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Build a Hurricane Safe Home with Modular Construction– Massachusetts, New York

We live in the Northeast and we are not accustomed to worrying about hurricanes. We usually hear of hurricane and tornado damage in the South and Central parts of the country. But Hurricane Sandy and the tornado that ripped through Springfield, MA taught us otherwise. If you are interested in building a new home, building a home that can weather natural disasters is now top-of-mind.

Hurricane Sandy cost New Yorkers nearly $33 billion in damage and that damage happened in many communities. Still, one year and a couple months later, homeowners are still trying to rebuild. In Breezy Point all of the 2,387 homes suffered some sort of damage, including 350 homes that were demolished and must be rebuilt from scratch.

Traditional contractors and modular home companies are busy in Breezy Point Co-op, which consists of a roughly 500-acre area. In fact, one modular home company is getting ready to begin 40 additional homes in the area.

Modular homes are constructed in sections in a company warehouse and trucked to the location and assembled. This can speed up construction time because building goes forward regardless of weather or other conditions.  Additionally, using modular homes manufacturing companies speeds up the process, no more delays in starting construction because of labor shortages, materials shortages, or other delays. Also there are savings because the company buys materials, like sheetrock and windows, in bulk and customers can choose from a set selection of options and floor plans. Modular homes can be custom designed as well, or you can pick a modular floor plan and have it modified to fit your needs.

Modular homes can be built on stilts on waterfront properties or on traditional foundations. At Avalon Building Systems, our modular homes are rated for hurricane force winds up to 120 miles per hour. In fact, modular homes are subject to strict quality assurance inspections throughout the entire construction process making them stand up better than traditional construction to both time and weather. Worth mentioning, during Hurricane Sandy no homes built with modular construction methods were demolished.

For more information on modular construction in New York, Massachusetts or anywhere on the East Coast, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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