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Avalon Building Systems Helps Those Rebuilding Joplin, MO

Devastating tornadoes damaged over 8,000 homes and 500 commercial buildings in Joplin, MO.  There are numerous organizations, business and private groups of people who want to help out, including Avalon Building Systems.

  • The St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals will be teaming up to help raise money for tornado recovery efforts.
  • A caravan of New Orleans-area goodwill volunteers arrived in the Missouri city with dozens of refrigerated trucks, trailers.  Also along for the ride are a stage, sound equipment, and singer Amanda Shaw to provide entertainment.
  • A Home Furnishings Store is sending a semi-trailer filled with supplies donated by community members.
  • Volunteers in Ohio loaded a truck with $15,000 worth of donations and boxes of supplies to send to the victims.
  • Acupuncturists from Springfield, Kansas City, St. Louis, Van Buren, Brixey and beyond have teamed up to provide Joplin residents with relief for trauma and pain.
Avalon Building Systems would like to help out in rebuilding Joplin, Mo.  Avalon Building Systems, a builder of modular homes, has set out to help victims displaced from their homes in Joplin to rebuild.  We can deliver brand new homes in 4 - 6 weeks after orders are placed and have those devastated by the disaster in a brand new home in a total of 3 months.  

Avalon Building Systems modular homes are superior in construction and quality as compared to conventionally built buildings.  Our homes and buildings are computer engineered using the latest technology to meet or exceed national, state, and local building codes. The result is that the customer gets exceptional quality and performance while recognizing significant savings in time and cost. Our company offers an unlimited option of specifications and all our homes are fully customizable to your design choices.

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