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Advantages of Modular Home Construction – Sharon, MA

Modular homes have been around for decades. Far from being cheap or generic homes, modular home designs can be very original and their build quality can easily meet even high-end conventional homes.

Advantages to modular construction:

Fewer weather delays and issues
: Building the modules inside a factory means construction materials stay clean and dry, and reduces the on-site construction time. Eliminating rain delays and other weather-related problems saves time and money, and it helps prevent mold and rot-issues later.

More consistent quality: Workers building wall sections indoors will have the advantage of using assembly platforms, alignment equipment and other big gear an on-site crew does not have. They’ll have more tools to process lumber and other materials to more consistent dimensions, which means a better fit as everything is put together later.

Less risk at the site: Having fewer delivery trucks and smaller work crews can reduce damage to the building site, and closing the house up quickly helps deter vandalism and theft of materials.

Less waste: On-site framing crews can generate a lot of scrap lumber and plywood that gets tossed aside randomly. This wasted material sits to degrade in the weather, tempt vandals or be hauled off to a landfill. The planning that goes into modular construction means most of that “waste” material will be stored inside and used later.

Aside from these advantages of modular construction, modular homes are now more energy efficiency than traditionally built homes. More coordination and precision during the building process means insulation can be integrated into components and sub-structures rather than added on site.

Other energy features such as solar panels, geothermal furnaces or in-floor heating systems also add efficiency and can be better, more easily integrated into the home.

For more information on modular home construction, contact Avalon Building Systems.

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