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Hurricane Sandy Relief/Rebuilding - Replacement Homes - NY, NJ

Our sympathies go out to all the families and businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy. We want to help those who have lost their homes due to this unfortunate event, by rebuilding using the quality modular homes that we offer.

Avalon Building Systems, Inc. can provide a quality, fully customizable replacement homes for all those in need, in as little as 4 – 6 weeks after your order is placed. We also provide design and drawings as part of our service to you. Our company is highly responsive and reputable and is able to provide you the peace of mind that your new home will be built in a climate-controlled environment with no hidden costs.

The general Ballpark price for a modular home is about $58-$65 per square foot for a standard model. Colonials are on the lower end of this range and ranches / capes on the higher end. This price is for the house, manufactured, delivered and set, including all crane and crew costs. This price does not include site, foundation and what is considered "button-up" work.

All of our homes come with a full one-year warranty and a 10-year structural warranty as well. We work with the best modular home manufacturers on the east coast. Please take a look briefly at our website for more information about modular homes and to view the suggested floor plan designs that we offer, and pictures of modular homes that have been constructed:

If you have questions regarding the process or pricing and how it is superior to traditional building methods, please feel free to call us toll free at 866-282-2458, and we would be happy to help you.