and more  independent consumer advocates come on board and verify the superiority of the modular home product over all other forms of construction.  But with that said, we know misconceptions remain as evidenced by the repeat questions that we get based on myths that just won't die.  Here we present to you the top five myths followed by the facts regarding that myth: 

Myth: “Custom” means expensive, right? After all, if I choose something for my unique needs, it should cost more.
Fact: The buyer works with a designer to take units and assemble them into a floor plan that suits them. In this way, homes are fully customizable. Homeowners can design the house of their dreams.

Myth: Isn’t a modular home a mobile home?
Fact: No! Modular homes look just like regular homes. They have a foundation, they are 1 or 2 stories, they may have an attached garage. In fact, if you drove down the street, you wouldn’t be able to tell a stick built from a modular home. Check out our older post about identifying the stick-built home from he modular home.

Myth: Modular homes are less efficient because they are modules that are stuck together.
Fact: Modular homes are more efficient. A recent study shows that modular homes exchange the air only 7 times per hour while a stick built home exchanges air 11 times per hour. That will translate into real savings on heating and cooling costs. And, because the home is built in a weather-free setting, insulation doesn’t lose its R-value by getting wet.

Myth: Modular homes are poorly constructed compared to stick built homes.
Fact: Modular homes are, in fact, constructed to be stronger than stick built homes. They’re built in units by professionals (and these professionals are supervised by qualified inspectors). They’re built in a controlled setting which means that the building materials stay dry. And, they come with a 10 year warranty, compared with most 1 year warranties that come with a stick built home.

Myth: Stick built homes are easier to build.
Fact: While it may seem that way because materials are brought to the site and assembled there, it actually takes far more work. Every stick-built project delay – from weather to crew problems – pushes the project back, and that is costly and management-intensive. However, a modular home is built in a climate-controlled setting on strict schedules.  There are no weather breaks for our staff.  Also, our products are built to exacting standards that stick-builders refuse to place upon themselves.  So our process is precise and demanding, two critical prerequisites for enabling the delivery of industry-leading quality products.

Summary of Facts:  Customized modular homes are stronger structures, are less expensive per square foot than stick-built homes, are constructed faster, and are much more environmentally friendly process due to significant less construction waste. It is patently obvious why the market share of custom modular home continues to rise while market share of stick-built homes continues to decline....better product for less money.  

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