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Advantages of Modular Construction is Making it a More Popular Building Option - New York

Modular homes are becoming more popular in New York and on Long Island.

Prefabricated homes that are assembled on-site but manufactured elsewhere have come a long way; these days, they’re often stronger and more energy efficient than traditionally constructed homes. Among their many time-saving advantages are electric, heating and plumbing systems already built in when the modules arrive at the assembly site.

Costs are lower too and there is a reason for it. For example, plumbers are only needed to connect modular homes to main water and sewer lines.

For a regular 3,000-square foot-home, with traditional construction it could be a $10,000 plumbing job. With modular construction it can be cut down to about $2,000 because only 20% of the plumbing job will be done on-site. This is an example of how the cost of modular construction is lessened.

The number of annual manufactured-home shipments has been rebounding nicely since it bottomed out in 2009 as a result of the housing crisis. The number of annual prefab shipments increased steadily from 2009 to 2011, and by 2012 represented roughly 10% of all housing starts nationally.

The number of people choosing prefab options is definitely increasing. They are clearly becoming greater in popularity. Some of that relates to Sandy issues and some of that relates to cost issues.

Modular homes, on average, don’t cost much less than traditionally constructed homes. The prices vary depending on the particular options each homeowner chooses to include and where the final construction takes place. But the time to build a home when using modular construction is significantly decreased.

Instead of price, many cite speed as the biggest factor behind the increased popularity of modular construction. Modular homes are especially appealing to displaced Sandy victims, who can have a roof over their heads again much quicker if it’s pre-fabricated.

The typical modular-home construction process takes about seven weeks – considerably faster than the 10 months to a year it takes to build a traditional house.

Traditional home-building is also subject to weather-related construction delays and other setbacks, while modular homes are watertight from the start. And while traditionally built homes run the standard storm-related risks, prefab houses have additional strength and stability that allow them to hold up much better in hurricane force winds of 130-mph.

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