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Do you Know the Difference Between Modular, Manufactured and Mobile?

We get this question a lot! There are very real and important differences between mobile, modular and manufactured homes.

What is a Modular Home:

Modular Homes are almost exactly the same as site built homes.
Modular homes are at the top of the factory made housing market. Modular homes are shipped to the site on flatbed trucks. They are structured WITHOUT a permanent metal chassis. These homes are built to the same or higher standards as a site built or stick built home.

Modular homes
can have multiple stories that are attached to each other on-site. Once assembled they are designed not to be moved to another location. Visually, a lay person will NOT be able to tell the difference between a modular home or a stick built home. Banks also treat modular homes the same as stick built homes for financing.

What is a Mobile Home:

Mobile homes are exactly what they say…mobile. They were manufactured in a factory and moved to the home site. But mobile homes are NOT permanent. They have steel beams running along the base of the structure and serve as a permanent chassis. These I-beams can rest on a cider block or concrete foundation, wooden posts, metal supports or stone blocks.

What is a Manufactured Home:

Manufactured homes arrive on wheels. They are towed to the site on axles and wheels that are removed when the unit is set. These homes should have a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Certification Label on the side or on each of the two sides if they are a double width unit.

Modern Manufactured Homes can appear similar to site built homes and they can be placed on the same types of foundations as the mobile homes listed above.

While the initial cost of manufactured homes may be less than site built homes, living costs can be significantly higher in older models because they are energy inefficient.

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